Name: MJ Phoenix.
Is this your real name? No, it’s my writer’s name.
What do you write? A lot of things. Ranging from poetry, screen plays, novels, blog soaps and articles and help topics.
Are you published? Yes, very recently.
What are your favourite books? Harry Potter, books by Jackie Collins, Danielle Steel, Martina Cole, stephen King, and many more. Twilight series and the vampire mystery books are great. I love something a bit different. Whether its scandal like the stuff Jackie Collins writes or the mysteries that the supernatural world possess I draw inspiration from it all. !
Which author would you like to be compared too? Somewhere ranging from JK Rowling to Jackie Collins.
Favourite quote by an author? “I’m a story teller!” Jackie Collins.
Where are you from? The United Kingdom.
Do you think that this is where your inspiration arises from? Partly as some of my stories seem to be set in old castles. But some of my inspiration comes from living in California.
What is the most interesting thing about you? I’m just me, there’s nothing special about me. A lot of people would say my vision is the different thing about me but I’d say we’re all different in our own ways.
So being blind, has that impaired your ability to write? Maybe it has or maybe it hasn’t. I was 6 when I lost my sight so I have seen and remember vividly visions from my child hood. but I’m sure others may say it has impaired my writing ability. But that’s up to personal interpretation.
What kind of things do you like to do beside writing? I love music! Music is one of my biggest inspirations and that ranges from motown to hip hop, rap and r&B. I love relaxing music as well. Movies are fun but i find myself thinking how could they have been different? reading of course takes up some of my time. And I love my mac book computer lol.

If anyone has any question, write them and I’ll answer them.

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