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You Are My Freedom

There’s two such creatures,
That give me such joy,
Give me the ability to walk around freely,
Fill my life with undoubted healing,
Both have four legs,
A tail and a head,
A body of in comparative sizes,
One is bigger than the other,
One barks and the other whinnies,
The smaller one walks by my side,
While the gentle giant allows me to ride upon its back.
Yes, my four legged small companion,
Is a golden retriever cross,
His Name is Bailey Bop,
Bopster, bopper roo,
And he walks beside me,
Acting as my eyes,
Relinquishing me from danger,
Giving me independence,
Striving on through life.
While the other bigger giant,
A gentle one at that,
Holds me aloft upon its broad back,
Allows me to fly through the air,
Wind and rain surrounding me,
Up amongst the country lanes,
Similarly guiding me.
Through field or cobbles,
Down dirt tracks and in the yard,
My giant friend stands tall and proud,
To carry me all around,
I sit astride and move in harmony,
And we go wherever we may find,
Because my giant gentle friend is good,
Clever and quiet, and most of all kind.

And although my smaller blond friend,
Has moments of jealousy,
He knows I enjoy the bigger creatures,
¬And also knows he comes home with me.

He’s the one I truly depend on,
For each and every day tasks,
He stands proud by my side,
Helping me along,
And gives me cuddles and makes me laugh.
His wagging great tail makes me smile,
Both on my face and within my heart,
And when he curls up beside me,
I wish we would never have to part.

So for many different reasons,
I love both of man’s best friends,
The dog by my side,
The horse upon which I ride.
They are both loyal and kind,
And take care of me,
And treat them right,
They become your family.


Angel, Just for you

No one can know you,
The way I knew you,
The sweet smells from the kitchen,
The way your iron coloured hair curled,
The smell of the hair spray,
The dimples in your cheeks when you laughed,
The bright blue of your eyes that watered with age,
The warmness of your hugs,
The gentleness in your kisses,
The way you made my cereal,
Just the way I liked it,
The way you cheered me up whenever I bumped my knees,
The surprises once a week,
Story tapes of once upon a time,
And the imagination that ran wild while you told me stories in your lamplit bedroom.

The way I snuggled down with your hot water bottle,
The way I was allowed to play outside while you watched from the kitchen,
The times you let me play drum kit with your pans,
The rainy days when outside it was dark and dreary,
We stayed indoors and played shop,
I was the shopkeeper,
You were the customer,
I pulled the entire contents of the cupboards out,
While all you did was smile at my amusement.
The times we painted and coloured,
Created masterpieces of art with plastercene,
The hot summer days we made vimpto ice lollies,
Using straws for sticks,
The cold winters nights you made hot warming food,
Kept me snuck against the winter’s storms,
The Christmas presents sitting under the tree,
The chocolates hanging on the pretty Christmas tree,
The wooly hat you always wore,
The big black bag with sweeties inside,
The cheese on toast in the mornings,
The home made cakes and jellies,
The dress up games,
The fun we shared,
The love you showed,
The time we had,
Too short,
Too brief.
But Grandma,
I’m glad I had you for those nine years,
And thank you forevermore,
For each precious memory.

Love eternal,
Your granddaughter
Of which you bestowed the name,
Marie Jane

Love Autumn

Crunchy, Crispy leaves,
Lie all over the sweet smelling earth,
Trees shedding their green beauty,
And death starts to arrive amidst us.

Sweet smells of wood smoke,
Burning in the early dim light,
Remind us it’s not as late as we think,
And the fires are just coming to life.

Children jumping in the rainbow crisp leaves,
Burning reds and oranges,
Sun drenched yellows,
Roasted brown, the colour of conquers,
Sweet and earth smells,
Reminds us of the summer that just past.

The cold biting wind,
Makes us run for the fleece blankets,
The winter jackets we need,
The rain causes the wellington boots to be pulled free from the depths
Of our wardrobes and sheds,
The warm, homely scents of home cooking,
Fills the air,
Whilst children and adults prepare for a night of fear.

Cider and apples merge in a bucket,
As the masked goblins giggle with delight,
The sweets of all kinds sit in dishes,
While the toffee apples are demolished.
The sparks of fireworks flair into the air,
The reds, blues and greens so bright,
And the wood smoke once again fills your nose,
As you eat meat and potato pie.
Autumn’s here for a two month while,
And the chilly nights and damp days remain,
The fun to be had via twilight,
Merged with all the fear and games,
The warm dinners waiting on the kitchen table,
Smell so good and warm,
As we pull our gloves up our arms and the bobble hat over our ears,
The wellington boots keeping feet dry and warm,
Will see us through until spring.
The sweetness of autumn merely doesn’t remain in the sweets,
The chocolate and toffee apples too,
It comes from the goodbyes of summer,
And hello to the winter that will come.
The fun to take us through the dark nights,
To make us feel happy inside,
Jumping in leaves or saying trick or treat,
Will lead us into the winter months.
So if autumn is about dying and saying a tearful goodbye,
Remember the fun and games you have,
The yummy food and the leaves in the yard,
Remember the happy scents you may smell as you walk down the street,
It’s just a different season from summer and winter,
And it’s as different as you and me.
Enjoy the falling leaves,
Fluttering down and know what is to come up next,
Instead of those colourful, sweet smelling leaves,
Your nose is about to get wet.
Enjoy the colour and the sweet smelling scents,
And love each moment you have,
For unlike the seasons that come and go,
Autumn in your life is all you have.

Night Time Thoughts

Everyone around me,
Considers me with a sneer,
I must have done something wrong,
They refuse to come near.

The way people treat me,
Has changed yet of late,
I should have foreseen this coming,
It is all down to fate.

I should have ignored them,
I should have left well alone,
But no, I had to persist,
And now I’ll end up on my own.

People just pick me,
From a tree at will, I’m a toy for their enjoyment,
Make me move or stand me still.

My feelings mean butt nothing,
As they scrape their shoe across my back,
Don’t worry about that nobody,
And they walk away and laugh.

Something for your amusement,
A charitable case sometimes it may seem,
Why do I insist on such fancies,
Such extravagance in only dreams?

No one is my friend by choice,
It’s all on duty’s head,
Make yourselves feel good to know,
As I lie alone in my bed.

And while you’re happily living,
A life full of joy,
Spare a moment if you please,
For the piece of junk you left on the floor.

I know this must sound quite awful,
Self hatred you may suggest,
And yes it is my self loathing for me,
And on this I do not jest.

I despise who I am,
Dislike where I be,
And no matter what is said,
I hate that you dislike me.

Things That Go Bump in the Night!

Things that go bump in the night,
Should scare and make me cry,
But intrigue takes over,
My mind starts to flutter,
And all I can ask is why?

Scary shadows in the hall,
That trip and make me fall,
Should make me jump and seek cover,
Run to my bed, hide in the arms of another,
But I’d rather pursue them than let them make me feel small.

witches and werewolves that chase me,
And tie me up or chase me up the nearest tree,
Should make me quiver,
Cry and shiver,
But I’d rather know more and drink a cup of tea.

Ghost and Goblins so leary,
That can say boo and be so scary,
Should make me run,
Find a gun,
But I just want to query.

Vampires with big fangs and fast speed,
That suck the blood for them to feed,
Should make me sleep with a stake under my bed,
Wear silver daggers and garnish garlic around my head,
But I’d rather throw a wild party indeed.

The Angels Dreams [first few chapters]

by MJ Phoenix

The Angels’ Dreams
M.J. Phoenix
The sapphire blue sky held fiery golden sun in its midst. the hills rose like skyscrapers
above the Los Angeles valley. Steam rose from the black roads and pavements in the mid
summer heat. An ocean lapped against a golden white beach and animals played happily in
the cool Pacific.
The bustle of the busy LA streets was usual and the quietness of the hills was ominous.
The sky was as clear as the ocean that lay beneath it and the air was still and calm.
Anyone who strolled around would experience the serenity of that beautiful summer’s day.
Lives were calm and happy in four young women’s lives. in Los Angeles were just
Chapter 1
Fresh start
“Hey! Anyone home?” A athletic girl with long dyed blonde hair walked into an air
conditioned house in Glendale in Los Angeles County. The paint was still fresh and as she
wiped an eye from the affects of the paint, she unclipped a harness and lead from a golden
Labrador. Ruffling the dog’s head as she trotted off in search of her pink water bowl, the
girl felt around on the counter to see if anyone’s keys were there. No keys were there and
she smiled and headed, carefully over to a tall silver refrigerator. She opened the door
and grabbed some orange juice. The chill from the fridge and the air conditioning was
refreshing but she wondered who had left it on. They had agreed not to leave the A.C
running when no one was home due to the fact they had no idea how much the electricity
bill would cost them. Pouring a second glass of juice, she closed the door and headed over
to a computer table where a sleek, black Mac book sat. Sitting down, carefully placing the
cup beside her, she switched on the mac and waited for the computer to load.
“Callie,” She called the dog who had just finished drinking her water. “Come here, girl!”
The girl patted her jeaned leg and the dog came obediently and nuzzled her golden head in
her mistress’s lap. “It was hot outside huh?” The girl proceeded to untie some shoes that
the dog wore to prevent her paws from getting hurt in the hot weather. As the speech
software booted on the girl’s computer and the golden dog, named Callie, retreated to her
bed by the couch, the girl turned to her computer and busied herself.
Moments later a blue mustang pulled into a quiet street and stopped outside the house. A
short, dark haired girl got out of the car. She wore trousers, a shirt and looked very
smart. Going to the trunk, she pulled out a briefcase and locking up the car, made her way
up a garden path and stopped outside a white front door. Pulling some keys from her purse,
the girl smiled and headed inside.
“Hey, Caitlin,” The girl called as she saw callie bounding toward her. “Have a good day?”
The dark haired girl put her keys on the counter and walked to the fridge to get some
water. The golden haired dog wagged her tail furiously while carrying a pink bear in her
mouth. “What you got, callie?” The girl bent to pet the happy dog.
“It was good, thanks,” Caitlin typed away at a computer. On her screen was a conversation
with someone and she turned briefly to chat to her friend and house mate.
“Did you leave the A.C on this morning, Em?” The girl named Emily but often referred to by
her friends as Em, shook her had and replaced the cup in the sink.
“No, wonder who did?” Emily smiled at Caitlin as they shared a look. Even though the
blonde girl’s eyes were clouded with blindness, she still had many expressions of someone
who could still see. A successful events organiser in LA, she was well respected and
admired by her piers, colleagues and anyone who came into contact with her. She was funny,
bright and loved to be around people. Occasionally she became upset and sensitive but most
of the time she was happy and determined to keep succeeding. She had attended UCLA like
all of her roommates and had been in Kappa Delta, even making it to president in her
junior year. She was a partyer and loved to shop and music was one of her passions. Emily,
who was probably her closest friend out of the four, having shared the same music taste
and many of the same favourite activities, was quieter but marvelled at Caitlin’s fun,
outgoing, I-don’t-give-a-crap and don’t-fuck-with-me attitudes. They were best friends and
could often be seen partying in Hollywood on a weekend, occasionally on a weekday or
shopping in any mall where their might just be a sale on. Emily was a financial advisor
and like Caitlin, was extremely successful. Both girls laughed now and Emily sat down at
the side of Caitlin and switched on another computer.
“Bet it was Lexie,” Emily said swinging in her chair and watching as callie chased her
tail. Amusedly, she turned to her friend who was looking at a spread sheet. “What ya
working on?”
“Figures for the budget for an upcoming event,” Caitlin responded distractedly.
“Want any help?” Emily knew Caitlin hated numbers and would much prefer the fun side of
her career. Looking at her best friend, a knowing grin spread across the rounded cheeks
and both girls erupted into fits of laughter. Caitlin knew Emily enjoyed numbers and Emily
knew Caitlin despised them and that was why they often made such a great team.
“What you two laughing about?” Lexie walked in the front door covered in dirt. In
comparison to the girls seated at the computers, she looked a mess. She was around the
same height as the other two but that was where their comparisons ended. She was currently
dressed in baggy jeans that were torn at the knee and frayed at the ends, an oversized
sweatshirt and her hair was messy from wearing a riding hat. Lexie was a horse trainer and
she didn’t care how messy she got doing it. And when she wasn’t working, her appearance
still wasn’t what the other two considered their norm, Lexie was a punk rocker and she
loved anything to do with the genre, including her attire.
“Hey, Lex,” Caitlin mumbled. “How were the horses?”
“Good!” Lexie made a fuss of Callie as she took her muddy boots off and headed to shower.
“O, Lex?” Emily turned and spoke to their friend who they had met in college. Lexie or
Alexia as she was properly known had been Caitlin’s roommate and alongside Emily, her
party buddy. “Did you leave the a.C on?”
“Crap!” Lexie clapped a hand to her mouth and looked pitifully at Emily. “Sorry. i was in
such a rush, Jake had called…” But Emily raised a hand dismissively and grinned.
“Just try not to do it, homie,” Caitlin giggled beside her. Emily and her often spoke in
ghetto slang as they had for most of their teenage lives. Caitlin had moved from England
with her father who now ran a garage in Carson and had attended a high school there. Her
high school had been extremely ethnically mixed and she was one of ten white kids in her
class. Most of her high school friends were black or Hispanic and she loved the diversity
of Los Angeles. Emily had grown up in Burbank and had also been around many different
cultures for most of her life. Her own family were from the Philippines and she loved hip
hop and r&B music as Caitlin did. One of the reasons Caitlin had applied for the job she
had was so she could organise the music festivals in the Los Angeles county. Lexie grinned
at them and went to shower.
“that girl is so freaking forgetful,” Emily emailed someone and leaned back on her chair.
“What we doing for dinner?” She asked as the other girl had merely smirked at her friend’s
“I don’t feel like going out tonight,” Caitlin yawned. “And Callie and I have a big day
tomorrow. Where’s Kira?”
Kira was their fourth and final roommate. She had been in their group since Caitlin,
Emily, and Alexia’s second year. She was African-American and the most serious out of the
four friends. While Caitlin, Emily and Alexia loved to party, despite their differences in
choices, Kira was driven to study and achieve her utmost potential. She was also the
tallest at 5,8 and she was slender build with long braids. Her hair was as long as
Caitlin’s’, around the small of their backs but she was so different to the others.
Caitlin was the social butterfly, Emily the quieter but social partyer and Alexia the
mischievous, punk rocker while Kira usually stayed home to study. She had lived with her
parents in Inglewood and had watched her brother slowly kill himself with crack cocaine.
He was still physically alive but Kira had denounced his presence for almost five years.
She saw her mother and father whenever she had spare time which wasn’t often. Even now she
had walked in and was already making her choice for dinner so she could head back to the
library. She rarely stayed home to study as her roommates often were on the loud side. She
loved them for who they were but all four of them tended to be loud. Especially Callie
when she started barking.
“Hey you guys,” She smiled at them, her braids shaking in her face as she walked beneath
an air vent. “How were your days?” Kira was pulling off her jacket and washing her hands
before beginning to make a sandwich.
“Good,” Caitlin replied who was playing online chess now and tickling Callie’s tummy with
her foot. “What about yours?”
“not over yet,” Kira laughed a little laugh. “I’m eating this then back to the library.”
She sat at the breakfast bar with a cheese sandwich, an apple and a yogurt. Emily grinned
at Caitlin out of Kira’s vision. They knew Kira’s schedule too well by now.
“Is Lexie home?” Kira asked the silent computing girls.
“Yeah, she’s showering,” Caitlin informed. “We’re staying in tonight. well, that’s to say,
Em and I are. Not sure about Lexie. She mentioned Jake again.”
“O she did right?” Emily remembered as she chatted with her brother on aIM. Caitlin nodded
and the other two girls sighed.
“That only means one thing,” Kira said defeatedly. “Tears!” they all chimed.
For a few moments, the house was silent besides the noise of the girls tapping on their
keyboards and a sound of a hair dryer.
“I’m out,” Kira picked up her back pack and headed for the door. The other girls bade her
goodbye and Lexie bounced into the living area.
“I’m out for dinner, don’t wait up,” And within minutes, Emily and Caitlin were left to
their online business in peace while Callie the dog slept happily in her bed.
Chapter 2
It’s Friday!
It was Friday morning in Los Angeles and the residents at 4265 Mapleoak Avenue were eating
breakfast while listening to the radio in their sunny kitchen. The blonde Labrador named
callie was eating heartily from her pink food bowl. Caitlin was munching on some bagels
with cheese and Emily was swirling some fruit and yogurt in a bowl while reading the front
page of the financial times. Ciara was buttering some toast while singing along to a
popular r&B song on the radio and Lexie had her earphones in and was bobbing her red hair
along to the music while eating her cereal. The girls had often argued over what they
would listen to over breakfast and Lexie had finally decided it wasn’t worth the hassle of
fighting with her house mates over their pathetic music choices in her opinion. The sun
streamed into the airy kitchen where all four girls were sitting around the breakfast bar
and were absorbed in their own worlds. Caitlin was dreading the day ahead where she had to
sit in board meeting after board meeting to get this event all finalised. She was
organising one of the biggest summer festivals in Los Angeles county and so many things
still had to be approved and checked before they would give the go ahead. With only two
weeks to go she was almost in a panicked state over the amount of red tape they were
coming up against.
Emily was shaking her head at something she was reading and decided that whatever
financial trouble they were having in Wall street meant bad news for her and her company.
She was a new financial advisor and Emily knew better than most that it was last in, first
one out. She prayed the problem would be over sooner rather than later. She couldn’t
afford to lose her job after being in the position for less than six months.
Lexie was bobbing her head happily but she was deeply distracted as she ate her breakfast.
One of her main horses had contracted an infection and was having to see a vet that
morning. As soon as she had done with her breakfast, she would be off to the local vet
where Blackmist, the horse would already be. Picking up her cell phone, she noted that no
one had called yet and that could only mean good news, right?
Ciara was in her usual sullen mood as she munched at her toast and listened to the D.Js on
the radio talking about some new artists. She smiled and wondered what they would be like.
Glancing over at Caitlin and Em, who she knew would probably find out way before her, a
pang of jealousy hit her. all of her roommates had jobs and weren’t still studying,
awaiting the careers they dreamed of. They were already living those dream jobs and living
the lives they chose. Ciara sighed and stood up.
“I’ll see you guys later,” She called, grabbing her book bag and heading out of the door.
Callie padded toward her bed and settled down for a morning nap. Caitlin tilted her head
as the dog moved.
“Don’t bother getting comfortable, kiddo, we have a busy day ahead,” She stood and placed
her bowl in the sink and rinsed it with hot water. Gulping down the last few mouthfuls of
her coffee, she swept her hair back as a horn beeped outside.
“That’s my ride,” She said to the others as she picked up the dog’s lead and harness and
proceeded to place them on the obedient golden Lab who had come to her without even a
request from her mistress.
“Have a good day,” Emily looked up from the newspaper and smiled.
“Bye!” Lexie yelled from beneath her headphones and Caitlin waved as she and Callie left
the house for their day at work.
Lexie continued to bob her head and Emily smiled and stood. Picking up her briefcase, she
found her keys and waved as she ventured out into the already warming day to her blue
mustang. Lexie continued to eat and once she’d finished, she placed her bowl in the sink
and washed it before leaving in her pick up truck to work.
Ciara strolled into the air conditioned library having had the worst journey into school
of her life. The bus had been unusually crowded and the driver seemingly wanted to kill
them all. She was bruised from where someone had continually bumped into her and her legs
her from standing the whole way from Glendale to the campus in Los Angeles. She got off of
the bus and entered the South side of campus where the Psychology buildings were situated.
The sun was beating down on the May morning and she had finals in less than a week. Ciara
tossed her long braids behind her and smiled at a group of fraternity boys sitting by a
fountain with starbucks cups in their hands. She didn’t know any of them but she suspected
that they were freshmen with the carefree look they all had upon their faces. She hardly
remembered feeling that way. She knew her friends had. Caitlin and Emily and Lexie all
partied hard with many of the fraternities and sororities on campus. Caitlin had been in a
sorority and had thrived. Most people would never know Caitlin was visually impaired
unless she-told them or they had seen her with her cane. It was different now she had
Callie but still the blonde haired girl had dazzled many she had come into contact with
throughout her twenty-five years. Ciara admired her as she did the other two girls. They
all seemed to have it sussed out already and Ciara envied them. Even while she was driven
to study and to drive herself harder than anyone she knew, she still had no idea what she
wanted to do with her life. Professor Coleman had suggested teaching the subject she had
studied so hard for for six years but Ciara was unconvinced. Although she knew it would
fulfil her need to help others, by passing on information she had collected for all that
time; she knew it wasn’t what she wanted. Maybe a psychologist? He had suggested one
afternoon when she had confided that even though she would be finishing her masters
programme this summer, she still had no idea what she wanted to do. She was smart.
Probably the smartest out of her group of friends but she had rarely partied, had never
had a serious boyfriend and she was going to be twenty-five in less than two months. She
knew her friends felt sorry for her and wished she’d socialised with them more. All Ciara
kept telling herself was that she had to do this. She had to be successful. But what for?
She was out of the “hood” now. She would never have to go back their with her ambition,
intelligence and sheer drive. Passing groups of laughing friends, she wandered into the
psychology building and headed for her first class. Taking a seat in the front, she pulled
out her note pad and pen and got ready for a heavy day of study.
As she wandered into the first meeting, Caitlin felt her eyes strain with pain. She hated
spending her days in meetings but knew it was essential to what she was going to be doing
in two weekends time. The men and women she had to see that day bored her more than
waiting for the kettle to boil. She had long since lost her British accent but some of her
traits were very English. She loved a cup of tea and each month imported chocolate from
the UK. She loved California. It was her home and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her
father was a working man and that would never change. He lived in a modest house in Carson
and she sometimes visited when work and life permitted her a free day. The coolness of the
room seemed to please Callie as she took a spot under the table in front of Caitlin’s
legs. The girl was dressed in trousers and a nice, smart shirt. It wasn’t what she would
usually wear but by no means did she look business like. She was young, cool, fashionable
and that was one of the many reasons her boss, Mr Jacoson had hired her. He thought she’d
bring much more to just organising an event. And he had been right. She put in one hundred
and ten percent each time and each event she had organised had been more than a success.
They were busier now as a company than they had been for ten years. He had feared at one
point that they may go under but with Caitlin on board with her smiles and charming ways,
he knew he’d have the business running well for many years to come. She was fun to be
around and ultimately had an infectious personality. She wanted what was best for the
event and she’d do her damnedest to make sure it happened. LA Events was one of the
notorious events companies in the great Los Angeles area and she was one of the reasons
“Good morning, Miss Dawson,” An elderly gentleman who owned the park where the event was
going to be held. “Have we managed to figure out all the small glitches we seemed to come
across in our last meeting?” She turned her head to him as he spoke to her and smiled
“Of course, Mr Nielsen. What do you think?” A laugh rose around the old oak table in the
board room at the four seasons Hotel in downtown Los Angeles and she pulled some papers
toward her as Maggie, her personal assistant handed her the sheets she needed in turn.
Clearly demonstrating that all of their problems had been solved, the meeting was over
within an hour.
“Well done, Caitlin,” Mr Jacobson congratulated her around eleven thirty in his sunset
boulevard office. “You did well and the checks can get underway and the Balla Baby
festival can go ahead.” She giggled as his bad impression of the way the rappers said the
event. She had just emailed several of the local hip hop radio stations to ensure they
plugged the event as much as possible. Some of the d.j.s from power 106, one of the major
radio stations in Los Angeles were going to be doing sets and so it was in their best
interest to plug the event. It was an annual event in Los Angeles, usually coinciding with
the end of the college semester. She had attended it every year since she had lived in Los
Angeles and even during high school, she and her friends had come from Carson to attend
the event. It was a major start the festival summer season and Caitlin felt privileged to
be a part of it now, to be behind the scenes. this was her first major festival and she
prayed it went well. Mr Jacobson seemed to hold all his faith in her and most of the time
she was confident enough to know she could do this but occasionally, she think back to the
scared, timid girl who had wanted so badly to be something and make something of her life
and she’d begin to question her abilities. Grinning and patting Callie, she waved goodbye
to Mr Jacobson and headed to her risk assessment meeting. She would be glad when it was
six o’clock and she could go out with her friends. The weekend was her own this week and
she intended on making the most of it.
Lexie was waiting in the hot stable with Blackmist as the vet had gone to check on some
blood results he had taken from the horse earlier that morning. She patted the doleful
horse as he seemed sad.
“It’ll be OK, boy,” She had a good nature, especially when it came to animals. If anyone
asked lexie, she’d happily tell them that her favourite roommate was Callie the dog. The
other girls laughed but they knew it to be true. The horse’s head was drooping and she
desperately hoped they could do something for him.
“Miss Daniel’s?” The man smiled as he emerged from his office. “He’ll be fine. Just a cold
I suspect. Keep him isolated and with plenty of fluids and oats and bring him to me on
Monday for a check up.” She smiled at the silver haired man and patted the horse lovingly.
Her boss would not be happy. Blackmist was due to race in two weeks time and she was
certain that he wouldn’t be fit enough to do so. Unlocking the door she took the horses
reigns and headed him back to the trailer. The heat was intense by then and she wiped her
face with a hand. The smell of sweet hay filled the air and the definite noises of animals
travelled on the light desert breeze.
“Come on, boy,” She opened the trailer and managed to get Blackmist inside. He was a black
stallion with beautiful features and strong muscular legs. At four, he was still a young
racing horse and would make a lot of money yet providing he got over this cold.
Slamming the door, she wandered around to the truck and got in. Riding back through the
rocky roads, in the lower mountain area of Los Angeles, she smiled to herself. She knew
what she would be doing all weekend and it wasn’t going out to punk clubs. She would have
to keep an eye on the horse. Turning into a farmyard, she saw her boss’s car and groaned.
he was not a man you wanted to give bad news too. He was a fat, red faced man with a
toupee and a greying moustache. He had two sons that would someday take over his business
and while Dan, the younger one was cool and nice, Charlie, the older one was an absolute
nightmare like his father. The old man ran the horse stables like a captain runs a ship.
Tight as anything. Lexie hated him but she loved her job so much so she put up with his
nasty ways. He had very little time for people unless they were making him money and yet
the horses never did anything wrong in his eyes. It was always human error in his book.
She parked the truck in its usual bay and saw him heading toward her with a glass of iced
“How he doing?” He barked at her.
“He has a cold,” She stepped out of the dusty truck on to the gravel track and shut the
door. Heading around to the trailer she explained what the vet had done and while
unloading the horse, she shouted that the vets notes were on the passenger seat. The horse
drooped his head and she took him around to a stable block where the sick horses usually
slept. It was away from all of the others so he wouldn’t get distressed. Placing fresh hay
and fresh water in the trough, she closed the door and went to fetch Blackmist a fresh
load of food.
“How long will he be out for?” The old man barked at her.
“I have to take him back to Mr Fathloeron on Monday,” she informed him loading up another
trough with oats and chick peas. He glared hating seeing his horses have food that he knew
put weight on them but after reading the vets notes, he knew he had no choice. Lexie
walked back to the stable and put the food down. Blackmist was sweating and shaking and so
she put a blanket over him and he nuzzled her cheek.
“It’ll be all right boy,” she patted him and let him rest while she exercised the other
horses. Her weekend would begin and end at work, that she knew.
The morning had been quiet and so Emily had taken to chatting online with whoever was
around. Lexie never was because she had an outdoor job while Caitlin was either looking at
events or in meetings all day so she rarely was on either. And Ciara didn’t even have a
messenger as far as Emily knew so she was never online. Emily sighed as another person
went off-line and she was left to be bored in her work.
“Why don’t they let us have half days on Fridays?” Cory, a tall white guy asked as he
looked over to se if she was busy.
“I wish!” Emily yawned with boredom. “Any plans for this weekend, Cory?”
“Gotta go and visit the parentals,” He swung back on his chair and looked toward the
office door. “Not much. What about you?”
“Probably be out with Caitlin if she gets her way,” She laughed and so did Cory. He knew
Caitlin from college as he did Emily and it was safe to say that Caitlin was the crazier
of the two. He liked Emily but his shyness had always prevented anything happening with
her. She was everything a girl he would like should be like. quiet, funny, smart, enjoyed
a variety of things, sensitive and kind. Her dark hair was bob length and it framed her
face perfectly. They both glanced at the clock absent mindedly and saw it was almost
“Let’s go early,” He urged and shutting off the computer, Em followed her friend to the
cafeteria that their office shared with several others in West Hollywood. The cafeteria
was bright and noisy as most of the office workers were grabbing their lunches. Em and
Cory took a seat at a table by the window. The office building was on a busy part of the
street and they could see many people walking by during their lunch breaks. La Cinega
boulevard was one of the busiest at this time of the day with the office workers. It ran
all the way through West Hollywood and many offices were situated upon or around it. They
weren’t far from the restaurant quarter and a few blocks down from sunset Boulevard. Em
smiled as she looked out onto the street she loved. This part of LA was everything she had
loved since a child. Sunset, Hollywood and La Cinega Boulevards were her three favourite
streets, always giving her hope that the dream always lived.
“You OK?” Cory asked she stared out onto the sun drenched street for a moment. The shadows
were small and this was the time of day California gleamed in its full glory. She turned
and smiled to him.
“Yeah, I’m good. it’s Friday!” And she hoped Caitlin had planned a busy night ahead for
them both.
Episode Three
Loca Viernes
The door slammed as Lexie burst through it. Caitlin looked up from the book she was
reading, her fingers scanning the page expertly. At the sound Callie gave a small bark.
The blonde dog had just eaten her dinner and Caitlin was relaxing before she would head
out to one of her favourite clubs. Ciara had been home and left again, vowing she would
return around nine to keep an eye on Callie while studying as the other girls would be out
seen as it was Friday night. Emily was already showering, glad that the week was over.
“Hi, Lex,” Caitlin grinned at the red haired girl as she pulled off her boots. “You up on
Sunset tonight?” Caitlin knew her friends pretty well and she knew that Lexie usually was
at the Key Club on a Friday and Saturday night. Em and Caitlin would be at one of the hip
hop clubs. They either went to Cocos on Hollywood Boulevard, Oceanic on Wilshire or Club
Caliente on Sunset Boulevard. They hadn’t decided where they would be going that night,
all Caitlin and Emily knew, it was Friday and it was time to party. kira would be at home
and Caitlin appreciated her being there for Callie. The dog cocked her head and glared at
her mistress, she knew she was being abandoned for the night and Caitlin giggled and
petted the golden head of her best friend.
“nope,” Alexia answered Caitlin’s question. “Blackmist is sick so I have to stay and watch
him tonight. So you make sure you party for me too, right?” She wagged her finger
playfully at her friend.
“You know it!” Caitlin laughed as she placed a marker in her book and placed it on the
table. “I better start getting ready. Em and I are eating at Tonio’s for dinner, if you
wanna join us before heading back to the stables?”
“Wish I could,” Lexie’s eyes were a blue-green and she looked concerned as she prepared to
shower. “But, I’m afraid we’ll have to take a rain check. I have really got to get back.
You guys have fun though.” and she disappeared into her bedroom. Alexia had the master
bedroom and her own shower room. Caitlin, Emily and kira shared a nice bathroom with blue
and silver fixtures. Caitlin sighed, patted Callie’s head as the dog followed her
obediently into her bedroom. It was decorated in a pale blue and her double bed stood in
the centre of the room. At one end was a huge window, looking out over their garden. It
was a small but comfortable house and Caitlin loved living there with her friends. She
closed the curtains and walked to her closet and pulled open the door and searched for a
nice, sleek black dress. Hanging it on her door, she walked to the side of her bed where
callie was laying in her soft basket.
“Don’t be too upset with me Callie,” She bent to pet the dog. “We’ll go for a run on
Sunday! You’ll love that won’t you?” She kissed the dog’s head and ruffled her ears as she
headed out of the door and into the bathroom where Emily had just finished showering.
“Em, how does this look?” Caitlin walked into Emily’s small room wearing her black dress,
black boots, silver purse and silver jewellery. Her long blonde hair was swept back into a
high ponytail. Her make up was subtle and discreet and Emily grinned at her friend.
“How is it, you manage to do your make up way better than me?” The girls laughed and Lexie
appeared in the door way then. She had showered too and her shoulder length hair was clean
and pinned up.
“Sorry you’re not getting to go out,” Emily sighed at her friend as she snapped a compact
shut. “I know you’ve worked your ass off this week.”
“We all did,” Lexie sighed and drank some gatorade. “But the horse needs me and seen as no
one else will take care of him, I think I should do it.”
“You’re so in love with those horses,” Caitlin giggled and Lexie and Emily laughed.
“Well, they’re special,” Lexie smiled and admired her two best friends. “You guys are so
gonna have every guy in Hollywood up on your asses tonight.”
“Good,” Emily and Caitlin chorused and all three girls laughed.
“That is my intention,” Emily laughed and stood up. She wore a long pale green dress that
dropped off her shoulders and a pair of white sandals. grasping Caitlin’s arm she checked
them both in the mirror at the side of her door and grinned.
“Miss Dawson, we look muy Caliente!” Caitlin laughed heartily and Callie came from her
room across the hallway, her golden ears drooping.
“Callie Cals!” Caitlin bent and nuzzled the dog’s head. “Kiara will be home soon and you
can cuddle up on the couch with her all night!” She petted the dog and took her to the
garden to spend before the two girls left for Hollywood.
“I’ll be here until eight thirty,” Lexie told Caitlin and the blonde haired girl smiled
“I hate leaving her but it’s cruel to take her clubbing with my crazy ass.”
“I second that,” Emily grabbed her car keys, hugged Lexie and petted Callie as she guided
Caitlin out of the door and into her blue Mustang.
“Don’t worry, Callie Cals,” Lexie petted the dog who stared at the door sadly. “You got me
until Kiara gets home. Aren’t you a lucky puppy?” She laughed and ruffled the dog’s ears
before heading to the kitchen to make some dinner.
Caitlin and Emily were parking in the huge parking lot behind Sunset Boulevard before they
knew it.
“So which club?” Caitlin stepped out of the car, feeling the warm Californian early
evening summer air around her bare shoulders. She sighed and took in a deep breath. Nights
like these made her so happy she lived in Los Angeles.
“I don’t know,” Emily shut her driver’s door and locked the car while pocketing her keys
in her black purse. She took Caitlin’s arm and they began walking toward sunset Boulevard.
“We could go to Cocos, or Club caliente. I don’t feel like heading for Oceanic tonight.
What are you feeling?” They turned a corner and started walking down Sunset while
attracting the attention of many men along the way. Neither woman was a celebrity but they
were well recognised in Los Angeles night life for partying almost every weekend. Caitlin
could also be recognised for her job and was often let into clubs on the V.I.P list due to
her frequent visits to some of the venues on a business level. A long whistle was let out
by a tall, African-American guy standing with a group of his friends outside of
Libertines, a bar. Caitlin giggled and Emily smiled, quickly glancing back to check out
the guy.
“He’s cute and totally checking out your ass,” Emily giggled slightly to her friend.
Caitlin smiled and flicked her hair back flirtatiously. Both girls continued walking and
discussing their night’s plans. The air was hot and the night would be a good one, both of
them knew that.
Sitting at a table outside of Tonio’s, both girls quietly chatted amidst a happy,
excitable crowd ready to party their nights away. Ordering two Italian deli style
sandwiches, Caitlin and Emily took in the familiar sounds and feelings of LA on a Friday
“Hope Lexie doesn’t have such a terrible time,” Emily smiled gently, while watching two
guys talking at the outdoor bar.
“Are you kidding me?” Caitlin wiped her mouth on a napkin and smiled confidently. “She
loves those horses and they cause her much less drama than the guys in her life so maybe
she’s safer at the stables than out on Sunset where all her drama seems to happen.” Emily
arched an eyebrow and burst into laughter.
“You can be such a bitch Caitlin,” She laughed heartily and sipped her glass of wine to
prevent her choking. “Lexie works hard and needs time off like you and I.”
“I know that,” Caitlin smiled nonchalantly at being called a bitch and continued calmly.
“But Lexie likes to sometimes create her own drama with guys. And I swear she loves those
horses more than guys anyways. And who can blame her? Jake, Tim, Trent or whatever his
name is, cause her more shit than any of her horses ever have or ever will.” Emily was
laughing hard at Caitlin’s take on their friend’s love life. Somehow, Caitlin, always knew
how to make Emily laugh and was as blunt as a spade but everyone loved her for it. She was
straight to the point and never lead anyone to believe differently.
Kiara entered the house and was greeted by a pink bear and a golden dog.
“Hey Callie,” She petted the dog gently and wandered to the fridge. The house was
unbelievably quiet, just the way Kiara liked it. Taking a juice from the fridge and a bag
of chips from the counter, she settled herself on the couch with a laptop at the ready.
Her night would be blissfully quiet until three or four in the morning when Caitlin and
Emily would return in a drunken state. Callie settled on her bed, happy of the company and
fell silently to sleep. Engrossed in her work, Kiara never bothered to check if anyone was
home. If she had, she may have noticed that Lexie was sleeping on her bed, having slept
through her alarm, an hour before. Out of the roommates, Lexie and Kiara got on the least.
being responsible and self dependent, Kiara saw no reason to have any reliability from her
house mates. Callie slept and kiara typed while Lexie dreamed of being at her favourite
hang outs while Blackmist the horse, became sicker, with no one to care for him.
“It’s so busy in Hollywood tonight,” Emily commented as she guided her friend through the
crowded streets. “any major event on?”
“If there is, I haven’t heard of it,” She laughed as they began lining up for a club they
wanted to go to. It was Club Caliente, and it looked to be a busy night everywhere.
“Unless there’s a group of famous celebs out and about, that’s the only thing I can think
of,” Caitlin’s eyebrows raised as she wondered why the city was so alive tonight. She
would know if there had been a major event, even if her company wasn’t organising it. But
there was nothing and she smiled at Emily, determined to have a good night.
Emily turned and smiled at a group of girls behind them. She liked to look at what
everyone was wearing and see who looked good or not. Caitlin shifted her head, hearing a
conversation with a group of guys a few people in front. She smiled and looked at Emily.
She felt the city in so many ways that others did not and Emily loved to watch her friend
and see what she would discover through her other senses. She often knew exactly what was
going on so accurately.
“come on, line’s moving,” Emily walked with Caitlin a little further and they reached the
doors of the club by ten P.M.
“Caitlin, looking good tonight,” A tall, dark, African-American guy laughed. He often
flirted with Caitlin. He had worked security for a lot of things she had organised.
“Thanks, Rick,” She laughed and hugged him. “how are you?”
“All the better for seeing you, Miss sweet thing,” She laughed, tossing her head back
slightly, allowing her long hair to extend down her back. “You’re such a flatterer,” She
took Emily’s arm and they walked up the purple carpeted stairs into the air conditioned
club. it felt good inside and it was already buzzing.
“Drink?” Emily yelled over the noise from the PA system and the many chatting people
around them.
“Of course!” Caitlin laughed. “Let’s start with the sunset Sassy.” They both giggled,
knowing that if they started on the cocktails, they would more than likely end up falling
into their house after getting a cab home.
“Hey, we should get Lex to pick us up if she’s not too busy,” Caitlin commented as they
stood at the bar, waiting to be served. Guys around them couldn’t help but notice the
blonde and brunette who were dressed to impress. A guy stood next to Caitlin and watched
her carefully as she chatted animatedly with her friend beside her. She was cute from
behind and he knew he’d have to dance with the cute blonde that night. As she turned, he
smiled broadly. Each girl held a cocktail glass in their hand and linked each other with
the free arm. Smiling, he followed them to the patio where Caitlin and Em took seats by
the door.
“What up?” He took a seat beside Caitlin. “I’m Josh, I was watching you. You have got to
dance with me later.” Caitlin glanced at Emily and both girls grinned.
“Well, if you’re lucky, your request may be granted.” He smiled warmly and knew she would
be a hard cookie to crack. smiling, he touched her arm and promised to be back later. As
he left, both girls laughed.
“How corny?” Caitlin laughed gently as Emily fitted with giggles. She knew how Caitlin
worked far too well. All the way through college, Caitlin had never just fell at the feet
of a guy and she sure as hell would not break that habit in a hurry. “Did you hear him?”
Caitlin was laughing hard. “What up?” She imitated the guy perfectly. “Who did he think he
was, millivanilli?” Both girls cried with laughter. Emily and Caitlin always laughed at
the guys that thought themselves to be black when they were as white as milk.
After a few hours of dancing, Josh returned and smiling, Caitlin agreed to dance with him,
trying not to giggle too much at his wannabee black impersonation.
“You’re so beautiful,” he grinned as she moved effortlessly on the dance floor. He was
around six foot tall and athletic, having played college ball for the last four years at
Arizona State. His blonde hair was a touch darker than hers but his tanned body was
muscular and attractive. Caitlin knew this partly from what her best friend had told her
and partly from her own intuition. She had a good idea of most people she met and their
physical appearance, not that it mattered much to her. She would much rather have a guy
she was attracted to for his personality than for his looks. Josh was nice despite his
corny ways but Caitlin just wasn’t into him. She thanked him for the dance and he watched
as Emily took her friend’s arm and led her back outside. Smiling, he realised that Caitlin
was out of his reach.
“So?” Em asked curiously as they took their seats with fresh drinks. Caitlin shrugged and
sighed solemnly.
“Maybe I’m looking too hard,” She told Emily as they sat in the cooling air outside of
Club caliente. The patio was filled with chattering people and laughter and Caitlin loved
the atmosphere.
“Can we join you ladies?” A voice came from behind Caitlin and Emily smiled at the two
guys that had approached. both of them wore thick gold chains, one had his hair in a huge
afro while the other guy was completely shaven. Both were tall and one had really dark
skin while the other was a tad lighter. Emily knew from the look on Caitlin’s face that
she liked the voice of the speaker.
“Sure,” Emily and Caitlin chimed together. Both men took seats and placed their drinks on
the table.
“Hi, I’m JC and this is Leo,” The guy who had requested to sit with them introduced. He
smiled at Caitlin while his friend ogled Emily.
I’m Caitlin and this is my friend Emily,” She felt her hands clam with nervousness and she
glanced at Emily who grinned at her friend. Caitlin did not get embarrassed by guys and
Emily knew she was slightly nervous around these two.
“It’s nice to meet you,” Jc placed a hand on Caitlin’s that rested on the table. he had
just come from his house and was sober enough to realise the pretty girl before him was
blind but that didn’t seem to bother him one bit. “Never judge a book by its cover” His
grandmother had told him as a child and he hated it when people judged him so he wouldn’t
do it to someone else.
“You too,” She grasped his hand and smiled flirtatiously. “Let’s go dance,” She said
casually, her heart beating hoping he wouldn’t turn her down.
“I thought you’d never ask,” He laughed and stood gently, placing his drink on the table
and guiding her into the club. He didn’t feel unsure about her and although he was extra
careful not to bang her into something, he ensured he didn’t patronise her. Taking her
hands, he took in her beauty. She was a foot smaller than him, him standing at six foot
four and she was a nice golden brown due to the Californian sun with long blonde hair and
blue eyes while he was black, his hair shaven and light brown eyes. They contrasted in
appearance beside the athletic look. She worked out, and so did he but he liked the fact
that she had meat on her bones and didn’t look like most girls did in Hollywood, sticks.
His father had often told him, “You need a girl with a bit of meat on her son, or else it
feels like you’re making love to a board”. Smiling at that memory and watching the pretty
girl before him, he pulled her to him and danced closely as an R&B song played. She smelt
good and so did he. The lights cast shadows around them on the dance floor and he was so
taken in by her physical appearance, it almost seemed as nothing else was going on around
them. She snuggled into him, feeling a peculiar sense of safety. As she moved closer to
him, she looked up and smiled.
“So what do you do?” He knew that question had been coming. Did he answer it as he often
would back home in Compton, or did he lie and make himself out to be something he wasn’t.
She was a Hollywood chick, that he could see but would she run screaming or stay and rebel
against everything she had ever known.
Back at the house Kiara was making a cheese toasty and had just let Callie back in from
going to the bathroom. The pink clock that hung on their kitchen wall read 11:45 and Kiara
hummed happily as she checked her food. She had got most of her work done and what she had
left to do would only take an hour or so in the morning. Finals were Monday and she was
looking forward to having them done by Thursday.
In Alexia’s room, a stirring occurred. She opened her eyes and sighed comfortably then
before dread dawned on her face.
“Holy shit! Fuck! Fuck!” She jumped out of bed and raced to her dresser. Picking up her
phone she lit the screen and gasped. Running out of her room, she saw Kiara sitting on the
“Why the fuck did you not wake me?” Kiara jumped with horror and fright and stared at the
girl for a second.
“O my God! I didn’t know you were home!” Kiara knew Alexia had to be at the stables for
the horse but she had thought she was. “I didn’t see your car outside. I thought you were
Lexie stormed around finding her things. “Yeah well,” She snapped hostilely as she pulled
her boots on and grabbed her keys. “Emily’s car was where I usually parked because of the
next door neighbours so I had to park on the back lot.” She glared at kiara and stormed
out of the house. Kiara looked at Callie and the dog’s light brown eyes stared at Kiara in
equal puzzlement.
“I didn’t know,” and the blonde dog sighed in agreement as Lexie drove to the stables in a
fit of rage.
Episode 4
Loca Viernes Part II
“I run the streets,” echoed in Caitlin’s head as she stared at JC. They had moved from the
dance floor and were standing by a pillar near to the bar. He had offered to get her a
drink and she had accepted grateful for the chance to process what he had just told her.
What did that mean exactly? She contemplated as he placed a drink in her hand. She smiled
faintly at him, her eyebrows furrowed with confusion. Then clarity seemed to flow across
the girl’s face.
“You’re in a gang?” She whispered. He took her hand gently.
“Yeah,” he sighed. “I gotta do what I gotta do to survive, Caitlin,” And she nodded in
bewilderment. She smiled weakly and gripped his hand.
“I understand,” She took a deep breath. As much as it had been a shock, she didn’t mind at
all. She was fascinated by him and he was cute and a great dancer. She wanted to know more
about him. “Thanks for the drink, let’s finish these and get back to dancing.”
He stared at her and examined her expression. She was smiling and not shaking with fear or
trying to get away from him. Was she an actress? Because JC assumed she would run. In his
heart, he knew most white girls from Hollywood would rather let their appearances go to
the dogs before they dated or were even seen with a poor black man let alone a gangster.
He nodded slightly bemused and took her hand gently. She was gorgeous and he felt a sense
of nervousness he didn’t normally feel for girls. He was a self proclaimed player and
getting into a girl just didn’t happen. they downed the drinks they had and headed to the
dance floor to be engulfed by the lights, the music and each other.
Emily and Leo were sitting outside in an awkward silence. Em hated this. She usually
always ended up sitting at a club with a guy she didn’t think was attractive, let alone
like, while Caitlin was off with their friend and having fun. She glowered into the bottom
of her glass and standing, announced she was going to get another drink. Leo emptied his
glass and headed to the bar inside too. She looked around for her friend and spotted her
dancing provocatively on the dance floor with JC. They did look cute together but Emily
had one intention now and that was to get drunk and get as far away from Leo as possible.
Unlike his friend who seemed polite and sweet, Leo was rude, quiet and pensive. she hated
pensive men. Ordering her drink, Emily spotted a few friends at the other end of the bar
and sauntered over to join them. Amongst them was her friend from work, Cory.
“Hey Em,” He hugged her tightly, smelling of ax and Ralph Lauren. “You look good. Where is
Miss Dawson?”
“Dancing,” Emily replied, glancing over her shoulder. “With some cute guy as always.” they
“Come on then, Em, let’s go dance so you can have a cute man on your arm,” She giggled and
they headed to the dance floor.
It was crowded and they were bumping some old school west coast hip hop tracks. Everyone
was enjoying the music and she smiled as she looked at Cory. He was taller than her and
had light brown hair with green eyes. He was slim and lacked a lot of muscle but his smile
was dazzling. She grinned at him as they danced flirtatiously on the dance floor. Emily
liked Cory, he was sweet, funny, kind and always knew what to say. Until that night, she
hadn’t realised how much she liked him. Maybe it was the alcohol but Em didn’t know. He
spun her crazily as the track changed and pulled her into his arms.
“Wanna go and cool down?” He asked looking at the light film of sweat on her face.
Nodding, they went out to the patio where Em found Caitlin and JC laughing at the table
they had been sitting at previously.
“Leo piss you off?” JC asked good naturedly and Emily looked at him unsure if he was
annoyed with her or just joking. “Leo has a bad habit of pissing off girls so don’t worry
about it Emily. Hi, I’m JC,” He introduced himself to Cory and held out his hand.
“Cory,” The young man shook his hand. Cory was twenty-three and had been raised in San
Diego. His parents were both doctors and it was safe to say that Cory had lived an upper
middle-class life style. Since moving to LA, he had befriended people from all kinds of
ethnic backgrounds and he took his seat next to Emily.
“How’s it going Caitlin?” He asked his other friend a little nervous of JC. He was taller
than Cory and bigger than him too. Cory looked like a boy in comparison and often he got
nervous around people he felt intimidated by.
“Good, Cory, how are you? Who you here with?” She was holding a drink in one hand and
rested her other hand on JC’s leg. He smiled over at her happily. Caitlin was nothing like
any girl he had ever met. And he had to know more about her. It was hard to do that in a
crowded club, even outside on the crowded patio where the noise was still as loud.
“Just a few people from work,” Cory replied, sipping his drink nervously. Emily was quiet
and this was not lost on her best friend.
“What’s up, Em?” Caitlin touched her best friend on her arm and grinned happily. It was
past two A.M and both girls had drank a lot.
“Nothing,” Emily replied, uncertain of why she was suddenly feeling attracted to her work
Blackmist was whinnying in pain and Lexie felt bad he’d been left alone all this time. She
patted the young horse’s head and fed him some oats from her hand. The horse nudged them
into his mouth and went to lay down.
“No, no,” she cuddled him to her like she would a small child. “Come on, Blackmist, you’re
still good to go.” Scuttling over to a wrack where towels were heating, Lexie took several
and placed them on the shivering horse. Holding a bowl of warm water out to him, he lapped
it gratefully. “You won’t die on me, that I promise you!” She informed him, feeling an
ache in her heart as she petted him gently.
Kiara was such a bitch, Lexie considered angry at her roommate. Why hadn’t she woken her?
Sighing deeply, Lexie took a seat on a stool and waited with the horse, crazy thoughts
flashing through her mind. She didn’t want Blackmist to leave her. Too much hurt had
happened in Lexie’s life.
“Don’t let him die,” She pleaded to the darkened sky outside the stable window. It was so
hot in there tonight but Lexie couldn’t open the door to let air in. Blackmist had a chill
and his shivers scared her somewhat. Patting the horse’s head, she coaxed him to drink
some more boiled water and finally got him to eat some of the broth she had made with
lentils, oats and chick peas. He ate slowly but surely and around three A.M had fallen
“You are crazy!” Caitlin was laughing as JC carried her on his shoulders. She had been
complaining about her feet hurting as they walked to Dennys. He had whisked her up onto
his strong shoulders and had proceeded down the street hollering,
“Lady coming through! Excuse me, lady coming through!” She had laughed so hard and even
Emily who seemed distracted that night had giggled alongside Cory. JC’s friend Leo had
disappeared and JC did not seem worried one bit. As they reached Dennys, he lowered her to
the ground and took her hand as they walked inside.
“You are totally crazy,” She laughed as they took a booth by the window. The Hollywood
skyline looked so dazzling outside, JC had to hold his breath a moment. He didn’t often
come into Hollywood to party but he had just got a couple of grand that he had been owed
so he and Leo had treated themselves. and it was worth every cent he thought as he looked
across at the blonde haired girl, who was giggling and asking her friends what they wanted
to eat. He gazed toward the west and knew the ocean was out there somewhere. Sighing, he
turned to answer Caitlin who had inquired what he wanted to eat.
“I’ll get some buffalo wings,” He stated and knew that in a few weeks time when his money
would run out again, he would not be sitting here with her but he’d be stuck back in
Compton with no money to put gas in his car.
They ate quietly and Caitlin sensed a lot of thinking was going on around the table. She
knew Emily was distracted by something but what, she couldn’t fathom. And even JC who had
been joking around only half an hour previously was sitting silently munching on his food.
Cory was quiet but there was nothing new there. She sighed and drank some pepsy.
“So what do you guys wanna do then?” She asked, glancing at her watch.
“Well,” Emily looked exhausted as she turned to look at her best friend. “I think we
should probably go home soon. It’s four A.M.”
“Already?” Caitlin pressed a silver button on a silver watch and held it to her ear. Sure
enough, it stated that the time was four A.M. She sighed heavily and continued to eat the
food she had ordered. JC took her hand gently and felt as though he had been given a
glimpse into a life he would never have. She sensed his low mood and turned. With a smile
she took his hand and they walked outside to the patio.
“What’s wrong?” She asked, leaning against the wall and smiling widely at him. “You seem
really quiet.” He watched her for a second, uncertain of what to say. He had been honest
with her earlier that night but a part of him wondered if she really appreciated what he
had told her.
“I’m not from your world,” He sighed, gripping his hands together. “I just had a good run
of money I was owed but in a few weeks when it’s run out, there will be no partying in
Hollywood for me.” She smiled, understandingly.
“Why? Because you won’t have the money?” She moved closer to him and wrapped her arms
around his waist and nestled her head into his chest. “JC, I like you. You make me smile
and I wanna get to know you more than this. Look, i know what you’re thinking. I’m some
rich bitch from Hollywood that only knows how the stars live, right?” A smile crept across
her gentle face and he smirked and placed both arms around her.
“Well, I was once told that you should never judge a book by its cover, and I don’t. But
it does seem that you know your way around Hollywood pretty well.” They both let out a
small laugh and she turned her head up toward him.
“That may be the case,” Taking his hand she carefully chose her words. “I went to school
and lived in carson. My dad moved us here when I was fourteen from a small working town in
England. So yeah, I know about stuff you think I don’t. My dad works hard and although I
live here in Hollywood, well, Glendale now, I have seen how other walks of life live. J,”
her arms were tightly around him and she nuzzled her head again. “Give me your number and
we’ll get to know each other, maybe on a date?” Caitlin’s heart pounded in her chest and
JC’s hands were sweaty with nerves. She had just asked him out on a date and it was
apparent to him that she did really get where he was coming from. Taking her face into his
strong hands, he leaned in and his lips caressed hers in a kiss of comprehension. Despite
what he had told her about himself, she still wanted to know him. Holding her close, he
smiled and glanced over the Los Angeles sky line, his heart pounding happily inside his
“Em, what’s up?” Cory looked across at his friend who was playing with her salad
distractedly. .
She had been quiet all night since they had gone out to the patio and sat with Caitlin and
the guy she was hanging with. “Have I done something to upset you?” He gently touched her
arm and spoke in his quiet, sweet tone to her. She lifted her eyes and looked at him with
a faint smile.
“No, of course not,” Her brown eyes conveyed something was wrong but she didn’t want to
talk about it.
“Are you sure? You seem so quiet,” He observed, nervously wringing his hands under the
table. Dennys was quiet and the streets were ghostly outside. The lights from many
buildings cast an Erie aurar over Los Angeles as Cory glanced out of the window. Sighing,
he stood.
“I’ll go and ask for the bill,” He quickly walked away and Emily rested her face into her
hands. It wasn’t him. It was her, right? Why did she suddenly feel attracted to him and
when? Emily couldn’t quite remember when she had started to think Cory was cute and after
her revelation at Club Caliente, how would she ever be able to work with him without
having some crazy thought of what could be run through her head? Emily had always thought
Cory to be sweet and caring and yes, admittedly good looking. But when did her feelings
transpire from friendship and colleagues to being some what more? Sipping her drink and
feeling the affects of alcohol wearing off, Emily wondered how she and Caitlin would get
home. As usual, Caitlin probably hadn’t thought of that, or she would come up with some
hair raising scheme how to get home. She was crazy and even though she was so grown up,
Emily often wondered if she truly got scared or concerned about herself. Standing to go
and find her friend, Em spotted Cory coming back. She smiled weakly and hugged him.
“Listen, Cory, really, I’ve just got some stuff on my mind, that’s all. It isn’t anything
you did or said. I promise!” He smiled and offered to pay for the bill. She nodded
gratefully and he left for his apartment.
“Caitlin, come on, it’s five A.M.,” Emily called as she walked out onto the patio to find
Caitlin and JC chatting quietly in the corner. “We need to get a cab.”
“I’ll give you guys a ride,” He offered.
“Aw, thanks,” Caitlin stood and took his arm while Emily sighed. “What?” Caitlin glanced
at her as she heard the noise and despite not being able to see the other girl’s face, she
knew Em was troubled about something.
“I’ll go and grab my car,” JC offered quickly, realising the two friends needed to talk.
“I’ll pick you up on the corner.” And before he left he handed Caitlin ten dollars. She
waved it away and grabbed Emily’s arm as they walked inside the restaurant and into the
“What’s up?” Caitlin asked as she washed her hands. Emily opened the cubicle door and
joined her, her heels clinking on the tiled floor. “You seem really annoyed about
something. Is it because I’ve been hanging with JC?” Caitlin brushed her long blonde hair
with a small foldable pink hair brush and turned to hear her friend’s response.
“No, Caitlin,” Emily was suddenly annoyed with her best friend. “Funnily enough, it’s not
all about you!”
“Hold up?” Caitlin’s eyebrows raised in ultimate confusion. “Why are you trippin?”
“Sorry,” Emily sighed heavily, dropping her head in shame. “It’s not anything you did. I
just, I just need time to process something. I promise we’ll talk as soon as I know
myself.” Caitlin nodded and hugged her friend.
“Girl, I’m always here for you!” And Emily nodded, tears glistening in her brown eyes.
The two girls were rather subdued as they entered their house at five thirty that morning.
JC had dropped them off and taken Caitlin’s number with his cell phone. The sun was rising
over the Santa Monica mountains and Emily gazed as they walked down their path toward the
little house they shared with Lexie and kiara. the sky was a red and golden colour and
within minutes the sun would rise and another day would dawn over Los Angeles and its
Episode 5
Lazy Weekends
Kiara was pottering around in the light airy kitchen, listening for sounds of her
roommates. The night before when Alexia had gone off of the rails at her made Kiara feel
like she had just been slapped in the face. She had been angry with Lexie and hoped not to
see her before she left for the library. Glancing out of the living room window, she
looked for Emily’s blue car but it wasn’t there and she hadn’t heard Caitlin nor Emily’s
usual noisy return. Callie wasn’t in the living room and so Kiara assumed the girls had
come home. But why had they been so quiet? As much as Kiara would not take responsibility
for her roommates or friends, she did get concerned about them. They led crazy lives and
Caitlin more than most seemed to have no sense of self awareness and the potential
problems she could cause herself. More nights than Kiara cared to recall, Caitlin had come
home with complete strangers and seemed to be fine about getting into their cars alone and
coming back to their house. Kiara assumed Caitlin didn’t know them but the other girl
often did know the drivers who brought her home or would hang out with her. Kiara just
didn’t hang out with Caitlin enough to realise how self aware she truly was. Emily
sometimes forgot how well Caitlin could take care of not only herself but Emily too. Many
nights she had assisted Emily home and Em had had no recollection of leaving the club, let
alone getting back to their house safely. As she read the morning paper, Kiara sighed
heavily. She wished she could have as much fun as Em and Caitlin and even Lexie too. but
something in her worked so hard to achieve the ultimate success which she wasn’t even sure
she knew what that was yet.
The sun was high in the sky as Alexia unstrapped Blackmist’s reigns. He had just exercised
for the first time that week and although he was exhausted, he seemed much better. Her red
hair glowed in the mid morning sun as she led him back into the cool stable.
“I’ll come back later, boy,” She patted his black fur and he nuzzled her face with his
nose as though to show his appreciation. She had stayed with him all night and kept a
close eye on his well being. Leaving Blackmist to eat his breakfast, she headed to her
green truck and hopped inside. The sun had already made the inside of the truck stifling
hot and she opened a window as she lit a cigarette. Her eyes burned with tiredness and all
she wanted was a few hours sleep before she returned to check on her patient.
Driving slowly into the driveway, Lexie saw that Emily’s curtains were still closed and
she smiled to herself. It was twelve forty and obviously both Em and Caitlin had had a
good night.
“Hi, Lex,” Caitlin called as she played with Callie on the living room floor clad in her
blue P.J.s. “How’s Blackmist?”
“Better,” Alexia opened the fridge and took some water. “He even took some exercise this
morning.” Caitlin looked up and smiled proudly.
“That’s awesome, lex,” She tickled Callie’s ears and hugged her close.
“Yeah, well he could have been doing so much better if Kiara wasn’t so fucking selfish!”
Lexie took a seat at the breakfast bar as she sipped her water and ate a banana.
“Why?” Caitlin asked bemusedly, looking up to give her friend her undivided attention.
“Because,” Alexia took a deep breath before continuing her story. “She knew I had to take
care of Blackmist right? And she probably saw my truck outside and it was obvious someone
was at home because lights and the air conditioner were on, and yet she still didn’t come
to see why I hadn’t left yet! It was gone midnight by the time i got to Blackmist, and I’m
personally shocked he made it through the night.”
Caitlin patted Callie’s tummy as she listened and knew that the atmosphere between Lexie
and Kiara would be bad over the next few weeks.
“Did she see your truck?” Caitlin asked diplomatically.
Alexia looked at her with contempt.
“Of course she must have!” She said defiantly and put down her glass. “You know what
Kiara’s like? If it means she has to detour from her proper schedule, she won’t
participate. Even if that means a horse would die!” Standing, Lexie took a fresh glass of
water into her room and told Caitlin she would sleep. Sighing, Caitlin turned to her
blonde companion and gave a wry smile.
“What are those two like, Callie?” Laughing gently, she suddenly heard footsteps and
smiled as Emily walked into the living room, her hair tousled and her eyes sleepy. She
hadn’t slept very good and even though it was one in the afternoon, she felt like it was
the middle of the night.
“Hey, Caitlin,” She greeted, pouring herself some orange juice and putting the coffee
machine on to heat. “How are you?”
“Good,” Caitlin responded. “And you?”
Caitlin had known something was bothering her best friend last night but she couldn’t
guess what it might be.
“I’m OK,” Em took a long gulp of orange juice. “Got a little confused last night. I had
the strangest thing happen to me. You’ll never guess who I thought I was attracted too?”
she was laughing, trying to convince herself more than Caitlin that it was funny. The
truth was that she still didn’t know what was going on with herself.
“Who?” Caitlin’s blue eyes wondered as her brain whirled with guys Emily could not
possibly be attracted to. Em rarely displayed signs of attraction to most men but Caitlin
often knew instinctively which men had gotten Emily’s attention.
“Cory,” Em said shyly and felt her heart thud inside her chest. Why was she feeling this
way? Cory was her friend. He was her colleague so she could not possibly have feelings for
him. could she? If she did, how would that change things between them?
Caitlin smiled and nodded gently.
“Cory’s a nice guy,” She told Em as she continued to pet Callie who was sprawled on her
side, loving the attention.
“but he’s my friend?” Emily said frustratedly, stamping her foot in irritation. Caitlin
was meant to laugh so they could both believe it was a big joke but she was taking it
seriously. “Don’t you find it funny, Caitlin?”
“Why should I?” The other girl looked bemused again. Late nights did her brain no good.
Why was Emily flipping out about this? so what? She had a crush on her work colleague. But
he was more than that? He had been one of their friends at UCLA and Caitlin knew he had a
big crush on Em; had done for years. So it only seemed right now that Emily had finally
noticed him and wanted to know why she was feeling things for her long time friend.
“Caitlin?” Em questioned her friend as the blonde headed girl continued stroking her dog
absent mindedly.
“Yeah?” Caitlin looked up at Emily and smiled.
“What am I going to do?”
“nothing,” Caitlin told her friend. “If you like him, then see what happens, if its just a
hormonal stint where you feel like you need a man and Cory seems to fit the bill, then let
that stint of overactive hormones ride its course and then get back to normal.” Em smiled
at her friend, she somehow always knew how to make sense of even the craziest situation.
“Thanks,” Em grinned and wandered to the kitchen area to make some breakfast. “What about
you and that guy last night? He seemed nice.”
Caitlin hadn’t managed to get JC out of her head for one moment. His smell, his laugh, his
voice, they way he touched her, it was all so clear as though he was in the room next to
her. She wanted to see him again but Caitlin being Caitlin, would never admit that to
“He was OK,” Caitlin lied and Em grinned knowing her best friend so well.
“Just OK?” Emily giggled as she toasted some bagels. “Please girl, you were all over him
all last night. And physically, he’s everything you want. Personality isn’t bad either. So
what’s your problem?”
“I don’t have one,” Caitlin smiled, laying on the floor as Callie ran around her with a
pink bear in her mouth, wildly wagging her tail. “He’s cute, yeah, he’s sweet and funny.
And OK, I wanna get to know him.”
“Did you kiss him?” Em asked as she put some cream cheese on her toasted cinnamon raisin
“yeah,” Caitlin replied casually. Em spun and spied the satisfactory grin on her best
friend’s face.
“Good then?” Em laughed heartily.
“Yeah, it was good,” Caitlin admitted smirking as both girls fitted into gales of giggles.
kiara was sitting in the cool library taking in some information on a very detailed case
study about conformity. Her eyes scanned each page of the huge text book as she watched
the computer screen before her dim to a screen saver. Turning the page, the sounds in the
library a mere whirr around her, she resumed her intense study. She had to pass these
finals, no matter what anyone said.
“Kiara?” A voice inquired behind her. Turning her long braided head, she saw Jasmine, a
girl from her course. “Hey, thought it was you. Do you fancy a study buddy?” Kiara smiled
and Jasmine took the seat beside her. She was around 5,6 with long straight black hair and
her almond coloured eyes danced with life. She was serious like kiara but seemed to have
the ability to relax. Kiara was always studying or researching something while most of the
people in her class were studying hard but relaxing too.
“What are you doing here on a Sunday?” Kiara asked Jasmine gently as they both stared at
the pages of the worn text book.
“Well, I figured I better pass these finals,” She smiled happily. Her family were from New
York and her accent was thick with an East coast twang. Her father was a successful lawyer
in Boston and her mother a very well respected teacher. They had paid for Jasmine to
attend Yale for her undergraduate program but she had wanted to go to UCLA to study her
PHD. Kiara and her were as close as two busy women could be in such a hectic schedule as a
psychology PHD Program. Kiara turned the page again and both girls wrote notes. Their
heads close together, their eyes fixed upon the paper, Kiara felt grateful that at least
one of her friends understood her determination and drive to succeed.
Lying on her bed, Caitlin typed away on her mac book, adjusting some of the plans she had
for the up and coming weeks with her job. Her diary was up to date and she was just
emailing a few people to confirm certain things when her phone bleeped beside her. Lifting
it from her table, she slid the phone up and pressed the select key.
‘Hey Caitlin. Had a gr8 time last night. wanna meet for dinner 2night?’
It was from JC. Smiling, she hit reply and wrote.
‘Yes. love too. let’s go to Dennys. lol. don’t fancy anything too big so fast food OK with
Several minutes past while her heart thudded in her chest. She couldn’t believe he’d text
her and wanted to see her again. This meant business!
Lying on her bed, Emily ran over the past six years she had known Cory in her head,
attempting to depict the exact moment she had begun to like him more than just a friend.
Tossing her head back onto her pillow, she let out a huge sigh. Why were things so
complicated when it came to boys? they never really made sense! Turning her head to peer
out of her window, she decided a drive might clear her head a little. Standing, she took
some clean clothes from her chair that she hadn’t yet put away and dressed. Brushing her
hair, she felt an unusual hope that Cory would call or text her. He sometimes did but why
would he today? Even he must have noticed Em’s mood the night before.
“You’re so stupid!” She scolded herself, grabbing her purse and car keys and heading out
of the house.
In her Mustang, she turned up her favourite radio station to full blast and drove toward
Santa Monica.
“hi,” He was standing there, as real as day and she could barely believe it. He smelt of
Insignia and wore a black t-shirt with some baggy jeans and a pair of chuck Taylors. “You
look good!” He commented shyly as Callie bounded toward them both. Her ears curled and JC
smiled down at the dog. “Is she yours?”
“Yeah, my guide dog, Callie,” She introduced. “You don’t mind if she comes do you?”
“No, of course not,” He patted the dog and smiled at Caitlin. In the light of day and
sobriety, she was still as beautiful and sexy. He was attracted to her and nothing he did
could prevent that.
Caitlin harnessed up Callie and they left in his chivy truck.
“Where do you wanna go?” He asked, expertly steering the truck down the street and coming
to the freeway.
“I don’t mind,” She stroked Callie’s head as they drove. The air was hot and he had all of
the windows down. A Californian summer’s day always made Caitlin love the state more and
more. She leaned back in the seat, her hair tied back in a blue schrunchie with her capri
jeans on with a white camersol, she felt good. JC kept glancing at her every few seconds,
unable to believe that this beauty was riding shotgun in his car.
He had had butterflies when he first text her that afternoon. Waking in his sunlit room
around two O’clock, he had remembered her in an instant. Alcohol hadn’t clouded his mind
at all the previous night and all he wanted to do was see her again. He had passed his
grandmother on his way out of the house they lived in on Rosewood Street and she had
commented on a glow he seemed to be emitting.
“Had a good night?” She had inquired as he poured a coffee, already showered and changed
ready to pick her up around four thirty.
“Yeah,” He told her smiling. “It was great.” Her old brown eyes had told him she knew he
had had a better night than he’d anticipated and she had smiled with pride. He was her
youngest grandson and her most precious having had raised him since he was a child. His
mother, her eldest daughter had been very troubled and as try as she might, rose was
determined to not let Jay go down the same slippery slope.
“What big mama?” he asked as he flicked through the newspaper.
“You look handsome. Off anywhere nice?” Leaning back in her old arm chair, Rose Carter
looked old for a second.
“Yeah, meeting a girl,” He smiled confidently. “I met her last night and she’s cool. I
better go!” And Rose watched her grandson leave with a determined air in his stride.
Back in his car, he smiled at Caitlin and took a right. “Let’s go to the beach first.” He
suggested authoritatively and she nodded her agreement, enjoying the tunes he was playing.
They were seemingly into the same kind of music and Caitlin clapped her hands in
excitement as a new hip hop track came on.
“I love this song!” She exclaimed happily.
“Yeah, it’s tight. loved his last album,” JC was turning onto Santa Monica Boulevard and
pulling into a multi storey parking lot.
Em was sitting mournfully in the starbucks on Wilshire and kept peering at her phone,
hoping for a text message. She had no idea why she kept glancing at it like some love sick
teenager and she was beginning to annoy the hell out of herself. Finally she picked up her
phone and searched for Cory’s number. Pressing the green button, she waited with baited
breath to hear him answer it.
“You’ve reached Cory, leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Have a
good day!” Beep. She hung up looking crestfallen. Ordering a frapochino to go, she
wandered out onto Wilshire and decided she was going to the mall. If she couldn’t cheer
herself up by buying some new nice things, then there was no hope for Emily.
An alarm clock rang in Lexie’s room and the red head bobbed up and turned it off while
allowing her eyes to adjust to the bright afternoon outside. It was five o’clock and even
though she had only four hours of sleep, Lexie had to go and check on Blackmist.
walking out into the living room, she saw Kiara sitting with another girl. Glaring at her
roommate, Lexie made a sandwich, had some water and headed for the door without speaking a
word. Why should she? Kiara was nothing but a selfish bitch.
Several minutes later, Lexie was pulling into the yard and getting out of her truck,
having been so pissed off with kiara on her way there. She didn’t know why Caitlin and
Emily put up with her snobbish, book wormish ways and her constant need to be so perfect.
Opening Blackmist’s stable door, she found Dan, the old man’s youngest son, patting him.
“O hey, Lexie,” His eyes were blue as sapphires and his blonde hair was flat to his head.
standing up he walked over to her as she smiled at Blackmist who seemed even better. “He’s
doing well, isn’t he?” Dan inquired as he held out some oats for the horse who took them
“Better than he was, yeah,” Alexia told him. “I’m surprised to see you here, Dan.” She
wiped Blackmist with a damp cloth and Dan grinned a boyish grin at her.
“Dad couldn’t be bothered tearing himself away from his bar and pool to see how the old
boy was,” He patted Blackmist to confirm his point of subject. “So I drove out to see how
he was doing. You took good care of him Lexie. Thank you!” His eyes were sincere and kind
and Alexia felt a slight blush begin in her cheeks. Turning quickly, she bundled up some
hay and reigned Blackmist to go outside while she cleaned the stable.
“I’ll take him,” Dan offered and easily guided the young horse out to the paddock for some
light exercise while Lexie cleaned the stable.
On the beach, Caitlin walked, linking JC while Callie bounced alongside her happily. JC
carried callie’s harness and they chatted at ease while they walked between groups of
teenagers listening to music, children playing and young couples talking. The sun was hot
on their faces and the ocean lapped gently in the distance.
“So, you lived here all your life?” He asked as they took a seat on the sand, Callie
happily digging with her paws.
“I was born in England actually,” She told him, turning her head to converse with him.
“Dad moved us here when I was fourteen. we lived in carson and when I attended UCLA, I
moved to LA. Em and i met there along with my two other roomies. I love California and I
never want to leave.” They laughed gently as he watched her in amazement. Carson! That was
the next city from Compton.
“What about you?” She asked him, picking up sand with her fingers and feeling it as she
let it flow through them.
“I grew up in Compton. I’ve lived with my grandmother for my entire life. She raised me
when my mom passed from an overdose.” Caitlin smiled sadly at him as he told his story.
“Pops in the pen for bank robbery and I joined a gang when I was seventeen. Big mama,
keeps telling me I’m better than all that shit, but i gots to survive the only way I know
how.” Taking his hand with her sandy one, she smiled at him.
“I want to thank you for being honest with me, Jay,” her eyes were so pretty. “I know when
we first met you must have thought I was some spoilt Beverly hills bitch that had it all.”
He smiled bashfully and she nodded with a small laugh. “It’s cool. I know. But I’ve worked
for what i have and no matter where you come from, there’s always a way. even if it’s not
always apparent. I came from a small working class town in England and now I’m organising
some of the biggest events in Hollywood.”
Smiling proudly, he gave her hand a squeeze. “I know you’re right,” He said, having an
urge to hug her. “I just, guess I don’t know what that is for me right now. But, even now
you know all that stuff, you still wanted to hang with me?” insecurity was not something
JC did often but this girl made him feel so unsure and yet sure at the same time.
“Yeah of course,” She raised her eyebrows in surprise. “What, just because you come from
where you do and do what you have to do to survive, I’m supposed to categorise you on
that?” Laughing gently, she put her arms around his neck and smiled warmly. Callie’s lead
was tied around her foot and the dog was laying happily on the sand at her feet. “I want
to get to know you because so far, I like what I see.”
“Is that right?” His low, rumbling, melodic tones sprinted across the air between them and
made contact with her ears. Her stomach somersaulted with excitement at the seductive tone
in his voice and a smile of ultimate curiosity passed on her lips.
“That’s right!” She cooed with an equal seductive tone. “So, let’s go and grab some
dinner.” The skies were a beautiful golden colour and as JC stood and helped Caitlin to
her feet, he saw the oncoming sunset from the Santa Monica hills. Over the immense
landscape, the skies were a pinkish gold and looking at the side of him, he saw the
beautiful golden headed girl that he was liking more and more each moment spent with her.
Taking her hand, they walked up the steps and onto the pier where he was going to buy her
Episode 6
LA Skyline
Fantasy is highly connected with Los Angeles and at night time, anyone can tell why. The
hundreds of thousands of lights make the city glow like a huge Christmas decoration. The
glitz and glamour don’t just come from what the stars are wearing, buildings, streets,
water features, the piers all light up for all to see.
As the skies grew redder, and the oceans begin to darken beneath the sun-setting skies,
lights all around the city light up to give its visitors and residence the best show on
Caitlin and JC were walking along Santa Monica pier, Callie happily working in the cooling
hours. They stopped off at a small Italian restaurant and JC ordered them a bottle of
wine. Callie lapped happily from a bowl of cool water as Caitlin took in the sounds of the
hundreds of people chatting around them and the distant waves lapping below. The air was
warm and JC watched as the sun plummeted below the horizon. smiling, he turned to Caitlin
and took her hand. This was an entirely different world from the one he knew. Back home,
he would have never taken a girl out to eat. Buying her a hot-dog or Mickey D’s and not
long after fucking her was usually his style at home. But Caitlin was different. She was
smart, pretty, intelligent and had a lot of self respect. She wouldn’t have gone near him
if he’d acted that way. And in truth, he liked this. Taking a girl out, getting to know
her, without her falling at his feet just because he had a reputation around the
neighbourhood. Caitlin hadn’t judged him and was giving him a chance off his own merit and
that felt good to him. In some ways, Los Angeles was making him see that gang life, and
fucking hoes and doing deals was not what life was all about. It gave him hope for the
future and the inspiration to go for his dreams. He loved music and thrived on it. Most of
his friends said how he could make it as a rapper but JC was not that confident. He’d
graduated high school and had achieved a 3.8 GPA, while most of his friends just scraped
through their diplomas. Despite being from a harsh reality, his grandmother always
promoted learning and bettering yourself. She often told him as a child, aim beyond the
stars, because if you only aim for the trees, that’s as far as you’ll ever go, but aim for
those stars, and the universe is yours.
“What?” Caitlin noticed his thoughtfulness and wondered what he was thinking. She liked
his gentle attitude and his ability to make her laugh. He was in short, everything she
wanted in a guy. Unlike many times before though, she was determined to take this one as
it came rather than rush in feet first.
“I’m just enjoying this,” He told her in his silken tones. His light brown eyes danced
with happiness and his hand touched hers again. He hoped that this wouldn’t end but he
knew it would. Once he ran out of money to travel into the city, they would not be able to
hang out and have fun. Caitlin sensed his mood and grinned at him.
“If you want something bad enough, it’s worth working for!” her sorority had taught her
that profoundly in college. And she stood by that notion whole heartedly.
“I know what you’re sayin’,” He smiled as the waiter brought some bread for them. “But do
you ever feel like you want something but it’s apparent that the path to get there is
blocked somehow.”
“Very poetic,” She grinned at him, impressed how articulate he was. “I know what you
mean.” Sighing, she took his hand tightly in hers. “Jay, I had obstacles to overcome, but
i made it. I’m well paid, I enjoy my job, and I fought for it. I know it sounds cliched,”
She smiled at him broadly as she paused. “But where there is a will, there is always a
way. Even if it isn’t always clear where that path opens, it will, even if you don’t
realise it”.
“Do you believe in fate?” JC asked pensively. Pausing to think Caitlin took a sip of her
wine and licked her lips thoughtfully.
“Yes, Yes I do,” She replied and he grinned. His heart danced when she smiled and this
night was perfect! Mainly because of the beautiful setting and the feelings that Los
Angeles gave him, but also because he was in her company. She made him feel somewhat
Sitting in the office at the stables, Lexie sipped from a giant coffee cup. Dan stirred
another cup for himself and then took a seat opposite her. His smile was warm and so
unlike his father’s. Lexie remembered his mother from when she had first done work
experience there six years before. Kate, as she was called, was a smiley, happy
horsewoman, who loved her horses and who appreciated her staff. she had a gentle face and
kind eyes like her son’s. Dan was completely like his mother both in his appearance and
his nature. He had been studying business at Cambridge in England and Alexia had only got
to know him in the last few months. And what she knew, she liked. The only draw back was
his wife.
“How long do you think it’ll take Blackmist to get back to his usual racing abilities?”
Dan asked, professionally as Lexie glanced down at her cup self consciously. She fancied
Dan and always found it hard to be around him without flirting shamelessly.
“I’d say at least two weeks,” Lexie responded shyly. “He will need to only have light
exercise for the next few days and then we can hopefully proceed, given the vet’s approval
to increase his exercise. I know that’s not the answer you were hoping for.” She added
sadly, not wanting to disappoint him.
“Whatever it takes,” Dan’s smile lit up the dingy office. The old man never cleaned in
here and most of the staff preferred to use the bridal room for their breaks on account of
its contrasting cleanliness. “I know my dad won’t wanna hear that but as long as the horse
is OK, that’s all that matters.” She smiled as he spoke, reminding her of his mother so
very much.
“What are you smiling about?” He asked her gently, grinning like a boy. He was two years
her senior but had known her from when she was an intern during her freshman year at
college. She was attractive and very good with the horses, everything they needed their
staff to be, but Dan knew how much his mother had liked Alexia and he gravitated to that.
“Just thinking of how much you remind me of, Kate,” She almost whispered his mother’s name
but Dan grinned.
“A lot of people tell me that,” He smiled again, grateful for her complement. “I’d like to
think I’m like her but in truth, no one is.” And Lexie nodded her agreement. It was true,
no one had ever been like Kate.
Standing up, Alexia washed her cup and headed back out to the stables to settle Blackmist
for the night, leaving dan with his memories of a woman he knew would not have approved of
how his father ran this business.
Jasmine gently stroked kiara’s breast as they watched a documentary on Freudian theory.
The two girls were strongly attracted to each other and only that day had Jasmine
expressed her feelings toward Kiara. As they giggled gently, Jasmine’s lips caressed
Kiara’s in a way she had longed to experience. Soft, silken lips moved in harmony with
each other and the gentle flick of a tongue made the other feel excitement.
“Won’t your roommates be back?” Jasmine asked, pulling Kiara to her.
“Nah,” Kiara relaxed, frantically thinking of her revision session that night. A part of
her did not want Jasmine to leave but she had finals the next week. “They party a lot and
I think they’re all out with each other!” In truth, Kiara had no idea where any of her
roommates were, nor did she care.
“Cool,” Jasmine kissed her again and the kiss slowly became heated. Pulling at Kiara’s
shirt, Jasmine copped the girl’s breast in her hand and gently gave it a squeeze. The
pleasure on the other girl’s face was immense and Jasmine continued.
“Caitlin, you here?” Lexie walked in as Kiara and Jasmine broke away from each other. She
clapped her hand to her mouth and stared in astonishment. “I’m sorry, I didn’t, er, didn’t
realise, well, I didn’t know you were gay!” Lexie couldn’t help it. the words came
tumbling from her lips before she could stop them. “I mean, I, I mean, erm,” She rushed
into her room and closed the door, feeling ashamed. Hot, red shame rose around her cheeks
and her stomach felt like she’d just been on a ridiculously scary roller-coaster. Kiara?
Gay? When? Alexia couldn’t remember kiara ever being with a guy but her naivety showed
that Alexia assumed she liked men. Sitting on her bed, she tried to push the thought out
of her head. What would Caitlin and Emily say?
In the living room, Kiara suggested Jasmine leave and feeling bad for her friend, Jasmine
left, reassuring her it had to come out sooner or later. Flushing a dark pink, kiara lay
her head in her lap. Why had Lexie acted like that? why did she have to make a big deal
about it? So what? she liked girls! Was that such a bad thing! Why was it she should feel
ashamed when Caitlin, Emily and Alexia paraded guys around all of the time. Why was it
that just because Kiara liked a woman, it was suddenly a big deal? Tears of anger and
confusion poured down her cheeks as she opened a text book, the only thing that seemed
solid in her confusing life.
“what’s up?” Emily asked as she sat down at a small Mexican fast food joint on La cienega.
The red head bowed her head in shame.
“Did you know Kiara’s gay?” Alexia asked, sipping an orchatta. She had text Emily and
asked her to meet her. Caitlin had been invited too but she was on a date according to her
“What?” Emily’s eyes opened widely. “Really? No, I didn’t know!” Emily, who appreciated
both men and women to look at had never considered Kiara to be gay. “How do you know?”
Emily truly knew that Kiara wouldn’t have confided in Lexie for a second but she was
curious how the other girl knew.
“I walked in on a make out sesh at home,” She said gloomily, putting a fry in her mouth.
“all over each other they were!”
“Who was it?” Emily’s voice was quiet and so curious now as she struggled to comprehend
that straight pin Kiara was indeed gay. It was wild for the girl who always studied and
never went out.
“I don’t know, only saw the back of her head,” Lexie responded. “Crazy huh?”
“Well, women fancy other women all the time,” Emily joked light heartedly. It was the
lightest she’d felt all day. even her shopping spree had struggled to raise her spirits.
“But Kiara! Wonder where they met?”
“Has to be school,” Lexie put in. “I mean, she never goes anywhere.” And both girls sat in
silence for a few moments, wondering about their friend’s new discovered secret.
As they walked along the pier, Caitlin felt like she was more content than she had ever
been before in her life. Linking his arm, they stopped by the railings overlooking the
ocean and smiled.
“The city looks beautiful!” He watched as the waves rose and fell elegantly, occasionally
revealing small light dots on the water which he knew to be the millions of lights in the
Los Angeles night’s skyline. “It makes you feel like the city’s never asleep.” He gazed up
at the night sky and was just able to make out the moon. Holding her hand, he looked at
her, wondering where life would take them and why it had so far brought her to him. He
kissed her head gently and she looked up astonished but grinned.
“It’s been amazing getting to know you today,” She pulled him into a hug. “And i know
you’re worried about how we’re going to continue this, but don’t worry! we will. I will
make sure of it.” He kissed her lips gently in appreciation but a part of him wondered how
that would happen.
“Caitlin!” a voice came from behind them and she turned. Emily and Lexie were walking on
the pier with ice-creams in their hands. “Hey! How are you guys?” Emily smiled, having
felt better since talking to Lexie about other people’s issues rather than worrying about
her own.
“Good,” Caitlin hugged her friends and Callie wagged her tale wildly until they petted her.
“JC, you remember Emily? Well this is Alexia, also known as Lexie,” Caitlin introduced
them and he gave Lexie a hug. She smiled approvingly.
“You guys should get some iced creams,” Emily suggested as they joined them to watch the
ocean. The skies were dark overhead but the glowing lights all around the city made it
feel light.
“I’ll go and grab some if you like, baby girl,” He had decided in his head that was what
she was; his baby girl. Smiling flirtatiously and liking the sound of “babygirl” coming
from his lips aimed at her, she nodded. “Here,” she offered ten dollars.
“It’s cool,” He kissed her gently on the lips and Em and Lexie held their giggles for when
he had walked away.
“He’s so your type,” Emily put in glad for her friend. “You guys will be hot couple before
you know it!”
“He is quite a gentleman. Where does he work?” Trust Lexie to ask a probing question like
that. Caitlin smiled and was uncertain of what to say.
“He works on the streets,” Caitlin said quietly so as not to attract attention. lexie’s
face grew stern but Emily jumped in to defend her friend.
“Well, he seems nice enough and we all have to do what we have to do in life,” and when JC
returned with a strawberry ice cream for Caitlin, Emily and Alexia both noticed he was
wearing red.
As Kiara sat in the living room, frantically going through her work, trying so hard to
forget earlier experiences, Caitlin, Emily, Lexie and some guy came in. It was twelve
thirty and all four of them had McDonnell’s.
“I thought that guy was going to flip!” Emily laughed as they entered the living room.
“I know, he was like, I don’t want no trouble now,” JC mocked a man they had just
encountered at McDonnell’s who was clearly afraid of JC. Caitlin had roared with laughter
and so did Lexie while Emily tried to keep a straight face.
“Hey Kiara,” Caitlin greeted, being the only one not to know about the earlier incidence
out of the roommates.
“Hey, Caitlin,” Kiara looked up, feeling like an outcast. “Hey, Em, hey Lexie. and?”
“This is JC,” Caitlin introduced him as she ate some fries and Callie wandered off to her
bed, exhaustedly.
“Hi,” Kiara smiled gently and he returned the friendly gesture as he dug into a big mac.
All four of the new arrivals crowded around the breakfast bar while Kiara quietly snuck
away to her room undetected by the others for at least half an hour.
“Where did kiara go?” Emily looked up after JC had just been telling them about his cousin
who had met snoop dogg a few years ago at a car wash who had accidentally dropped a tub of
wax on the rapper’s toe. All four of them roared with laughter. He was a good story teller
and Caitlin was becoming more and more fond of him each moment.
“Probably to ring her girlfriend,” Lexie growled in an undertone.
“What?” Caitlin laughed in shock. “Her what?”
“Shh,” Emily laughed gently. “Lexie walked in on her and another girl making out tonight,”
Emily leaned over to tell Caitlin and JC as quietly as she could.
“Really?” Caitlin’s eyebrows rose in astonishment as JC’s eyes got wide with curiosity.
“That’s hot!” JC commented playfully as he looked at Caitlin, expecting a reaction, and he
got one. She slapped his leg playfully and gave his hand a squeeze.
“That’s my roommate, asshole,” She joked with him and he laughed.
“Think its funny don’t you?” Kiara was there now and all four of them looked toward her.
“I’m glad i was able to amuse you all tonight!” She glowered at Lexie then. “You just
couldn’t keep your mouth shut, could you?”
“I didn’t think it was a big secret, Kiara,” Lexie retorted angrily, hating to be
criticised. “i mean you were all over her in the living room, open for all to see. If
you’d been in your room, then maybe you’d have a right to keep it secret. But flaunting it
in the common living area, what do you expect?”
“I expect some respect from you!” Kiara raised her voice and Callie jumped out of her bed,
trotting over to see what the yelling was about. “Instead,” Kiara continued. “You made a
big deal out of it and then went and told these two!”
“She felt bad,” Emily defended Lexie then. “She knew she’d overreacted…” but Emily
wasn’t able to finish her sentence.
“You’re so irresponsible with your own lives that you want me to run after you all,
cleaning up, turning things off, being your alarm clock, it’s like I have no right to have
a life or opinions of my own.”
“Hold up!” Caitlin spoke up now. “Clean up after us? Turn things off after us? I don’t
need any of that or a fucking alarm clock! So don’t come and preach your shit when it
ain’t true Kiara. I know you’re angry but you’re making a bigger deal out of this than we
all were. If you were a little more open, then maybe it wouldn’t have come as such a
shock! And I don’t mean it shocks me you’re gay, I mean it shocks me you never told any of
Caitlin’s face was pink with anger. She had had enough of the stupid quarrels. It was time
she spoke up.
“I don’t have to tell you everything!” Kiara snapped hard now. “It’s none of your fucking
“No, that maybe so, but I thought we were friends,” Caitlin glared at her with sharp blue
eyes and Kiara stared back, her eyes flashing black.
“how can we be friends with her?” Lexie exploded now and stood up. “How can anyone be
friends with a obsessive clean freak, money scraping, studying all night and day, with no
fun in her life kind of person?” Caitlin, Emily and JC gasped with shock and Kiara ran off
to her room, tears flooding her face.
“Lex!” Emily was the first to speak.
“Well, it’s true!” Lexie stormed out of the house and drove to the stables.
“I think i better go,” JC took Caitlin’s hand and Emily left for her room.
“I’m sorry you had to see that!” Caitlin apologised miserably as she walked him outside,
Callie following in quick pursuit.
“It’s fine,” He pulled her into his arms and kissed her head gently. “Thanks for tonight,
“Thank you!” She turned her face up to the stars and they shared a passionate kiss before
he left for Compton.
Episode 7
Roommates Raucous
Kiara wandered out into the garden around seven the next morning. tears were evident in
her dark eyes as she took a seat on a bench by their back door. It was already beginning
to heat up in Los Angeles and kiara wanted to be anywhere but with her roommates today.
Bowing her head, fresh, sorrowful tears began to flow like rushing rivers. Her emotions
were high and she was devastated that they had fought the way they had the previous night.
Kiara hated confrontation and she did not want to face any of her roomies that morning.
Sitting up in bed, a smile crept onto Caitlin’s young, sleepy face. She rubbed sleep from
her blue eyes and Callie padded to the side of her bed, clutching her pink bear in her
“Morning, callie,” Caitlin yawned and petted the blonde head of her friend. Reaching over
to grab her phone, she noticed a text message. Reading it, she smiled.
‘Morning baby girl, hope all is well at your place. got some stuff to deal with, call you
l8r! x!’
She text back,
‘OK, np. x”
dangling her legs over the side of her bed, she stretched and listened to the birds happy
twitter from outside her bedroom window. The garden was filled with trees and flowers. It
was a truly beautiful place. Standing up, she pressed the silver button on her watch and
heard it was only seven thirty. yawning widely, she took Callie out to the garden to do
her business and then returned to the airy kitchen and placed dried food into Callie’s
pink bowl. switching the radio on, Caitlin hummed happily along to the music, happy with
life. Finding some wine glasses on the table and garbage from the previous night, memories
of the argument with Kiara and the others came flooding back.
“Shit,” She whispered to the empty kitchen as she fingered a paper McDonnell’s cup.
Clearing the kitchen, Caitlin hoped they would be able to resolve the situation. When she
had been in her sorority, many of the girls fell out but none of them were as stubborn as
kiara and Alexia. She was wide awake now and decided to shower, change, eat and walk
Callie in the lovely Summer’s morning.
Lexie was in no mood to deal with anyone, so she got out of bed, showered, changed into
comfy clothes and lay in her room, blaring her punk music as loud as she knew she’d get
away with. It was eleven A.M when she lay down to think about nothing and let the music
flow all over her. Thinking made her angry because she did not want to reflect on the
previous night’s events. Kiara was out of line, simple as that. Nothing no one could say
would change her mind on that one at all.
Taking out a sketch pad, she began drawing pictures. swirls became people and horses
Sighing, she threw the pad down, not wanting to let the people take familiar faces and lay
back on the bed, turning up her music a notch to hear it more clearly.
“What the fuck? It’s Sunday morning!” A voice bellowed from a room in the house. Inside
the room, lay a very disgruntled Emily. “Lexie, c’mon! It’s Sunday, day of mother fucking
rest!” She threw back the comforter and slammed across the room, flinging her door open.
The music became instantly louder and she banged on the door hard. “lex, please, turn it
There was no response. Emily sighed heavily and went to knock on Caitlin’s door. Normally,
Callie would bark if she was in there but no sound from Callie and no sign of Caitlin.
Kiara was most definitely out, that was predictable. Whenever there was an argument,
Kiara, if involved, always made herself scarce the next few days. Wondering to the living
room, Emily noticed Callie’s harness and lead where gone and so was Caitlin’s keys. Making
some breakfast, Emily sat in the garden, away from the noise of her irritated roommate.
The sand was warm beneath Caitlin’s bare feet. Callie was good at wandering by the edge of
the sand with Caitlin. They often walked on the beach in the mornings before work, if
there was time. Standing still for a few seconds, Caitlin took in the warmth of the day,
the smell of the air, and the sounds of the ocean lapping the shores. Smiling to herself,
she uttered Callie’s command to keep walking and continued on her way. Keeping her cell
phone close to hand, she hoped JC would text or call. But like most things in life, she
knew if she waited for them to happen, they never did.
Sitting down on the already hot sand, Caitlin petted Callie gently on her head.
“Don’t worry girl, we won’t be here long,” She reassured her. Her stomach knotted as she
let her mind wander back to JC and the last few days. Had he been letting her down gently
with the text he had sent her that morning? Had he been scared off by her outrageous
roommates and their stupid fight? What did he think of them all? Sighing heavily, she lay
her face on her lap and just listened to the sounds around her, waves, children’s
laughter, people chatting. She’d be glad when the weekend was over and work began again.
At least she knew where she stood with work.
The library was quiet and the courtyard outside was even more so as Kiara stepped out of
the cool library into the shaded courtyard. She had studied hard and was now not only
avoiding her roommates but Jasmine too. She didn’t want any confrontation and if she
didn’t speak to another human being until finals were over, that would make Kiara so
happy. Sitting on a bench by the fountain beneath a palm tree, she pulled out a text book
and read through a case study she hoped would not come up in her psych exam. Scanning the
black and white pages quickly with her eyes, she felt distracted, the way she preferred to
feel when things were not going quite smoothly. She could not afford to distract her mind
from her school work right now. Way too much was depending on her success for her to let
one silly argument get in her way.
Lexie strolled out of her room and right into the war path of Emily who was on her mac in
the living room.
“What the fuck was that all about at eleven this morning?” Emily asked severely as she
swung around to face Lexie who was on her way to see the horses.
“What?” Lexie was still in a bad mood and even though it wasn’t originally directed at Em,
she was going to get it now because she dared question Lexie’s need to blast her music.
“That noise you call music, lex. It woke me up!” Emily followed her to the kitchen area as
Lexie poured some water.
“Sorry, was letting off steam, or is that not allowed anymore?” Lexie turned on Emily and
the look between the two girls was one of pure rage and anger. “I mean, is it OK for Kiara
to virtually fuck a chick on our couch but I’m not allowed to listen to music in my own
fucking room, now, or what?” Lexie’s eyes were wide with anger and her cheeks pink with
yelling. “O for God’s sake, Lexie,” Emily slapped her thighs with frustration. “No, of
course you can listen, but the occasional consideration wouldn’t go amiss,” Emily raised
her eyes to the ceiling in despair.
“Me be considerate?” Lexie roared. “As apposed to Kiara, making out full whack on the
“Forget what Kiara did!” Emily yelled now. Her temper was flared to its maximum height
now. Why did Lexie have to dwell on the simplest of facts? “This is about you and your
lack of consideration to me! I was sleeping, you blared your music to full whack and kept
it there for the last two hours and have only just turned it off. What if Caitlin and
callie had been there, you would have scared the poor dog to death!”
“O please,” Lexie cajoled. “Caitlin plays that crazy rap shit as loud as hell and the dog
doesn’t mind. You’re just pissed that you got woke up! Simple as!”
The door opened and Caitlin walked in with Callie.
“What the hell is all the shouting about? i can hear you guys halfway down the street!
What’s up?”
“Ask her!” Both girls yelled. Caitlin jumped back at the sheer animosity streaming from
both girls. It was like beams of electric static were bursting from each girl and Caitlin
petted Callie gently to reassure her.
“Ok, quietly, and calmly, so we don’t burst my dog’s eardrums, if you please. why are you
fighting? Caitlin really didn’t feel like dealing with her arguing roommates, she was not
having a great day herself but if she didn’t try, Lexie, Emily and Kiara would be at each
other’s throats for the remainder of the month and somehow she would get involved, either
by someone else or her own influence. Caitlin couldn’t help but get involved sometimes,
even if she knew it wasn’t a good idea.”
“Emily’s pissed because I woke her!” lexie explained in a strained tone.
“That isn’t the only reason!” Emily burst.
“Wait, quietly,” Caitlin hushed as though she was talking to a couple of five year olds in
the middle of a play ground battle.
And it sure felt like that. “quietly, what was it about, Em?”
“Well, just her lack of consideration toward others! Leaving lights and the A.C on all of
the time, we all have to pay the bills. Not cleaning up properly and leaving stuff
everywhere! Slamming doors at stupid O’clock when she’s been to Hollywood, and the fact
that she just can’t let it go about what happened with Kiara last night!”
“I do fucking clean up!” Lexie burst viciously now. “How fucking dare you complain about
slamming doors as well Emily Andrews! You’re as bad on a weekend when your drunken ass
comes home from parties and leaves food all over the place and then blames other people
when Callie gets hold of it!”
“What?” Caitlin was shocked about this. “Callie’s been eating food?”She couldn’t afford
for her dog to put on weight and if her roommates were being irresponsible with their
leftovers, drunk or not, she wasn’t happy about that.
“It was once!” Emily yelled at Lexie now and Caitlin didn’t even try and calm anyone down
“You left food for my dog?” She said, angry at Emily. she knew better than most how hard
Caitlin worked to keep Callie away from food she wasn’t meant to be eating. “not on
purpose,” Emily turned to Caitlin and spoke frustratedly then. Lexie always had to pull
everyone down with her. Emily was tired of it. “She didn’t eat anything, I got it off of
“And you never thought to mention it?” Caitlin was furious now. Her heart raced with fury.
“Seemed pointless when she didn’t actually eat anything, Cait,” Emily glared at Lexie who
stared insolently back. “You always do this!” Em turned on her now. “You always have to
turn the heat off of yourself. God, you can be so fucking selfish at times!”
“Right? Yeah, that’s me! Who’s the one who picks you up in Hollywood?” Alexia screamed and
Caitlin took her dog’s harness and lead off and led the dog into her room, closing the
door so Callie didn’t get too upset. Walking back to the living room area, she sighed.
“Guys! Stop!” She yelled over their bickering. “We’re friends! why the hell are we
“Because Lexie’s so wound up that she walked in on a gay pash last night and she’s so
embarrassed by it that she’s taking it out on us!”
“No, I’m not!’ Alexia retaliated hard now and Caitlin heard the door close behind her and
knew it was about to get ten times worse.
“What’s wrong?” Kiara asked quietly, afraid to move and wishing she could run back out of
the house and not return until dark.
“Nothing!” Lexie roared at her. “Not that you’d care! You’re just a roommate right? Not a
friend!” Kiara’s face dropped with hurt.
“Lexie!” Emily said in shock.
“What? Thought I was letting her off the hook,” Lexie turned and glared at Emily with her
sharp, green eyes. “At least if she’s just a roommate, then we won’t have any rights to
her goddamn sacred personal life, right?”
“Lex,” Caitlin tried now, her head throbbing with a stress headache. “She is still my
friend. Whether she chooses to keep her personal life secret or not!”
“Oh, you’ve changed your fucking tune!” Alexia roared at Caitlin. “What happened to, ‘”I
thought we were friends, kiara?“’” She imitated Caitlin. “You were all wanting to know
about her last night!”
“Yeah, I was,” Caitlin said fiercely now. “because that’s what I do as a friend but if
she’s uncomfortable telling us things, that’s her choice!”
“Caitlin’s right,” Emily agreed.
“By God, wondered how long it would take before you agreed with your best fucking bud!”
Lexie hung her head in disdain and glared at the three other girls.
“What is that meant to mean?” It was Caitlin’s turn to explode now. She was lviid with
Alexia and hurt by Kiara and disappointed with Emily.
“You and Em, so fucking tight all of the time. It used to be the three of us, and now its
just you two!” Lexie explained with tears in her emerald coloured eyes. She had never
truly accepted Kiara into their group, or maybe Kiara had never fully let herself into
their group. None of them truly knew but as much as Caitlin and Emily liked Kiara, she
wasn’t as close to them as they were to each other. All three girls shared laughs, tears,
anguish and fun times. And Kiara just simply did not fit in.
“Lexie, that’s crazy,” Emily laughed and knew it was a mistake by the look on Lexie’s
face. “Caitlin and I hang out because we’re into the same things but doesn’t mean that you
are any less of a friend than she is. And, who was I hanging with last night?”
“Me, but only because she was with some guy,” Lexie was forcing back tears fiercely now.
Kiara looked lost and didn’t know where to look. She didn’t belong in this friendship
fight. She was, just a roommate afterall. That’s all she ever felt she could ever be with
these girls.
It was all she ever had been. Kiara had met Emily in a GE class during their second year
and Emily had introduced her to Caitlin and Lexie who had been roommates. The girls tried
to include Kiara but she never partied, hardly shopped for fun and was extremely shy. How
she ended up living with the three of them, she would never know herself.
“That’s not why I hung with you, Lex,” Emily was saying. “You’re my friend, I wanted too.”
“Only because you wanted to hear the gossip about what had gone down here. You and Caitlin
are always interested when I have gossip but rarely any other time. You hardly party with
me anymore or even want to hang out!”
“Lex, we’re into different scenes,” Caitlin interjected now. “Em and I do the whole hip
hop clubs while you hang out in the punk clubs. We can’t help that but I seem to remember
us inviting you to Tonios the other night.”
“When you knew I’d be working,” Lexie argued but she knew herself she was pushing this
point for her own satisfaction rather than just believing it to be true. She knew she
would not be caught dead in the clubs Emily and Caitlin went too, and she was more than
aware of their feelings on the punk club scene. Sighing, she grabbed her keys and headed
for the front door.
“Lexie!” Emily called desperate for her not to leave.
“Oh, c’mon, Alexia,” Caitlin hollered. “Don’t run away from this, talk to us!”
“What’s the point?” She slammed out of the house and they heard the door slam to her
truck, closely followed by the engine revving down the street. Emily looked at Kiara and
saw the detracted look upon her face.
“Look, I know you think we were gossiping about what happened last night, Kiara, but we’re
interested in you. You make it a gossip subject because you keep things so close to your
chest. And that’s fine but you have to understand that living in a house with three other
girls, well, it’s not that easy to not take an interest.”
“What Em’s trying to say,” Caitlin smiled the best she could despite how crap she felt at
that very moment. “Is that we’re all nosy bitches and like to know stuff about each other.
And we hardly know much about you except you love studying and are very smart and
determined. But your personal stuff, we know virtually nothing. Kiara, we care, that’s why
we were excited to learn about your thing with your friend. I mean, if you like girls,
makes no difference to me. Lexie was embarrassed, overreacted and blew things out of
“Ever think there was a reason I didn’t feel comfortable telling you guys?” Kiara’s voice
was stern and filled with vex now. “I don’t do things the way you three do. you might be
happy with the whole of Hollywood knowing your shit but I ain’t, OK?” And with that she
marched off to her room, slamming the door behind her.
Caitlin sank onto the couch and Emily poured them both some coolade.
“Man, I hate fighting!” Caitlin rested her face on her hands and looked distraught.
“Me too,” Emily sat beside her and placed Caitlin’s drink on the table. “Got a coolade
there, girl!” She told her and Caitlin nodded, rubbing her head to relieve the pounding.
“Wish there was some way to fix this,” Emily said to the room in general and Caitlin
remained quiet. It hadn’t been the happy, fun-filled weekend she had hoped it would be.
Emily sighed. Cory hadn’t text or rang her and she had been thoroughly disappointed with
the weekend’s events. Lexie and Kiara’s run in had affected them all and a noise made both
girls come out of their quiet reflections.
“Callie,” Caitlin jumped and ran down the hallway and opened her door. The dog came flying
out and nuzzled her owner’s legs. “Sorry, girl! See, this can’t keep happening, Em!
They’re making us all jumpy, not to mention Callie-Cals!” She wandered back to the couch
and sat down, sipping her coolade. Emily petted callie who was relieved to be out of the
room. She hated being shut away but Caitlin didn’t want her getting upset by all of the
“Aw, Callie-Cals!” Emily scratched behind the dog’s ears and looked at Caitlin. “I’m sorry
I never told you about the food.”
“Forget it,” Caitlin raised her hands to prevent her friend from continuing. “Just let it
go! Too much hassle has gone on this weekend. I need a lie down!” and Caitlin took callie
to the bathroom and both returned to their room and napped for most of the afternoon,
while Emily tapped away on her computer, doing some work in hope it would distract her
from all the messed up things that had happened. Kiara studied hard in her room and Lexie
was nuzzling against Blackmist in his stable.
All four friends felt terrible and for so many different reasons.
Episode 8
Midnight Make Ups!
Lexie drove back to the house around eleven thrity and decided she was too tired to cook
and so stopped off at her favourite take out place and got some chinese food. Getting back
into her truck, she lit a cigarette and sighed heavily. She hated arguing with them and
yet she was very moralistic. If they were in the wrong, they would have to apologise. she
had felt so pushed out by Caitlin and Emily the past few months and sighing again, blowing
a smoke ring and turning into her street, she wondered if they’d all be OK. It had been
stressful since they had got the house together but she loved the independence. To grow up
meant everything to Lexie and yet it seemed so difficult to do at the same time. she
sometimes felt like a child who needed her mom again but her mom had been dead a long time
now and she had in truth been grown up a whole lot since her passing. Losing her mom at
seven had taken its toll on Lexie, whether she liked to admit it or not. her brother Jacob
lived in new York and until Lexie had moved in with her friends, her dad seemingly
smothered her. He loved to bestow gifts on her and did all the laundry, cooking and
cleaning. Lexie hated it but her dad always felt as though he had to compensate for her
losing her mother so young.
stepping out of the truck, lexie slammed the door, locked the car and headed down the path
to the house. She prayed no one was there.
Emily was still typing furiously when the door opened around eleven-forty. She turned and
saw Alexia and smiled warmly.
“Lex, look, I’m sorry,” Emily said, standing and walking toward her. Reaching out to
Alexia, Emily wrapped her arms around her friend.
“Me too,” Lexie said, feeling a tear in her green eyes. “Why were we fighting? you, me,
Caitlin, we’re friends.”
“Yeah,” Emily said, half wanting to add Kiara but also not wanting to upset her friend.
“Want some chinese?” Lexie was one of the kindest girls emily had ever encountered and she
felt so guilty about saying shit to her now. Shaking her head, she returned to her mac.
“I have to get on with this for a little longer,” Emily said as she took up tapping away
at the keyboard again. Her dark hair glimmered in the darkened living room as Lexie turned
on the kitchen light, ready to dish out her food onto plates.
“Where’s Caitlin?” Lexie asked, wanting to see her other best friend.
“In her room, moping about something,” Emily said honestly. “She reads way too much into
stuff that girl!”
“Yeah,” Lexie smiled as she looked over at Emily. “And I bet its over that stupid guy! You
know what she’s like? Always going after the wrong ones who use her for a bit and then
drop her.”
“But she’ll be OK,” Emily replied as she stared hard at the screen, willing the figures to
jump into place by themselves. “She has us!”
“That’s true,” Lexie returned to the living room and sat down, switching the TV on.
Munching away, she was relieved Emily had apologised to her first. Lexie hated to be the
first to say sorry, her pride was so deep. The two girls were lost in their own thoughts,
Emily with her spread sheets and lexie with the stupid man on the television.
Caitlin was rapidly instant messaging online with some friends when her phone rang. She
heard her phone say,
“JC calling,” And stared in disbelief. All afternoon she had convinced herself that he
wouldn’t call and that his text message that morning had meant he didn’t like her but was
too nice of a person to just ditch her cold heartedly.
“Hello?” She tried to not show her excitement about his call, thinking it may be a mistake
and he hadn’t wanted to call her at all.
“Hey, sexy girl,” He crooned in a sexy tone. “What chu up too, ma?”
“Erm, well,” She relaxed and put the computer down a second, leaning back against the wall
and smiling broadly. ‘Not much,. I walked with callie on the beach this morning but
besides that, just been chilling out.” ‘waiting for his phone call,’ she thought in her
head and he called! She was amazed.
“A pretty girl like you wasn’t out in Hollywood?” He laughed gently, wishing he could have
seen her that day. She was so beautiful and so funny and completely different to any girl
he had ever met before.
“Well, my roommates are still arguing,” She said quietly and with along sigh, she took a
risky chance. “What have you been up too?”She hoped he wouldn’t say, hanging with my
“Had some business to take care of,” He said in a tone that warned her not to proceed down
that path of questioning. She was a little uncertain of that tone and wasn’t sure what to
think. She knew what he had told her the other night but it was so hard to remember he was
in a gang. What did “taking care of business” exactly mean, she thought. She had no idea
whether it meant drug dealing, killing someone or anything and part of her didn’t want to
“That’s cool,” she said quietly and he picked up on her fear.
“The less I tell you, the less you’re in danger, caitlin,” He didn’t want her to be a part
of that world. It was no place for her to be. Jc had known for a long time that if he
found a girl outside of the hood that he would never take her to the world that he lived
and worked in. He wasn’t sure where this was going with them but he hoped it wouldn’t just
be a weekend affair.
Smiling, fingering the keyboard that she lovingly typed on, Caitlin wondered when she
would see him again. She was a little afraid to ask, in case she came over a little too
strong but she really wished she knew.
“I see, it’s fine,” she told him as she lifted her mac back onto her lap and changed her
status. “Are you doing good, though?” she wondered out loud.
“Me, baby girl, I’m doing awesome! So, can I whisk you away for dinner tomorrow night or
are you majorly busy?” He knew she was a business woman and that she was a professional
through and through but he wanted to see her and knew it was too late for her to be
entertaining him. He wouldn’t be asleep for hours and yet he knew she’d be up just as he
was crashing out.
“Tomorrow works fine,” she beamed and felt the butterflies flutter immensely in her tummy.
“I finish work around six tomorrow though, will a late dinner be OK?” She really hoped it
“No problemmo, baby girl,” He said, satisfied with that arrangement. “I’ll pick you up
around seven thirty and we can shoot somewhere for dinner.” He’d been paid pretty good
that day so wasn’t concerned if she wanted to eat somewhere good the next day.
“Cool,” She grinned and withing five minutes was dashing into the living room, bursting
with her news for Emily.
“Guess who called?” Caitlin flew into the living room, followed by a sleepy Callie who
took a moment to stretch as she padded behind a very excited Caitlin.
“JC,” Emily guessed, not even looking up from the computer.
“That guy,” Lexie mumbled through a mouthful of chinese while her eyes remained fixed on
the TV.
“Yeah, JC called,” She smiled broadly and perched beside Lexie. “Hey Lex. YoU Ok?”
“hm,” Lexie was distracted by the TV and that meant she was fine. Caitlin grinned and
turned to Emily. “He’s coming up tomorrow night for some dinner.”
“No need to worry then, was there?” Emily laughed gently, turning to look at Caitlin’s
happy, relaxed face.
“who was worried?” Caitlin grinned at her.
“You were,” Emily retorted and stood and walked to the kitchen. “I think some chocolate
cake is in order.” She opened the fridge and pulled out a delicious looking chocolate cake
with lots of chocolate flakes on the top.
‘Yes, chocolate cake!“ caitlin walked to the kitchen. ”Has to go with milk or hot
chocolate. Lex, what you having?”
“Ooo, I’ll have a hot chocolate.” She laughed, feeling good that they were all talking
In Lexie’s mind, everything was back to normal. The three of them were friends and no
Kiara around to mess that up.
“I’m going to see if Kiara wants some cake,” Emily announced as she placed the knife on
the silver topped counter with a clatter.
“Is that a good idea?” caitlin asked in an undertone. “I mean, how things were last
night?” Caitlin could often be selfish and she was tired and did not want to have to come
in the middle of another fight.
“She’s our roommate,” Emily said. “No matter what.” And with a swift walk from the
kitchen, Emily went to the hallway and knocked on Kiara’s door.
“Kiara, do you want some chocolate cake?”
“No, thanks,” a voice came from within. “I’m about to go to bed. I have a final at nine.
So goodnight, Emily”. She sounded normal and Emily sighed, relieved that she was not
upset. Returning to the kitchen, emily plated up a piece of cake for each of them as
Caitlin poured boiling water into three cups of hot chocolate and placed marsh mellows
carefully on top. Taking one cup at a time, holding the handle in one hand, and covering
the top to prevent spillage, she walked from the kitchen area to the living room and
placed the cup on the table in front of Lexie.
“Thanks, caitlin,” She grinned, taking her plate and fork to the kitchen and placing them
in the sink and running some water over them. Emily turned and handed her a piece of cake
and all three girls sat on the couch, eating cake, drinking hot chocolate and smiling at
the thought of being friends again.
Episode 9
Monday Blues
The sun was high in the sky when Lexie walked out of the door, slamming it behind her and
getting into her truck at seven A.M the next morning. Her red hair gleamed in the sunlight
and she smiled as she felt the cool air on her bare arms. That time of day was Lexie’s
favourite and she couldn’t help but smile as she got into her truck that hadn’t yet got to
boiling point in the California sunshine. Turning the ignition key something clicked and
the engine stalled.
“Fuck!” she whispered and tried to restart the car again. It failed. “I don’t fucking
believe this!” She slammed her hand on the steering wheel and grabbed her cell phone.
“Why does this have to happen now?” Lexie dialled a number rapidly. “Hey, this is Alexia
Daniels, I need roadside assistance. … If I knew what was wrong with it, I’d fix it
myself, wouldn’t I? …” She snapped at the person on the other end of the phone. As she
hung up, after agreeing to leave the car for them to come and pick it up. leaning forward
on the steering wheel and let out a heavy sigh. She picked up her phone again and dialled
another number. “Hey Dan, it’s Lexie. … I’m doing good, I just have a slight problem.
… My car has decided to break down on me so I won’t be able to get into work today. …
O would you/ That’d be great!…” She beamed and hung up the phone, pocketing it and
walking back up the path. a feeling in her stomach made her giddy.
Caitlin was dressing as she heard the front door slam for the second time that morning.
she hadn’t slept good and yawned widely as she pulled on a shirt and brushed her long long
blonde hair, tying it in a blue scrunchie and heading out of her bedroom to grab her
breakfast. Callie was snoozing while she waited for Caitlin to get ready.
“Hey, Caitlin,” lexie called to her friend. “My car fucked up on me.” Caitlin smiled,
still half asleep.
“Oh, you not going to work then hon?” Caitlin yawned again and petted Callie as she walked
by the dog’s bed and opened the fridge and pulled out some cream cheese to put on her
“Yeah, Dan’s coming to pick me up. Oh, the break down people better get here soon.” She
turned the TV on and drank a water while Caitlin busied herself making breakfast. “Where
is Em?” lexie didn’t even bother to ask about Kiara and Caitlin didn’t bother to argue the
case. It was Monday morning and she had a busy week ahead of her.
“I think Em’s in the shower,” Caitlin informed Lexie as she put the bagels in the toaster.
The sun was streaming into the kitchen and Caitlin smiled happily. Those sunny mornings in
LA always made Mondays not seem that bad after-all. “Come on Callie, time to poop,” She
ushered the golden dog out into a messed area which constituted the dog’s bathroom. She
expertly listened for the dog’s paws and smiled as the golden dog sat down and remained
still for a few moments. Opening the gate as Callie headed toward her, Caitlin walked into
the meshed area with her sneakers on and felt around the area she had heard Callie
sitting. Picking the faeces up, Emily’s voice made her jump.
“You still amaze me how you do that,” Emily was sitting by their pool, dressed with her
hair groomed and her eyes sharp as she sipped a coffee.
“I didn’t know you were out here,” Caitlin smiled bemusedly at her friend. “You OK?”
“I just needed some quiet time and it is such a beautiful morning!” Caitlin nodded as she
listened and took in the scents of the Summer’s morning. she could hear the freeway far in
the distance, a dog barked up the street and birds were chirping loudly here and there.
The pool’s filter was on and Caitlin sat on the ground by the pools edge and trailed her
fingers in the cold water. She smiled as she moved her hand back and forth, feeling the
cool ripples of water that she was making with her hand flow around her fingers and palms.
The smell of flowers and trees, coffee and bagels filled the air. She lifted her face to
the sunshine and sighed gently. California was one of the most beautiful places she had
ever known! she loved it here! Her heart bloomed as though it was spring every waking
moment in this alive city. Standing again, wiping her hands on her slacks, Caitlin grinned
at Emily.
“We need to have a barbecue this weekend.”
“For sure,” Emily grinned back at her friend. “We haven’t had one yet.” Caitlin nodded, it
would be their first barbecue in their new home. Calling Callie back into the house as she
walked toward the back door, Caitlin felt like the Monday morning blues might not have got
to her after all.
Emily smiled as she watched her friend return to the house with the blonde dog trotting
behind her. she was glad it was Monday and she’d be getting away from her roommates for a
few hours. she loved them but sometimes Emily wished she lived by herself. Draining her
coffee cup, she stood, collecting up the plate and cup and walking back toward the house.
Pushing open the kitchen door, she smiled at Lexie who was washing out a glass. Caitlin
had disappeared somewhere in her pursuit of getting ready for work while Callie drank from
a silver bowl on the floor by the back door.
“Thought you left, Lex,” Emily replaced Lexie at the sink and washed up her breakfast
“My truck won’t start,” Lexie told her, and grinned girlishly as she heard a beep from
outside. Peering out of the window, she announced her ride was here. Emily watched her as
she virtually skipped to the front door, checking her reflection quickly in the mirror by
the coats hung by the door and waved bye. Emily wondered who was picking Lexie up. They
had certainly put Lexie in a good mood whoever it was. Emily had expected her to be
cursing her truck out due to its lack of consideration of breaking down on a Monday
morning but she was in the complete opposite kind of mood. she was virtually dancing
across the house to get to the front door. Turning her head back to the sink, she heard
Caitlin’s singing as she returned with her shoes on and her bag at the ready.
Who’s picking Lex up for work?“ Emily inquired nosily. ”dan, whoever Dan is,“ Caitlin told
her, harnessing Callie up. ”Why?”
“Who’s Dan?” Emily frowned in concentration now. She had never heard Lexie talk of anyone
called Dan, especially from work.
“well, she almost skipped out of here and normally I would have said Lexie would have been
in the worse mood possible if her truck had broken down and she was about to head out,”
Emily explained, walking over to her desk in the corner of the living room and packing up
some files she had worked on over the weekend.
“I’m not sure who it is,” Caitlin offered, standing up straight and patting Callie’s head.
“But you’re right, she normally would have been throwing a fit”> Both girls were lost in
their own conclusions as Kiara ran out of her room, back pack hoisted onto her back and
her sweatshirt the wrong way around, her hair straggly and not brushed and her eyes wide
with fear.
“What’s the matter?” Emily called as Kiara ran out of the house at full speed. The door
slammed behind her and both girls stared.
“Erm, well, good morning Kiara,” Caitlin said sarcastically as Emily burst into fits of
laughter. A car horn beeped and Caitlin walked to the door, picking up her keys.
“I’ll see you later,” Caitlin called to Emily over her shoulder as she picked up Callie’s
“Wanna grab dinner?” Emily called as she got her own stuff together.
“I can’t,” Caitlin called, halfway down the path as Emily was locking up the front door.
“I have a dinner date.” She opened the passenger door of Nikki’s car, her personal
assistant. “Morning Nikki,” She spoke to the middle aged woman who drove Caitlin places
and was generally her eyes when Caitlin couldn’t do without them.
“Hey, Caitlin,” Nikki smiled gently.
“With who?” Emily had caught up to them as Caitlin closed the door, having got Callie into
the car safely with her. Emily stood at the side of Nikki’s car as Caitlin rolled down the
window and looked at her best friend.
“JC,” she smiled broadly and Emily grinned at her friend. “I’ll see you later.” And both
girls waved goodbye as Nikki’s car drove down the street and headed toward the offices
where Caitlin worked.
As Kiara walked quickly across campus, with minutes to spare, she knew she was on the
path to ruin. She had not been able to sleep the night before with thoughts of failing,
problems with her roommates and her chaotic personal life that seemed non existent. The
campus was filling with nervous students ready to take their finals and Kiara was a
nervous wreck. Her stomach knotted in every direction and she felt sick. If she failed,
what would she do? Pushing open the door to the social science building, where her exam
was meant to be taking place, her heart quickened. What if they’d moved the exam at last
minute? what was she going to do. Frantically checking her watch, Kiara began to speed up
as she approached the stairs. She ran the whole way and turned into the exam room which
was filled with her classmates. Sighing a sigh of relief, she quickly took her seat and
pulled out her pens and notepad. She then returned to the front of the class where she
deposited her bag and returning to her seat, she sat down and waited a moment until her
professor handed the papers out. She had made it and as she took a huge sigh of relief,
she waited for his say so to turn the paper over. Wen she did, her relief was short lived
as the case study she had hoped beyond hope would not come up on the paper, sat there in
black and white. She felt like crying. Her future depended on the outcome of this paper
and she was facing her worst nightmare. That day could only get better she thought as she
racked her brains for the answers to the questions. They came, slowly but surely. After
twenty minutes, she moved onto the next question and she breezed through the rest of the
“Pens down,” The professor called. As she did so, she felt a slight sense of relief and
then felt a tap on her shoulder as she handed the paper in to her professor. Turning
around, she saw Jasmine.
“Come on, you need a break,” Jasmine grinned at her and took her arm. “I ain’t taking no
for an answer Kiara, you need a break. Come on, coffee, my treat!”
“OK,” Kiara agreed and the two girls walked together toward the Star bucks on La Cienega.
Kiara was happy to see Jasmine, she seemed the only one who got her at the moment.
Taking their seats and sipping the cold frapochinos, both girls smiled a warm smile at
each other.
“How you find it?” Jasmine asked, pushing a piece of hair from her chocolate coloured skin.
“It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,” Kiara answered, watching at passers by as she
sipped her coffee. “The first one stumped me a little.”
“I hoped that wouldn’t come up,” Jasmine groaned with a lack of enthusiasm. Both girls
laughed and Jasmine touched Kiara’s arm gently.
“Is everything figured out with you and your roommates now?” She had been very worried
about Kiara after her roommate had caught them making out. Jasmine liked Kiara and she
felt like her friend had been too hard on Kiara.
“I don’t know, haven’t talked to them all weekend,” Kiara smiled gently. “It’s easier that
way.” Jasmine smiled sympathetically as they continued to drink their coffees.
“You not going to talk to them about how you’re feeling?” Jasmine inquired again, unable
to work out why Kiara was living with those girls. She didn’t know them but they didn’t
seem very nice at all.
“We’re not, exactly close,” Kiara told Jasmine with a slight nervousness about her tone.
“I guess I kind of already knew that,” Jasmine sighed feeling bad for the girl before her.
“Well, if you ever need a friend, I’m always here.” Jasmine meant it so much.
“I know,” Kiara sighed almost dismissively. “But you’ll be back East for the summer,
“Wrong, I’m doing an internship at the LA county hospital,” Jasmine grinned at her. her
brown eyes dazzled Kiara and both girl’s shared a nervous smile. Something was beginning
to stir within Kiara and it both scared and excited her. Jasmine touched her hand.
“How many more finals do you have?”
“two, one tomorrow and one on Thursday,” And a thought occurred to Kiara then. “Are you
busy Friday night? i mean, i was just thinking maybe we could go and grab something to
eat. I mean,” She was nervous. Her hands were clammy and her face burned with
embarrassment. She gulped the lump of nerves from her throat, licked her suddenly dry lips
and continued. “I mean, you don’t have to but…” she didn’t have chance to finish her
spiralling babble, jasmine put a manicured finger to Kiara’s lips and said.
“I’d love to,” And both girls smiled broadly.
Caitlin’s afternoon was filled with meetings. By four o’clock, her eyes were throbbing and
her throat was dryer than the Sahara. She took a seat in her office and lay her head on
her folded arms upon her desk. Callie was lapping gratefully from a bowl in the corner.
She sighed deeply. Although she loved her job, Caitlin hated the stresses that went along
with it. A beep came from her black leather purse on her table and she opened the clasp
and pulled out her phone. Pressing the select key, she read
‘hey sexy, how’s ur day goin?’
a smile crept onto her face and she felt butterflies surge within her stomach.
He had texted her and she felt great. The headache subsided as she thought about the date
that night. What was she going to wear that would wow him? Caitlin knew a lot about this
guy and despite those facts, she still liked him a great deal and wanted to get to know
him more. Opening her macbook air, she began typing a few notes and updating her calendar.
Before she knew it it was five thirty and she was pulling on Callie’s harness and heading
for Nikki’s car.
“Thanks for today,” Caitlin smiled as she sat in the passenger seat of Nikki’s car as they
drove home in LA rush hour traffic.
“No problem,” Nikki smiled, finally turning into Caitlin’s street. “I’ll see you in the
morning.” And Caitlin and callie got out of the car and headed down the path to their
front door.
Once inside, Caitlin rushed to the shower and changed. She fed Callie quickly around six
and dried her long hair. No one seemed to be home so she hoped she’d look OK and JC would
be honest about her hair and make up. As she touched up the final touches, the doorbell
rang. callie hurtled toward it with her pink bear clutched in her mouth, giving muffled
barks as she went. Caitlin beamed at her and opened the door.
“Wow!” He smiled at her. “you look amazing!” She smiled warmly and invited him inside. As
he closed the door and walked toward her, he embraced her. “I’ve been looking forward to
seeing you!” He confessed, his heart racing inside his chest. He wore black jeans that
were baggy on the waist, a white t-shirt and black hoodie with black chuck taylors. “Where
do you want to eat?” His smile was sweet and almost boy like. If he had no tattoos
adorning his young, handsome face, you would never think he was older than twenty-one. He
had a baby face and his light brown eyes shone with happiness. Caitlin was speechless. A
rare occasion for her but as she stood, her arms around his waist, she took in everything
about him. His six foot four frame, that was broad, muscular and extremely trimmed; his
smell of ax body spray and armani cologne: his neatly dressed figure and the aurar
surrounding him that seemed warm and inviting to her. His mannerisms made her smile and
she wondered briefly what life would be like with him in it?
“I don’t mind,” She couldn’t help but beam from ear to ear. He was just indescribable. “We
could go to dennys?” She suggested, not wanting to offend him and suggest somewhere
“I was thinking more like Rosko’s?” He suggested with a grin playing across his lips.
“I love Rosko’s!” she exclaimed, harnessing Callie up. “That works great for me, Jay!” He
pulled her into a hug again and she turned her face up toward him and they shared in a
delicate kiss.
Kiara and Jasmine were eating at a pizza place on sunset boulevard around seven thirty.
they had shopped, talked, eaten lunch together, talked about their next finals and were
now eating pasta at their favourite restaurant.
“You can’t be serious? she had a go at you for not telling them all about your life?”
Jasmine’s chocolate chip coloured eyes grew wide as Kiara recounted the weekend’s events.
She shook her head as her braids bounced and ate another forkful of pasta. “O man!”
Jasmine sighed in horror. “Why do you live with them, Kiara? They don’t sound like very
nice girls. Going out until all hours of the night, bringing guys home they don’t even
know, and slagging each other off until the cows come home. What a horrible place to
live!” Jasmine had grown up in the highest social circles of New York and she despised
girls who acted the way Kiara described her roommates of acting. “And the anger from
Alexia, that’s like living with a ticking time bomb!” Jasmine continued, idly poking her
pasta with her fork.
“Caitlin and Emily are OK, just a little reckless sometimes,” Kiara told Jasmine, chewing
happily on her pasta. this was what it was like to have a friend then? She was liking it
very much and she liked Jasmine in ways she’d never liked another person before. They
chatted about things that mattered to Kiara and she enjoyed it very much.
“I’d imagine Emily, Caitlin and Lexie are out, do you want to come by for a little while?”
Kiara asked hopefully.
“Yeah, we can go over some final notes, if you like?” Jasmine offered, standing to pay.
“This is on me, Kiara.” And Kiara accepted grudgingly, wanting the chance to treat Jasmine
for her kindness.
Emily got home around seven with a huge headache. Cory hadn’t been in work that day,
something about a touch of flu Emily decided to text him to wish him good health. As she
opened the door, and put her purse down and dumped the briefcase by the desk, she yawned
deeply. Caitlin had already left and the house seemed hot so Lexie wasn’t home yet either.
who knew if Kiara was home or not? No one ever did. She put a microwavable meal in the
microwave and opened her mail. nothing important there except her phone bill and that
wasn’t important at all. She booted up her mac and poured a drink of lemonade. The house
sure was quiet without her roommates. She missed Callie and her bear running around the
living room, Caitlin yelling at someone online, on the TV or radio or just anyone in
general. she missed Lexie yelling at everyone and yet sadly, she didn’t seem to miss
Kiara. sitting down on the couch with her dinner, she turned on the news and ate quietly,
wondering how bored she’d get that night. As the thought crossed her mind, a text alert
rang from within her purse. Placing the tray on the table, she hurried over, unzipping the
purse and pulling out her cell phone.
‘1 new msg from Cory’ It read on her screen and she smiled happily. Opening the message
she read it.
‘Hey, ty 4 ur concern, im fine, just a lil sick. b bk tomorrow! x!”
Her smile widened and a sense of excitement coursed through her veins.
Taking her seat again, Emily resigned herself to the fact that she was alone and Monday
morning blues had stayed with her all day long.
Lexie’s day had been filled with cleaning stables, chatting with Dan, feeding horses and
exercising them and as she pulled off the last horse’s saddle, Dan stood and grinned at
“I’ve had the best fun I’ve had in ages,” He smirked boyishly at her. “I’m so glad you’re
in tomorrow!”
Lexie grinned back, feeling as giddy as a school girl. She thought Dan was hot and he was
completely flirting with her now and Lexie wasn’t going to complain.
“Hey, so can you give me a ride home, please Dan?” She asked, fluttering her long dark
eyelashes at him.
“Not a problem, Lex,” He walked over to his Bendz and opened the passenger door for her.
“I can’t believe you drive this up here, I mean what if you got it scratched up?” she
laughed as she took a seat in his car. “You should get a truck.” he beamed at her. lexie
wasn’t backward about coming forward by any stretch of the imagination. He liked that
about her. He was beginning to like a lot more things about her recently, especially since
his wife spent most of her life avoiding him. Climbing into the driver’s side, dan started
the car and they drove back toward Lexie’s house as the sun fell low over the Californian
landscape. The mountains turned golden as the horizon became red and they both laughed and
joked around in the car. The electricity that streamed between them was a current of pure
desire. Even if they both knew what they were feeling was wrong, that didn’t matter to
either of them. Lexie pushed open the front door, ushering Dan inside as they kissed
passionately. She didn’t even notice Emily sitting on the couch as she tore off her work
boots and Dan picked her up, planting her lips and neck with frantic kisses as they moved
down the hall way to Lexie’s bedroom.
Emily stared in Once inside, Dan proceeded to remove her shirt and bra and planted
numerous kisses on her body. she in turn was removing her clothes. The excitement was
overwhelming for Lexie and she felt wanted again.
Emily was watching TV very loudly when Kiara and Jasmine entered laughing ten minutes
“Why is the TV on so loud?” Kiara asked abruptly and Emily groaned, turning the volume
down so they could both hear. All three girls shared looks of disgust.
“What is going on?” Jasmine asked, her husky voice in sheer disapproval. Emily turned the
volume back up.
“Caitlin with that guy i told you about,” Kiara assumed incorrectly as she removed her
sandals and realised her keys had been on the sideboard all day. “I forgot my keys.” she
commented easily as she poured she and Jasmine a drink.
“It isn’t Caitlin,” Emily informed the pair. “She’s out on a date. It’s Lexie and some guy
I’ve never seen before. They walked in, and were basically making out in full force all
the way to the bedroom.” Emily felt depressed. She wanted a guy in her life. Kiara stared
at Jasmine and both shared looks of disgust.
“A guy you’ve never seen before?” Jasmine clicked her tongue disapprovingly. “Well, i
wouldn’t like to live here.” Emily glowered at the girl she had never met, only heard of.
How dare she come in here and look down her nose at them all? Emily stood abruptly.
“On that note, I’m going for a walk. The company’s probably nicer,” and she picked up her
purse, slipped some shoes on and headed out of the door, slamming it hard behind her.
“What’s her problem?” Jasmine asked Kiara who merely smiled at her friend.
“I guess she doesn’t like what you said,” Kiara handed Jasmine a cup of water and pulled
her notes toward her. “Lets go and sit outside, then we don’t have to listen to that.” She
clicked off the television and they headed outside where the noises of evening surrounded
“Your roommates have a problem with the truth, huh?” Jasmine commented as she took a seat
on a sun lounger. “I mean, she can’t have been too impressed with Lexie bringing home some
random guy and I guess some people can admit to the truth in their own minds but to hear
it out loud is an ultimate confirmation for them.”
“You’re probably right,” Kiara doodled absent mindedly on a piece of paper as they
chatted. The night was warm and she was enjoying Jasmine’s company deeply. The summer
ahead didn’t look so bleak after-all and Kiara began to realise that if she did fail,
there was always summer school.
Episode 10
Late Night Antics
Emily was strolling along the beach. The stars were barely visible amidst the sheer
lighting of Hollywood’s landscape. The waves were far out in the distance and she settled
on the still warm sand and looked out across the beach. it stretched for miles. A sigh
escaped her. Why did she feel so bad? Picking up her cell phone, she reread the message
Cory had sent her. Was he the reason she felt so low today? Mondays bothered anyone but
that Monday had been a total wash out for Emily. Had it been his lack of presence in the
office that she had taken for granted for so long that had kept her in the Monday blues
all day long? Maybe the weekend’s revelations had finally dawned on her but as she sat,
staring out into the falling night, Emily wondered what the hell she could do about it?
Cory had liked her for a long time but for her to turn around and tell him now that she
liked him would be majorly hypocritical. She lay her head onto her hands and listened to
the sounds of the busy street behind her, and the crashing waves in the distance. Emily
felt so alone. Caitlin would probably have some words of wisdom but she was off with some
guy. Emily envied her at that moment, in the presence of someone she wanted to be and
happy about it. Lying on her back she looked up into the dusk sky and sighed deeply. A
great sadness filled her body. It felt like a dead weight in her stomach and a ball of
emotion lay in her throat. Emily didn’t know why she suddenly liked Cory and was
frustrated thinking that he probably had given up on her months or even years ago. She
held her phone to her face and stared at the text he had sent her. He’d be back tomorrow,
that was something to look forward to right? Maybe! She thought dismally as the phone lit
up and a text came through.
‘1 new msg from Caitlin’
‘Hope ur OK hon, got lots to tell you when I get home! love ya! xxx’
At least someone did, Emily thought almost angrily as she put the phone back in her purse.
REmaining still for a few more moments, Emily considered going home and then a flush of
anger rose inside of her again. Who the hell was that girl with Kiara and who did she
think she was going into their house criticising her friends? And lexie! She was angry
with Lexie. Hypocrisy was not something Emily could condone easily, even with her self,
but Lexie had only bitched two nights ago about Kiara’s displays of public affection and
yet she had just committed the same crime. Emily doubted she’d apologise for it either.
She felt like screaming and instead allowed the angry and sorrowful tears to cascade down
her pale cheeks. The sounds of her sobs were lost, as she was, amidst the LA traffic and
the crashing waves.
Caitlin placed her cell phone back into her purse as Jay returned with drinks for them
both. They were sitting outside a bar on Hollywood Boulevard and had had a good night so
“Texting your other man?” He joked, placing the glass of melabu and pineapple in front of
her. She heard the sound and felt for the drink to locate it. smiling, as he took a seat,
she took in the LA evening.
“If Emily’s a guy, then yeah,” She laughed gently as he felt a sense of relief. He liked
her a whole lot. she didn’t seem the type to be into more than one guy at a time but you
never could tell, right? “I’m a little worried about her,” Caitlin explained. she felt
comfortable telling him things that she would never normally discuss with a guy. “She
decided she likes a guy she works with.” Caitlin sipped her drink thoughtfully as a group
of girls giggled behind her. JC would normally have been checking them out but Caitlin
captivated him in ways other girls had never done before. He touched her hand gently.
“I’m sure she’ll be OK.” He had learnt from a young age that you told women what you
thought they wanted to hear, it was less hassle that way. It had worked with his
grandmother when she had told him not to run the streets and he told her he wouldn’t, of
course he did. He had always done things he’d wanted to despite what the consequences may
be. He took her in for a moment as she sat, her blue eyes misty with thoughtfulness and a
spark ignited inside him. He’d never felt anything but sexual attraction toward a girl
before but Caitlin wasn’t just a girl, she was a woman with ambitions and desires with a
great job and prospects. She wasn’t like the hoodrats he’d hung around for most of his
life. watching her made him think of something then, a future. something he’d rarely
thought about during his life time but one that actually seemed reachable let alone in
existence for him. He knew there was more to him than running the streets and hanging with
his friends but until meeting Caitlin, he had never really perceived that he would have a
future of his own.
“You’re right!” She broke his thoughts up and he looked to her and she was smiling. “I’ll
deal with em later. Right now, I’m enjoying being with you!” And she meant it more than
she even knew at that moment. “Thanks for the drink too, Jay,” She played with a strand of
hair. His kisses were so sweet, yet they’d never really been alone for long. ‘Caitlin,
stop rushing it! Let things happen naturally for once!’ she scolded herself as he smiled
at her warmly.
“Your welcome and I’m glad you’re enjoying tonight,” He moved to sit comfortably in his
chair, stretching his long legs out and making sure his gun was securely strapped to his
side. “Hey, maybe this weekend you can come to my place? I kind of got the impression it
can get war like in your house.” He joked gently but was nervous asking her if she wanted
to go to Compton. He knew she had lived and gone to high school in Carson but that was a
suburb in comparison to Compton.
“That sounds like fun,” Caitlin grinned at him. “But you have to come to our barbecue this
weekend too,” she encouraged. “I mean, we have to have one. It’s like the law when you
move into a new house, isn’t it?”
Laughing at her fun loving personality, JC couldn’t imagine ever refusing her.
“I’d love too,” He took her hand and watched her for a minute as she sipped elegantly from
the glass. “Caitlin, whether you think you are or not a very classy girl, you are! No one
would ever guess you came from a working class family watching you.”
A flutter stirred in her stomach as he complimented her. She normally didn’t take
compliments well at all but coming from him they meant so much somehow. “Thank you,” she
cleared her throat and gave his hand a squeeze. “I worked for what i got Jay, I’m who I am
today because i busted my ass and refused to settle for second best.” Those words hit him
so hard as the sounds of the people around them filled the night’s air.
“I know you’re right,” conviction was evident in his silken tones. “You inspire me in so
many ways, Caitlin. I can’t even begin to tell you how much right now. but one day, I’ll
show you!” and they both laughed.
“When did we get all philosophical?” she laughed hard and he laughed too but they both
knew that the words they’d exchanged had meant a whole lot to each of them.
“i don’t know, but let’s get silly, ice-cream?” he asked and she nodded happily as he
stood and she collected callie’s lead and harness and the three of them walked toward the
nearest ice cream place, hand in hand.
Lexie woke in a hot sweat. Dan was lay beside her, gazing at her like a dog to a piece of
meat. suddenly Alexia realised the mistake she had just made. sighing as he attempted to
excite her again, Lexie tried to think fast. No one would help her. No one was home. she
hadn’t seen anyone in the living room; not that she was looking for any of her roommates.
Lexie stood abruptly.
“Where you going, Lex?” Dan was suddenly like a bad piece of fruit, looked tempting but
was extremely bad for you.
“You have to go, my roommates will be home soon,” Lexie lied, pulling her hoodie on and a
pair of clean dickkies.
“They already were home, babe,” He crooned, lighting a cigarette and opening the window,
shirt off, no boxers, nothing.
“What?” Lexie looked shocked as she tied up her red hair. “What do you mean?”
‘A girl was in the living room when we came in,” he told her nonchalantly puffing on his
“Shit!” Lexie hoped to god it wasn’t Kiara. A lecture about hypocrisy was all she needed
to piss her off. What had she been thinking? He was married. she stared at him, her
stomach knotting and her throat dry. The sex was fun but it meant nothing. But why had she
done it? Was it because he’d been showing her attention recently. Lexie decided it was
best not to start analysing her messed up behaviour and lit a cigarette herself. Taking
deep drags she strained to hear voices but heard nothing.
“You were clearly enjoying that,” Dan said, a stupid grin on his fake tanned face. Lexie
wanted to smack him in the mouth. The urge was so great she had to puff harder on her
cigarette to stop herself. “so we having another sesh?” He asked and Lexie grinned at him
“Sure,” a cunning smile crept onto her lips and a glint was apparent in her green eyes.
dan however had not noticed the glint or the grin. He was smirking like a boy who’d just
had all of his birthday and christmas presents at once.“ I’ll go and run the bath. That’d
be nice, wouldn’t it?” She cooned seductively.
“O yeah!” He quivered with excitement. A girl who liked to do new and fun things, just
what he liked. He sucked on the cigarette as she left the room, gently closing the door
behind her. Walking out to the living room, she saw no one was there. Sighing heavily, she
took a seat and waited for him to get impatient. If she knew men well enough, they usually
did. She was not having any man treat her like a piece of meat and that was exactly what
Dan was doing. She put the TV on low and watched the news calmly waiting for someone to
come home.
Kiara and Jasmine were laying by the pool in the darkness. The only lights were from down
town and from within the house.
“Isn’t it peaceful?” Kiara said gently, in a voice she hardly recognised as being her own.
Jasmine nodded, taking in the stillness of the night. The street was quiet and the only
sounds they could hear were the odd person talking and the crickets. The soft chirping
made the Californian night seem so tranquil. The air was warm and light now and both girls
lay in their own thoughts, mainly about each other. Kiara’s eyes kept wandering to
Jasmine’s beautiful figure and she couldn’t believe she was having these feelings for a
girl. And so what, right? She knew, being a psychology student that it didn’t matter who
she was, as long as she was happy and comfortable with it. Was she comfortable though?
That question kept haunting her. She thought she was but every time she wondered what
others would think or say, a awkward feeling would envelop her. Kiara knew she had a lot
of contemplation to do over the next few days and although it scared her, she could not
ignore these feelings.
“When did you know?” Kiara gulped as she braved the question she’d been so curious to ask
Jasmine since that weekend.
“That I was gay?” Jasmine asked light heartedly. It didn’t concern her discussing her
sexuality and she knew Kiara needed to talk about it. she was analytical like most social
science students and the fact that she hadn’t asked before that moment had only confirmed
to Jasmine that Kiara did not have very good friends around her. She didn’t like the girls
she had encountered and that Caitlin girl sounded as bad, if not worse than the others. “I
was seventeen and at a friend’s party with a boy actually. I never got why girls were so
into guys then. You know how they flock around the stars of the football and basketball
teams and all that stuff?” she propped herself up on the lounger and looked at Kiara’s
eager face. “we ended up playing spin the bottle and I ended up kissing a girl and I liked
it!” Kiara smiled broadly.
“Do you think that’s all there is to it?” She asked naively. Her young ideals were being
tested and she was uncertain of so much, including her own ability to judge, especially
“Being comfortable with it helps of course,” jasmine explained gently. “But if you still
like guys in the sexual way then that’s cool too, just means you like both. But if a guy
doesn’t turn you on like a girl does, then honey, you are definitely gay.” she laughed a
sexy laugh as she licked her lips suggestively.
“Do your parents know?” Kiara was panicking about her mother now. As much as she liked to
denounce her family’s existence, her mother would never be in that same category. What
would Linda think?
“Yeah, they didn’t like it at first but they’ve had seven years to deal with it. My mum
thinks it is wonderful now,” She laughed. “She says there’s not much I can’t do with my
life what with adoption more open and all that stuff. But I found if I was honest with
them, it made life easier once I knew for sure myself.” She looked at Kiara
sympathetically, knowing what she was going through too well.
Kiara twirled a braid and considered what Jasmine had said. “I know you’re right but
telling my mom is the last thing on my mind right now.”
“So wait until you know for sure, or even if you get into a relationship! Nothing’s
certain but taxes and death in this life, Kiara,” Jasmine spoke wisely and Kiara nodded
“Want to go inside?” She stood, feeling tired.
“I better go, final in the morning,” Jasmine collected their glasses and both girls left
the comfort of the warm night with the moon hanging high in the Los Angeles sky and
entered the coolness and dimly lit house. Lexie stared at them and shook her head. Jasmine
opened her mouth to speak but Kiara put a reassuring hand on her arm.
“leave it,” She whispered. “Come on, I’ll walk you out!” And both girls shared a warm
embrace at the door while Lexie purposefully looked away.
“Thanks for today,” Kiara smiled, a burning urge to kiss Jasmine but she resisted and
settled for a hug. Jasmine’s chocolate eyes grinned playfully at her. “Good luck for the
final tomorrow. And We should do dinner tomorrow. Then maybe study together Wednesday?”
she suggested and Kiara contemplated.
“I’d love that,” she beamed, feeling in some ways that the void she had felt was slowly
filling with a Jasmine shaped figure. Sharing glances, Jasmine opened the door and headed
out into the night, feeling happy and warm as did Kiara who watched her walk into the
darkness. Sighing gently, she returned to her room, settling for the night. She didn’t
notice the naked man laying on Lexie’s bed through Lexie’s now open door.
Snuggling down in JC’s car, Caitlin was glad she had taken him up on their date.
“Thanks for tonight,” she spoke, stroking callie’s head who was wearily resting it on
Caitlin’s lap.
“You’re more than welcome,” He replied, keeping his eyes on the road and happy to have her
with him.
“Wanna come in for a drink?” She asked him hopefully. As they pulled up to a stop light,
he turned and looked at her.
“I’d love to,” He said in a sexy tone and she felt the butterflies soar and fall through
her stomach randomly.
As they pulled up to the house, callie stood, ready to go to the bathroom and snuggle down
in her bed. Caitlin grinned as they walked up the path, and as she entered, Lexie turned
and smiled.
“Hey,” She called.
“Sup?” JC called as Caitlin removed her shoes and Callie’s harness.
“You guys have a good night?” She asked, laying calmly on the couch.
“Yeah, we did,” Caitlin walked to the kitchen and JC followed. “Coffee?” She turned to him.
“I’ll do it,” He offered, making to take the coffee maker from her.
“I’m fine,” She smiled independently and proceeded to make them both a cup. “You want one
“Nah,” She said, listening to see if dan was coming or not.
“Hey guys,” Emily walked into the house, her smile painted on her face.
“You get my text Em?” Caitlin asked, handing a bemused JC a cup of fresh coffee.
“You’re amazing,” He complimented and she merely shrugged it off. He had only that day
told her Callie was great how she knew where she was going and Caitlin quickly pointed out
that Callie only did what Caitlin told her too. They had laughed about it but JC was
constantly impressed by this girl’s ability and want to do things for herself.
“Thanks,” He said gratefully, taking a seat at the breakfast bar. She sat opposite him as
Emily poured herself some water.
“Yeah, I did, cait.” Emily hadn’t spoken to Lexie, in fear of exploding at her and not
wanting to cause trouble while they had a guest again. Small talk continued for a while
before Caitlin sensed the growing atmosphere.
“Jay, let’s go and chill,” She took him down the hall to her room with Callie in close
pursuit. As Jc passed the open door, he glimpsed a guy, totally naked lying on a bed,
snoring away unaware of his exposure. Once in Caitlin’s room, he pulled her to him, in
hysterical giggles.
“What’s wrong with you?” She stared uncertainly at her.
“Who’s the guy on the bed?” Caitlin widened her eyes. It must have been in Lexie’s room
because they didn’t pass Kiara’s to get to Caitlin’s and Emily had just come in. Caitlin
had remembered her door being shut too. Her ocean blue eyes stared and she busted into
fits of giggles and they collapsed laughing onto the bed.
“I have no idea, someone Lexie knows, i assume,” And lying in her presence, JC knew he
wanted to be around her for a long time. He petted the golden haired dog and held the
girl’s hand with a sense of hope he’d never felt before.
Emily glared at Lexie as she sat nonchalantly in front of the TV.
“No sorry then?” She asked, relieved Caitlin had got the picture that there was a new
fight about to happen.
“For what?” Lexie didn’t know the girl in the living room was Emily.
“For virtually having foreplay in our living room after everything you said the other
night?” Emily replied sternly. “Lex, that was so hypo…”
But she couldn’t finish because Lexie smirked at her and said. “I know and I don’t wanna
hear it! Wanna help me embarrass the asshole?” Emily stared incredulously at her friend
for a moment and then nodded. She could do with a laugh.
“What do you have planned?” she asked, moving to sit beside Lexie.
“well, I’ll lure him out and then you can see him starkers, he’ll try and run back, we’ll
make enough noise, Caitlin will be a nosy bitch and come see, followed by JC who will also
see him, hence embarrassment.” This had worked out perfectly for Alexia and she hoped it’d
“OK, do it!” Emily said, laying back, waiting for the plan to fall into place.
Lexie cleared her throat and said loudly and seductively.
“O Danny boy? Come and see what I’ve got for us?” She heard movement and moments later a
tall white guy was standing in the living room, completely naked.
“What’s that then, sugar?” He asked in a sickening voice and Emily snorted. He was so
corny, Lexie’s usual brand for sure. He spotted Emily and Lexie jumped like lightning from
the couch and put her arms around him, giggling furiously.
“O where do you think you’re going?” she called louder still as Emily cracked up with
laughter. fat tears rolled down her cheeks and as Lexie predicted, Caitlin came running.
“What’s going on?” She asked lively as JC followed and clapped his hand to his mouth.
“Man dude, most guys who have something to brag about just say shit, not show it!” He
laughed. Dan’s face turned scarlet.
“What the fuck is going on?” He yelled.
“He ain’t got nothing to brag about,” Emily laughed heartily. “I’ve seen it!” Dan was
trying to cover his manhood with his hands as JC retorted back.
“Well, em, I can’t say I’m looking anywhere below the nipples and that’s disturbing
enough!” Caitlin had got the picture and was leaning against the wall, tears of laughter
rolling down her cheeks. Kiara ventured out to tell them to shut up and her face turned
scarlet. Her dark skin suddenly became the deepest shade of red and she turned and fled to
her room, slamming the door hard. That sent Caitlin, Emily, JC and Lexie into more fits
and Lexie’s grip finally loosened and Dan ran into her room, hastily dressing. He ran from
the house so fast, he forgot his cell phone. All four of them collapsed, still giggling on
to the couches.
“Why did you do such a thing?” JC asked curiously as he wiped a eye, brimming with
hysterical tears.
“Because he was treating me like a piece of meat,” She said proudly.
“Good for you!” Caitlin said proud of her friend.
“Remind me to never be an asshole to you, I don’t wanna fuck with you girls!” JC said
still amused by that night’s events. They settled down, occasionally breaking into
laughter but reducing the noise considerably. No one wanted Kiara to come from her room
again that night and in truth, Kiara didn’t want to leave.

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