In This area I would like to maybe give people an idea of the projects I am currently working on.

If any of you have read my stuff on previous blogs, you may or may not know that I write a soap blog call the The Angels Dreams
This started off as a story about four girls living in Los Angeles, sharing a house and their day to day events and occurrences. I am still writing this soap and it has taken on a world of its own.

Get to know Caitlin, Emily, Alexia and Kiara in the soap where anything can happen. It’s LA of course. 🙂

There are currently three stories I am writing on a regular basis. One is fantasy while the others are gangster/romance stories. Enchantress of Los Oceana came about through creating a role play from scratch about a girl who has lived in the human world all of her life, only to discover at 16 her father is a wizard and she is a witch, now wanted to govern Los Oceana. Hope Midway is one of my favourite female characters to write about. She’s fun and able to kick most people’s butts.

I often wonder if a genre I do is falling into line with who I am. But I write what I enjoy, and if I’m not enjoying it, I stop. I would love to get a story that is already completed published. It’s still one of my favourites and the characters will never leave me.

well, that’s all I’m writing for now, I’ll up date you as soon as progress has been considerably made.