Elegant and powerful,
Filled with such grace,
a gentle giant you can be,
But one should never judge you in haste.

Kind hearted and open minded,
You take me as I am,
As I brush your soft coat,
Nudge me gently as you stand.

The bond between horse and rider,
Synchronised in unison,
A beauty to watch when joined in action,
A heart warming scene when alone.

Gallop across the open planes,
Jump over every fence,
A wildness lies within your heart,
Unless you’re standing by me.

You munch your hay quietly,
And allow me to tack you up,
Get ready for another time spent with me,
While you teach me how to act.
If I forget to do something,
You do not kick or buck,
You stand there patiently,
Letting me know that I messed up.

I’ve learnt so many skills,
During our time together,
And I know days ahead will be filled with more learning,
In sun, rain or whatever weather.

Trotting up the roads,
Cantering across the fields,
You’ll never know how alive I feel,
When I first press on my heel.
The sense of ability
For the first time in my life,
Springs to life every time
You and I take a stride.
The warmth I feel,
From the powerful beauty that you are,
When sitting astride or walking alongside,
Brings alive a world from afar,
One I never hoped to be apart of,
One I never dared to dream,
But one you bring forth to reality,
And make me not blind it seems.

How can I express,
The thanks to a creature so pure,
Filled with a majesty I am privileged to see,
And a creature of such nobility.

Poets much adept than myself,
Have over the years described your spirit,
Enhanced your beauty of physique and stature
In words upon a page,
But none could ever describe the feelings you bring to me,
For what the horse can provide to a blind rider,
Is something words cannot describe.

A spirit of true beauty,
A heart of priceless gold,
A wildness of ferocity ,
But still I adhere to hold,
You high in my esteems as a human,
Humbled by your irresistible grace,
astounded by your sheer beauty,
And honoured to take my place,
beside you,
Or upon your strong back,
And off we can go together,
In unison on a favourite hack.

I can never truly thank you,
For letting me share your world,
For those times each week I treasure,
As though they were a precious pearl.
Each diamond of wisdom,
You bestow on me each time,
and every moment,
No matter what happens,
Is a treasured moment of yours and mine?

So when asked what the horse can bring for me,
I say simply,
Joy, love, learning,
Hope and freedom,
Filled with majesty and grace
But above all,
For one will never truly know the horse,
His wildness still remains,
Even in my gentle giant to which I entrust myself,
The wildness is still maintained.

The trust between horse and rider,
So valuable and unique,
Will not protect you from the wildness of these creatures,
So just wait and see.
Treat them with kindness,
And they shall be so in return,
Love and cherish them but know the truth,
And you may not get hurt.
The balance of trust is so delicate,
The love and care so clear,
But a horse is still a horse,
No matter what you hear.
Think you may have tamed him,
Then a surprise makes you fall,
Anyone who knows horses,
Will exclaim, “I told you so”.

Despite the danger that comes with these beauties,
Many still entrust their lives,
I know I always will be faithful to the great horse,
And take the good with the strifes,
because once a horse has crept
Deep into the depths of your heart,
It’s near impossible to turn your back,
And take leave of their world for a final depart.
They pull you in deep,
And will not let you go,
Their eyes filled with knowing and their hearts of love,
You know you cannot leave them so.

So stand shoulder to shoulder,
Ride upon him with pride,
And know you’ve experienced one of the world’s most precious things,
You’ve gained an honoured friendship of the horse in your life.