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to Whom It May Concern

for someone who was supposed to love me,
Absolutely, incredulously unconditionally,
You’re not doing a very good job.
You pick at every little thing I do wrong,
You treat me like a project gone wrong,
But else should I really expect from you?
I’m nothing more to you than the inconvenient shrew.
I was born with abnormalities; this is true,
I was brought up to be independent by you; yes you!
My heart takes a stabbing each time you reject me,
And ever since I was a child at your knee
This has happened to be
The way you are toward me.

You treat me like the outcast who failed at every turn,
Your heart is stony and unwilling to learn
Anything about your eldest child or anything from her life,
you cheat, deceive me and above all lie!
Your words cut deeper because of those nine months I spent,
And without warning my heart instantly relents,
To forgive you for all the atrocities I have been exposed to,
And despite your hate toward me, I unbelievably still love you.

I passed every test and exceeded at every turn,
I failed and tried harder to learn and learn,
I travelled independently to the other side of the world,
And still I’m shoved out in the cold to yearn
For the love of a mother that cannot see
The pain, hurt and above all misery.

act like I’m invisible to your eyes,
Turn me away and then tell your hateful lies,
Smother your child with love and care,
while your other one is left to feel desolate and bare.
evade all affection and treat me like I’m gone,
Take all the joy away including all my fun,
Diminish all the memories and curdle all my care,
But don’t you ever take away my hope, don’t you even dare!
Anger flows through me like the gorging river path,
And what we once did share was what we once had,
Tie up your apron strings; although they were never there,
And don’t do anything with your love because in truth you never cared.

My imperfection broke you as a young one it is fair,
But to take that out on a child that never asked for air,
Is unfair and selfish as a person can get,
And you’re trying to finish me but you haven’t achieved nothing yet.
My boundaries are defensive and despite all that I know,
I’d defend you most of the way but the way is waning unable to grow,
My heart is slowly dying the longer I stay near you,
But don’t worry dear mother, I’ll do what you want me to do.

I’ll pick up and leave and shall never come back,
Then you’ll be happy with that,
I’ll never attempt to darken your doorstep again,
I just wish I knew what I did and when.
Once the coals have aged and died,
I want you to sit there and wonder why?
Why did your first born turn their back on you?
Because you showed little love or care, did you?
If you can justify your actions then all I will say,
Is have a perfect life and a wonderful fucking day!


What’s going on? June 8th 2009

OK, I’m back with a few interesting topics to offer you guys.

First of all, let’s jump straight into the politics. The European elections were last week and unbelievably the British national Party claimed a seat. This actually sickens and disgusts me. And here are my reasons why.

The BNP stands for everything British. In theory this works nicely, protecting our crumpets, football and everything we treasure as British. What the BNP fail to tell their prospective voters is that they are a bunch of Fascist, bigamist, racist bunch of assholes who actually would give Hitler a run for his money. They sugar coat their discriminative policies by throwing up ideas of “British Jobs for British People” and “Keep the pound” that really cover up their idiotic and narrow minded policies of “get out the foreigners”, “If you’re not British you’re not welcome” and every other little stinking argument that comes along with the everything not British is not good.

Haven’t we advanced enough in time now to acknowledge that what was considered british a hundred years ago is not what is British now? Are we not now a member of the international cultural melting pot that merges ethnicities and cultures from all over the world, giving us a broader experience of the globe we all share. How many “Brits” can honestly date back their heritage to pure British blood lines? The queen is not British in their sense of the word, so will they chuck her out of the country too if they are placed in that dangerous throne of power? The royal family has had European blood in its midst for centuries and that would clue into me that it is not about where our ancestors are from but where we are from that should matter.

In the local news paper, I read last week that the BNP want two of the North west sporting stars to leave. Both were born here and raised here and by every legal sense of the word are “British” so why the hell should they leave? because one is from African descent and the other from Indian? Is that fair? And how far do these smart, [I use that word very loosely], politicians intend to date this heritage bloodline back? will there be more than a million people left throughout the UK? I very highly doubt that. I myself am a quarter Polish and resent the fact that some jumped up prick can tell me what I am and what I’m not. At twenty-five years old, I was born in England, raised here, attended the public school system, was put through the national health service, eat British food and regardless of my personal feelings about the country, resent the idea that I cannot be called “British” because my grandfather was Polish!

So now these wonderful and oh so clever people have gained a seat in the European parliament. And how? Because just as supposed smart individuals voted for them to be seated there. And why? They are anti-European in every sense of the word. They despise the fact that Europe and Britain have an open link to one another. Are these people that incredibly stupid that they cannot see we as an economy and industry would have gone under far earlier than the global recession without the European links? Can they honestly tell me that Britain would have survived without the cheap exportation to the continent, the influx of European travellers, and not to mention the abundance of workers sustaining our depleted workforce?

The BNP strives to inform us that so many British workers are out of jobs because of the European workers entering this country. The jobs were there before, did the British want them? No! As a society we are very childish. We don’t want something but as soon as someone else has it, jealousy kicks in.

The truth of the matter is, people from the continent are hard working and prepared to do that hard work. If the British are unable to match that determination, then I do not blame companies for hiring more skilled, more dedicated and hard working European workforces. You see lazy “British” workers dossing around the building sites all around our country. You’re telling me a good business man wants to see that? If he has any economic sense, I highly doubt it.

Society would suffer without the European connection too. The ability to travel visa free works well in our favour. Foreign travellers will come here and boost our tourist industry because they want to see our history and legacy and in turn our travel companies benefit while Brits sun themselves in Europe. So Mrs Jones down the street is not going to be very happy if the BNP come into power and take her Visa waver away and she has to splurge on visa costs on top of Tax, insurance and the price of her holiday, is she? These are the things that the BNP neglect to tell their idiotic voters while they’re bitching about how bad Europe is for the “British” people. You think the young people who want to jet off to Maliga for the summer or the family who want a quiet break in the sun are going to be too pleased if Nick Grifface gets his way and pulls the plug on Britain in Europe? I don’t think so. But those are the idiots who voted for this narrow minded party.

Let me just say this much, if they ever do come into power, I’d happily apply for asylum else where!

OK, so rant over about politics. Although that was quite a huge issue this week.
Our next topic is something that is ongoing right now. At this very moment, the WwDC is about to get under way where apple get a bunch of developers together and essentially show off their up and coming products. From an accessibility point of view, this is an interesting conference. Previously, accessibility has been brought up and increasingly, apple refers to its universal accessibility policy more and more, giving us an insight to what may be coming next.

Last year Apple announced especially the ipod nano that now supported the Mac OS10 voice over application enabling users to access their music freely on the ipod. Constantly, apple is aiming to increase accessibility alongside the mainstream.

This having been said, there are still a number of products that apple haven’t yet implemented into their universal accessibility. The popular products of the iphone and the ipod touch still are in no way accessible to the visually impaired, being made purely to function via touch screen. Many visually impaired users, seem to doubt that as VIs we will ever be able to access touch screen products. I on the other hand think this idea is actually rather preposterous. Touch screens already do exist and can be accessed by visually impaired individuals. Windows mobile devices along with mobile speak have already solved this problem to an extent and with apple’s genius and dedication to provide accessibility for all, I don’t doubt that the iphone and the touch will be accessible in years to come. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not this year, but definitely within my future.

So this brings me to a slight debate. Through reading twitter and seeing others responses, I have gathered there are essentially two camps. The camp where we are optimistic and have faith that the technology is actually out there and a company like Apple will indeed one day implement that technology into its products with no extra charge. Then there’s the pessimists that believe every product with a touch screen is in no way ever going to be accessible. There is nothing wrong with being in either camp. But I personally feel that the more of us willing to embrace the future and attempt to explore the possibilities, are more likely to get the results we desire. The world is moving forward and as people, we have to move with it. By fighting it, you are not going to prevent it from happening. So embracing it, and having faith in companies like Apple, who are seemingly proactive in making these technologies accessible to all, there should be no reason that we cannot all move forward together.

So let’s hope technology keeps improving and I’ll keep my eyes on twiter to get all the updates from WwDC. Hopefully there will be some accessibility news.

LAX by the Game

I wrote this last year when it came out but only just found it on the other computer and decided to post it.
Here you go!

LAX: A Review

Game’s two previous releases, The Documentary and The Doctor’s Advocate were mind blowing enough but it is safe to say the “Compton Kid”has matured and come back with an even more developed sound and more to say for himself. The album begins with a sermon from “Pope Earl simmons” himself, setting the album up for the controversy only Game can promise to deliver. Each track has something about it whether it may be the hot beats, contributed by several of the industries biggest producers or the lyrics that shock and tantalise the audience: this album has something for most hard core hip hop fans. Rhymes about “Cali Sunshine” to the profound “letter to the King” which refers to many of the feelings surrounding the civil rights of the 1960S in America. Each song has something unique and together makes this album a hot product for this summer.

Game’s ability to pull in the audience allows him to tell stories of his rich life [“Money”], and yet captivate his audience while he pays tribute to Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and Easy-E in “Never Can Say goodbye” as he depicts the legends final moments before their untimely deaths. A well rounded piece of art that gives an clear view of what Game was about, and what he’s currently about and where he’s heading in the future. There isn’t an element of his life he doesn’t touch upon, ranging from his money affairs, his jail time in “Money” to the music industry and his gangster lifestyles, to his sex life and his political opinions in “Letter to the King!” A controversial album and one well worth paying money to listen too.

My good Reads review of Eclipse

Eclipse (Twilight, #3) Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
The third book in the series did it’s job in my opinion. A well written book with moments of action but far too much emotional baggage than needed. The characters were both likeable and detestable within chapters of each other, for varying reasons. The ending was a little disappointing and I didn’t feel as though it was a great cliff hanger. Quite an anti climax and to finish it with an epilogue from a character that in my opinion although necessary to the plot, not an essential character was a little weak.

Overall loved it!

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My Four Seasons!

Icy patches line the road,
Trees stand grim and bare,
Silvery light makes the snow glow,
And flakes dampen my hair.
Thick white blanket lies overhead,
The rivers are frozen hard,
Darkness falls and puts me to bed,
And waits for the frost to thaw.

Blossoms burst onto the green trees,
Birds chirp their happy song,
Ants, rabbits, lambs and Bees
Happily settle down for a summer long.

Beaches stretch for miles around,
The ocean is deep and blue,
Ice cream cones and laughter sounds
Bring the sunshine too.
long hot nights spent outside,
Cooling down in the pool,
loud music and fair ground rides,
Makes the summer ultimately cool!

Falling leaves and crispy ground,
Make the squirrels run,
For now chimney smoke and fire cracker sounds,
Welcome us back to winter and away from the summer’s sun!

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