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The Hating Game

I hate the way you disregard me,
Take no moment to care,
I hate the way I’m always last,
I’m surprised I’m allowed air.
i hate it when you never call,
Or text me just at will,
I hate the way sports and fam
Take priority over me being ill.
I hate the way you lay back and chill,
With nothing in sight to be gained,
It’ll happen whenever and wherever with you,
despite all the hurt and pain.
I hate the way it’s always her,
Above me at all costs,
I feel like the booby prize
Or just the fact you lost.
I hate being trapped here
With no end in sight,
I hate my hours spent alone in my room,
I just should get used to that right?
I hate it when you make plans to break,
And never just call to hang out,
I hate weeks without socialising with you,
Just getting out and about.
I hate depending on sighted folk,
To help me with day to day stuff,
I hate being in this wretched mood,
I hate feeling fed up.
I hate it when my favourite artist is actin like a dick,
I hate it when he’s talking shit and crap,
Why does he do it,
Why not be real for a matter of fact?
I hate the rain and the cold,
The way the ground smells and dreary hours,
I hate the fact I’m stuck here with no way out,
Why can’t I just go home?
I hate it when something doesn’t go my way,
A spoilt brat yes indeed,
But why shouldn’t I want something for me for a change,
Why can’t we deal with my needs?
I hate that I feel like the outcast,
Someone to just be there,
I hate being crowded sometimes,
And loneliness I cannot bear.
I hate not being published,
I despise the fact I’m broke,
I hate not having achieved fuck all,
And I hate not having hope.
I hate the fact my life is dull,
I hate not having fun,
I hate seeing the same old shit,
I hate not being number one.
I hate promises being shattered,
Dreams and hopes dampened down,
I hate it altogether now,
What really is the point now?
I hate who I am,
I’m hating who I’m about to become,
I hate every little piece of this shit,
And now I’ve written it all I’m done.

Credit goes to the game for inspiring me to write this.



There must be thousands of these blogs around at the moment but I guess we all feel like we should say goodbye to an entertainer who gave us so much, we feel obliged to repay the favour. As I sit here and listen to the history album that influenced so much of my childhood and teenage years, essentially being the sound track to my young life, I feel a urge to dance and smile and be happy.

The memorial service was held yesterday at the staple centre in Los Angeles where it was revealed Michael considered it his home. Rehearsals for his London shows had been playing out in the Laker’s home stadium and two of the Laker players paid homage to the man who held a season ticket to the NBA team. Many memories were shared by friends and celebrities and moving tributes played out during the two hour show.

It captured people’s sense of loss and their grief and to hear from those who had respected him, been influenced by him in some way or another or simply had known him in whatever capacity truly brought it home that the king of pop was gone.

Some have criticised the move to hold such a public memorial but in essence he was the most well known pop artist of our life time. With many of us holding our own memories of him and what it had meant to have his music in our lives, it truly showed during the memorial service. News stations reported over one billion viewers of the televised memorial service and this clearly showed the magnitude of his fame and the love the world held for him.

The question is, that many critics have asked is, why do we hold celebrity death more highly than the regular person? I don’t believe this to be true. I believe as the general public we just feel we all know that celebrity. It can never take the pain away from the individual’s family or loved ones, but we feel like we shared a portion of their life by whatever medium they were famous for. Michael Jackson’s music has been internationally known and loved all over the world so it was only to be expected so many personal tributes and recollections of people’s memories would be mentioned whether it was among friends and family or on the television or recorded on a track or written in poems. We express our feelings more and more each day, in whatever format we feel is appropriate to us.

His music is timeless. I remember being in high school and our physical education teacher teaching us the dance to Thriller. my younger sister ten years later did a similar project. And I have no doubt that kids in the future will still be dancing to thriller in their P.E classes. Kids that don’t even remember when songs like Billy jean and remember the Times came out, are still feeling connected to the man that provided most of our sound tracks to our lives.

So let’s not say Goodbye to Michael Jackson, let’s embrace what he gave us, timeless music we can enjoy forever and there, in our hearts, he will forever live, doing what he did best, entertaining us.

Current Affairs July 1ST 2009

So there has been a lot going on in the past few weeks. The two topics I want to focus on though are admittedly sad ones.

The first: Michael Jackson passed away last Thursday. The conclusion of death has not yet been reached but he was admitted to UCLA medical centre with a cardiac arrest. Obviously this sent shock waves across the globe and at 50 years old, what a loss. I just hope his children will be OK.

The second topic is about the sheer volume of aircraft falling from the skies of recent years. Is it me or is aircraft falling at rapid paces through the air of recent years? It seems too many are falling from the skies with scarily unknown reasons for their falls. If anyone would choose to fly in this day and age I would say, be prepared to say goodbye. I still maintain it is the safest port of transportation but even still, you have less of a chance of surviving an airplane crash than you do a car collision. I would still travel but my nerves would be horrendous. They were bad enough before but I think now I’d be ten times worse. There must have been at least six crashes in the past few years that have been fatal. I’d say three of those were this year and we’re only in July. Wow. That is quite scary. But in contrast to how many go up every day, i guess it really still is a small proportion.

I mean, do you think we notice these things more as we get older? is it in fact that I’m just noticing these tragedies more than I did previously due to my childish naivety? who knows! I just hope I travel safely next time I fly.

A short blog really, but check out my next one for a run down of Michael Jackson.

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