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Does Charity Begin At Home?

Any natural disaster is tragic no matter where it happens in the world. But with recent economic events, shouldn’t charity begin at home?

Pakistan has suffered some of the worst floods for over 50 years and plenty of countries have pledged financial and aid support to those in the Pakistan flood affected areas. The controversial nature of this situation is heightened on several levels. And what the right course of action is unclear to us average, non-political individuals.

Some of the most notorious origins of terrorism have come from Pakistan in recent years and I can completely understand the anger felt by many British and American citizens on the subject of providing financial and humanitarian aid. Questions arise such as, if we help the affected country, will then those possessing hatred toward the Western world then attack us and cause further suffering to our country? And if we do not help, will they turn on the Western world anyway?

Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that not every Pakistani national hates the Western world and uses the Guihad to terrorise innocent civilians, but if we help the majority the dangerous minority have easier access to our countries.

The notion of an eye for an eye can often spring into people’s minds at times like these. Things are said such as, “Why should we help them when all their people want to do is bomb our countries and kill our people?” In the same sense, would they help us if the situations are reversed? And would they even appreciate and remember our help once we gave it.

Our governments, however, seem to be considering the political agenda greatly and have already pledged money to the affected areas. But doesn’t charity begin at home? How many people in the US right now are coming to the end of their ninety-nine weeks of unemployment payments and are virtually being neglected by their own governments while the poverty rate amongst the poor continues to increase in all those Western countries that have pledged aid to Pakistan. How does the person who has worked for thirty plus years in a good job, only to lose it due to the recession feel when they hear their government is stopping their aid and in effect, giving it to a country that has exported terrorism? I know, if I was that person I’d be mighty angry and the thoughts I disclosed above about resenting giving Pakistan help would be completely comprehendible.

Someone once said, that America was the big, popular, rich kid in the playground, Britain was its sidekick, countries like France, Germany were the ones who looked on with snobbery while countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, Pakistan and other volatile countries were the bullies and “psycho kids”. This makes a lot of sense right now and the analogy seems somewhat perfect. But like with children, do we pick the bad kid up and pamper it so it can abuse again? I guess in today’s society that is exactly what we do.

Those who are good and decent people deserve the help and rescue but natural justice will not take care of the evil that lies within the veins of Pakistan. The humanly thing to do is to help them while the conscious screams with alarm bells of uncertainty. While the citizens of these European countries, the US and all those affected by the economic turn down have a right to feel dejected and rejected by their own governments. Help the poor in your own country first, they are the ones that need you. The old lady that will die this winter because she is too cold and too or to afford heat. Help the society to gain morality and build a community of good will and great development. It’s so hard to make the decision of what is right but it seems to me, pumping money into another country while your own is suffering from job losses, increased homelessness and general increase of poverty seems unfair and cruel. Consider where that money could go in your own country and maybe humanity has been taken completely out of context now. We’re helping others before helping those in our own country and it is not just or fair. Donate some money to businesses flailing, keep people in jobs, help them pay their mortgages, provide them with something to live on and give them hope for a future for without it, you will end up with a country of anarchy, amorality and hopelessness.


Should the Tax Payer pay for Shallow and Irresponsible People?

The national health service was set up to pay for everyone’s health care. Whether you are rich or poor, the health service is there for you to use. So should it continue to be abused by the shallow and irresponsible members of our society? Should the hard working general public be paying for that boob job or a tummy tuck because these women claim “if I don’t have it, it’ll totally ruin my life!” Or at the same time, should we be supporting the alcoholics, drug addicts and smokers by providing an incredible amount of service for free to them yet costing the tax payer billions each year? How is it fair that the healthy, intelligent individuals have to suffer and pay for these people who seemingly think that they can do anything, ask for anything and get whatever they need for free?

The really sick people of our society often have to fight to get life saving drugs because of the post code lottery of our health service while in some areas boob jobs are given to people because they are depressed that they have small boobs. Maybe we should sit those shallow bitches in a room with a double Mastectomy patient and let them have a conversation about breast implants. Women having liposuction and tummy tucks because they either are carrying a lot of fat or they’ve had a lot of weight loss probably surgically and now need to clip away the extra skin makes me angry. How is that fair when that kind of procedure costs so much and yet people are having to fight for drugs that could help their lives due to true medical conditions?

As an allergenic asthma sufferer, when I was living in a different area to my home town for a period, I was refused a drug that I had been prescribed by my own doctor because I couldn’t breathe at night due to the expense. It would be very interesting to see if that part of the country prescribed boob jobs or even liver transplants to alcoholics.

And here’s another issue that bothers me. Why is it OK to feed drug addicts habits, continually treat smokers, alcoholics for the damage they are doing to themselves yet cancer and rare disease sufferers have to fight tooth and nail for vital drugs? Where is the fairness in all of this? Treating depression with cosmetic surgery? Giving a bottle of vodka to an alcoholic? You may as well. Keep treating the idiots with expensive medical treatments and allowing them to continue to mess up will only make the innocent ill people the sufferers. Stop prescribing methadone to drug addicts, quit giving valuable transplants to alcoholics and smokers, and start ploughing that money into the drugs that can help people. And cosmetic surgery should be a life style choice and the NHS is not the place for that. You want a boob job, then get a job and buy one honey.

Leaning Post

Loving someone is about just that,
Taking your heart and knowing the facts,
Delving deep into the truth beneath,
And accepting all of the good and bad within.

Hoping for someone to right a wrong,
Could take forever and time is long,
To be responsible for just your life,
Will cause you less pain and much less strife.

No one can control another’s actions,
No matter how bad the choice and what may be sanctions,
But if you know what you do and why you have done it,
Then at least you’re straight and not in the shit.

Taking a heart that’s troubled and healing it well,
Will make you happier and lighten the spell,
The confusion and pain that plagued that heart,
But without their consent their pain shall never part.

Holding a hand that’s been severed away,
Made to cry for someone before and can no longer say,
How much the pain is ripping through the core,
Only that hand will know what is more,
Painful for it and the right thing to do,
And even the saint inside of you won’t do,
Help has to come within and stand alone,
So pride can rise above and sit on a throne.

Allowing a weeping head to rest so still,
On your shoulder for the charge of no bill,
Is an act of solidarity, it is true,
But the head has to rise and walk away from you.

An ear can be advised and directed which way to go,
But a mind may not listen and say only “so?”
But the choice of the message gone through that brain,
May lead to less stress and even less pain.

So to give something back and say thanks very much,
Is a gift we can bestow and touch
The life of someone else for one moment in time,
But the action we take is purely yours or mine,
We can take the open door and lead ourselves through,
We can stand stagnant like soot in a floo,
We can take the open door and venture our way down a path,
And see what the future brings, tears, hopes and laughs,
But the moral of the tale as it may be told,
Is you can give advice as valuable as gold,
You can hold the broken halves of a heart,
But without the will it will never start,
You can tell the ear what it needs to be told,
But you can’t tell the mind its for sale if it’s been sold,
You can rest a weary head on your shoulder and weep,
but you can’t force the legs to walk up a hill so steep.

Step back and allow the responsibility to fall away,
Let the other person deal with their problems today,
And look in the mirror for a second or two,
And ask yourself for a moment, “How the hell are you?”

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