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A few Blindy Issues

Books for the Blind

I have discussed here previously of the lack of books for the visually impaired and yet still nothing seems to be progressing. rather it seems to be going backward all of the time. now iPhone app developers are also buying into the author’s gild’s incorrect perception of what text to speech really is and not considering for a second how imperative it should be for the VI individual to have the same access to books as their sighted counter parts.

this is becoming a frustrating issue because if there were more books available, study and recreational reading would be made so much easier. At present, we are either forced to pay subscriptions to audio book sellers, pay three times as much than we would have to for a paperback, or subscribe to organisations like Book share that still only has a limited amount of books on offer.

British charity, RNIBhave set up petitions to increase the three percent of all books published in the UK that currently get transcribed into an accessible format for the visually impaired but sadly no one seems to be hearing their pleas or the millions of visually impaired book users.

What do we have to do to make these people who deem it unacceptable to have all books published in a format that all vI users can use. Technology today makes it so easy for this to be done affordably for all. And the Author’s gild are trying to “protect” their “authors?” rather they are protecting the publishers. But if all books were made accessible, for example on Amazon as e-books, capable of being read on an accessible product like the kindle could be, or on their computers with their own screen reading solutions or on an app for a mobile device like the iPhone, then I can guarantee book sales would rise. You’d have a whole new market of readers capable of reading all books published.

The screen reader acts as the user’s eyes, both on the computer systems and mobile devices, so by refusing access for text to speech products, are you not indeed denying a visually impaired person of being treated equal? If a visually impaired person downloaded an ebook and read it with their designated screen reader, would it not just be the exact same way they would read a website, read an article or read their email? Text to speech is not a replacement for a human voice, and it never will be. No matter how amazing the developers make these speech engines, they will never truly sound like a human voice that is capable of interpreting and emotion. This seems to be simply a pathetic argument to keep the visually impaired community subsidising an extortionate, limited audio book market that cannot be a replacement or an open market. It is limited and expensive and without the visually impaired community paying for it, almost desolate, in my opinion.

The kindle with text to speech is not only a great solution for the visually impaired community but a safer method for people reading. Drivers, people cooking, no longer have to read pages and distract themselves, they can simply listen. It’s about time someone told the author’s gild about their severe misconception of what text to speech really is.

Adobe, flash friendly?

I guess I am giving you a few things to think about today. Adobe and its products is my second thinking point. Flash content has been difficult for screen reader users for a while now and it seems as though it just will never get any better. Jaws handles it, not well but sometimes is capable although users have to do a lot of guess work in order to use flash well. Mac users however, cannot do anything with the flash content or players in safari as the voice over will not detect it. This, according to apple is how adobe have designed their flash and apple have put out their accessibility API for a long time so this should not be happening. I do believe Adobe should do more to make flash and flash players accessible and the guide lines to design flash players should be a lot stricter and in accordance to the internet accessibility requirements. They suggest that it is not necessary to make flash accessible for the mac because there is not a huge visually impaired market on the mac platform but it is growing and this is becoming a poor excuse to say the least.

There are many and I mean many sites using flash that could be used quite easily if the content was accessible. And even though most web developers despise flash, the question remains, why does it continue to exist in such a poor way?
It would seem that this
issue has got to the point of voice over users wanting results and there is now a Petition that the Maccessibility network have put together and plan to submit to Adobe in January 2010. If you feel as strongly about this as I do, go to the petition and sign.

Blind Specific Products

This is purely my opinion but there seems to be two camps that visually impaired people fall into. First, the ones who’d rather mainstream products be made accessible and secondly, the ones who’d rather use everything that was specifically made for the blind. Don’t get me wrong, whatever products work for the individual but do we not all think that the blind specific market, that is to say, companies that specifically design products for the blind are benefiting from a unfair campaign that throws up incorrect facts about their mainstream counterparts.

Companies like Apple have had an integrated screen reader in their OS for four years now, with their third OS being made available this Friday that has enabled users to use their macs completely unassisted from the ground up. a visually impaired user can install their OS from the start and can set up their computers and freely use their computers both on a personal and professional level daily. True that some users choose to have windows also installed for a few applications but most of these users have to for work purposes. However, a computer can be bought at the same price as a screen reader for windows with its built in screen reader, not to mention all of the other benefits. So why does freedom scientific still hold ninety percent of the visually impaired market? Sure, the Mac OS with built in screen reader is fairly new and more and more users are migrating to the mac platform but is it not a question of those users who are brain washed into believing the “blind specific” product is better?

The iphone is also another example of a “mainstream” product capable of supporting the needs of a visually impaired person. Granted it may not suit everyone but should companies be pushing the visually impaired user into believing that the “blind specific” product is better simply because it is designed for them?

A small market demands more revenue from its customers to make the product viable but surely the cost of a whole computer for a piece of software does not get people thinking twice? i am the type of person who likes to keep my money close to my chest and find it hard to justify this cost when I can get a brand new computer with great specs for the same cost. The same deal goes with the mobile phone market. You would firstly have to get your phone and then pay a licence to have speech enabled. Yet, you can have a mainstream product work straight out of the box for a similar cost if not less in some cases, for example the UK. On O2 you could get a free iphone if you had a forty pound plan, and the most you’d pay would be ninety pounds which wouldn’t even come close to the one hundred and fifty pounds talks licence. What I am basically saying is that I understand why the market is so expensive but I am uncertain why some people won’t even give the mainstream market a shot? At least try it and then say it doesn’t work for you but there are too many individuals simply not trying the mainstream product because it wasn’t specifically designed for them.

Guess it costs you to be blind, you can’t read what books you may like as soon as your sighted friends or have a huge choice of what to read.
Flash doesn’t work at all well no matter what you’re using.
And it will cost you an arm and a leg to be able to do certain tasks if you stick with the “blind specific” products.

All of this is my opinion, feel free to post your thoughts.


Compassionate leave, compassionate or a joke?

Recently two major cases have been in the headlines that have promoted a lot of controversy. The first is the compassionate prison leave of train robber Ronny Biggs and the second the compassionate prison leave of the lockerby bomber. Both old men, both served too little of time in prison but should they have been granted compassionate suspended sentences for the crimes they committed?

ronny biggs was convicted of the great train robbery of 1963 where he along with other gang members stole 2.6 million pounds which equals something like forty million in today’s money. They held up a mail train that was transferring the money from Glasgow to London in the early hours of August 3RD 1963 and when caught was sent to prison.

He escaped in 1965 and travelled around the world escaping the police. Only in 2001 did he voluntarily return to the United Kingdom where he was re-arrested and imprisoned to serve the remaining twenty-eight years of his sentence.

He suffered from multiple strokes and heart attacks and was deemed to ill to continue his prison sentence. However, should he have been freed? Should he have been given that luxury to live his last days in the comfort of a nursing home with his family and friends beside him? Especially since he had eluded the authorities for so long. Upon the time of his release he had only served a third of his sentence and under home office policy, a prisoner can only be given compassionate leave when they are deemed terminally ill, that is to say that they have only three months to live.

So Biggs was released despite his short served sentence and was initially in a hospital. within days, however, he was released to a nursing home to be close to his family.

In the second case, the Lockerby bomber was released on similar compassionate grounds after having prostate cancer and again was deemed “terminal”.

Despite the event occurring in December 1988, Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi wasn’t convicted and sentenced until 2001. 270 people perished in the crash over Scotland and yet Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi only received twenty-seven years. Upon his release on August 20th 2009, he had only served eight years of those twenty-seven and upon his arrival to Libya received a hero’s welcome.

How can either of these cases seem justified to anyone involved? The relatives of the 270 passengers and crew members and the driver of the mail train? Even if these men are dying, which is a medical fact, should they have been let go by the British authorities to spend the last days of their lives amidst the loving arms of their loved ones? Did their victims have that option?

Ronny Biggs stole a lot of money and beat a man and then went on to elude the authorities, apparently with little remorse of his actions. Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi maintained his innocence and still both men only served a partial amount of their sentences. Am I that lacking of compassion that I don’t see the justification of releasing these men back into the comforts of freedom? After what they were convicted of doing, is it not again the question of who the British Justice System is protecting rather than the “right” thing to do? Should we then release monsters like Hindly and Brady if they get a cold?

I can understand the anger of those families who had their relatives lives ripped away from them upon these men’s release, especially Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi who savagely bombed 270 people from the skies. Why do the British so called justice system constantly see fit to protect the criminals rather than the victims memories? Should we have left them both their to die behind their prison cells? The answers lie only within those relatives who lost in my opinion, and maybe it would do the justice system some credit to consult the victims families in the future. Why should these criminals be given what human rights their relatives did not receive while Biggs was robbing a train for his own selfish needs and Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi was bombing a plane of passengers for his own self righteous beliefs.

If this wasn’t a slap in the face for the victim’s relatives as it was, Biggs is now being comforted and pampered in a nursing home and Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi is back in his home land with the hero worship of many of his fellow countrymen. Despite their discomfort, despite their illnesses, do they deserve the luxury of freedom and the comforts of their new lives? Can this really be considered compassion or just the joke the British Justice system has become?

Lady Luck

To walk into a club and stand
Waiting for you to come and hold my hand,
Feeling the importance of someone that never stepped out
Before until now with you and all that you are
Makes me smile and glad to be here,
Amidst the VIPs and have you near.

To splash in the pool and feel like I’m your queen,
To have the sun beam down on me and eat expensive meals,
To be dressed like an angel no matter what the time of day,
To be admitted to places never before I would dare stray.

To feel envious eyes upon my back,
Walking through the boutiques and having access to all of that,
To ride shotgun in your fancy rides,
To forget about all the worries and strife,
To dance in your arms and see what life could be,
For a working class girl just like me,
Surprises me at each and every turn,
And for all of this I know I shall learn,
A lesson in how to be your perfect girl,
`How to behave, talk and walk in your glamourous world.

And as I stand beneath the shimmering lights,
And turn to smile at you and the night,
I realise that lady luck truly touched me,
Because I found you and this could exist to be.

The Story of White Rose Castle

A mist fell over the Los Tierras Mountains on a cold autumn day as a beautiful white unicorn emerged from the forest to graze. In the distance a torch light filled the early morning dawn sky with a glimmer of gold. A crow cooed overhead and the unicorn raised its white head gracefully to pinpoint the cause of the noise. The sky was a glittery grey and the unicorn stared at the bird and gracefully bowed its head to continue to graze.

A lot of the lights on the lower floors of the castle were glowing now as the sky turned to a scarlet red and gold. Dawn was breaking and there was a beautiful day ahead. The Jasmines looked blood red in comparison to their normal white edging to pink colour. It was unusual for any flowers to grow in the los Tierras Mountains with the sheer cold temperatures but the magic maintained them. There weren’t just Jasmines here; there were lilies, the brightest gold, lilacs a deep lilac and roses of the purest white. The snow-white unicorn raised its head again and turned and galloped toward the rushing river. It bowed its head and drank from the gushing water. Behind it the castle gleamed in the liquid golden morning light.

Behind the stone walls, servants were preparing breakfast. The roaring fires kept out the cold from the day outside. The many ornate rooms gleamed different colours. The ruby room, the sapphire room, all dowsed in gems of its name. The amber room leafed with the precious mineral. The silver room, decorated in nothing but silver or soft shades of grey. Each room had its duty and every duty had its time of day. An organised place governed by an organised family.

Theodore Lexon was a magnificent sorcerer, respected throughout the whole magical community of Los Oceana. He was married to Esmeralda and they had 4 daughters, Lily, Lilac, Rose and Jasmine. Lily was fair and beautiful, Lilac gifted with the use of the elements, Rose quick with her wand and Jasmine a terrific book reader. All four girls were treasured by their family. Theodore ran the magical school which was a few miles away from the palace of magic which was their home. All 4 girls had finished their schooling and Lily and Lilac were courting men while Rose wanted to see if she could become a teacher while Jasmine was enjoying her new found freedom to read as many books as she desired.

Theodore was under a lot of stress however due to the humans of Los Oceana having turned vicious on the magical community. His grandfather, Frederick the Foolish, so called because of his acts which put Los Oceana in great jeopardy decided it would be a good idea to bring the humans closer to the magical world and allow them to enter it and co-exist with magical folk. Everything remained harmonious for 25 years but in the last few months, humans started killing magical people and causing trouble by abusing them and the last few weeks, hundreds of people were thrown in the prison out in the ocean near Tamorik. They were sent their and were told they’d never come back. Theodore was distraught that some of his friends had been thrown in prison for their abilities and skill and felt so betrayed that people they’d allowed into their world had turned on them. He was fighting back now. He had held off for so long because he hoped that the humans would retreat and apologise but now with the murder count at 258, he knew something had to be done. His wife was very supportive but he did try and shelter his daughters from it. They knew something was happening but they weren’t aware of the seriousness of it.

As the sun rose outside Lily’s window she stirred in her bed. Opening her brown eyes, she noticed that the sun was bright and the sky a pearlescent blue this morning. “What a day,” She sighed to herself, dropping her legs over the side of her bed while stretching. Lily had nothing planned that day.

Lilac was restless but still didn’t move when she heard the birds singing outside her window. She had a feeling about something but she didn’t know what. She squinted and saw the sky was blue and guessed it was around 7 A.M. Lilac was very in tune with her emotions.

Rose awoke and bounced out of bed, she was energetic and excited about the lovely sunshine outside. She pulled back the curtains and glanced down at the beautiful rose beneath her window. Each girl had the flower of their name planted beneath their tower window. Rose saw someone walking in the grounds and didn’t know who they were. She turned and walked into her sister Jasmine’s room. “

Jasmine, Jasmine!” She called. “Wake up! Come on, it’s beautiful outside! Wake up!” She shook her youngest sister who apparently was in a deep dream. “What Rose?” She asked irritably. “Wake up, its morning and beautiful outside!” Rose pulled back her curtains. “Aahh, Rose, close them,” Jasmine shielded her eyes. Rose was the morning person, while Jasmine was the night owl. Lily was the outgoing one and Lilac was quiet. Not one girl was the same, all different in their own way.

At breakfast that morning, each girl chatted to each other and Theodore watched. He knew something was going to happen that day but what, he was unsure of. That was where Lilac got her intuition from, her father. He watched his daughters, he knew with a jolt that there was a high possibility that one of them wouldn’t survive to the end of the year. “I’m going checking on the unicorns,” Lily stood and left the table. “I have a book to read, “Jasmine announced. “I need to write down my dreams,” Lilac lied; she needed to analyse her premonitions. And Rose was left at the table with her father. “Where’s mother?” Rose asked Theodore. He shrugged, not sure if his wife was still sleeping. “I’ll check the gardens,” She stood and walked out to the river where her mother often walked. Her mother wasn’t there. But her scarf was and her corsage of a lily, Lilac, rose and a Jasmine, it was stained in blood. “Father!” Rose now realised the person she saw walking must be an intruder. “Humans are in the castle. Look!” She thrust the corsage and scarf into her father’s hands. He looked white as the unicorns Lily so tenderly cared for. They both ran outside and he raised the alarm. “Look for my wife! Look for her!” He yelled to all the servants and magical creatures that occupied the castle and grounds. “

Rose, where’s your wand?” “Right here,” She brandished her rosewood, unicorn hair wand at him and they both ran looking for her mother. “Father?” Lily screamed. She came running followed by 6 men. Rose started to fire spells at the men. But they kept jumping them. Soon there were hundreds, maybe even thousands of them. Rose ran for the castle to alert her other sisters. “Jasmine, Lilac, quick we’re under attack!” She yelled, dashing through the long corridors. Soon rooms were filled with men, trying to steal the jewels and riches. Rose knew a lot of the secret passages because she was also the mischievous one so she dashed through them, sending curses at anyone non magical. She was in a blaze; she had no idea where any of the others were. Jasmine was glancing through her book, searching for help. Lilac was running up to the high point on the castle’s roof to gain the impact of the situation. Lily was herding the unicorns into the forest whilst being pursued by the human men, brandishing arrows at her. One hit her square in the back. She saw her mother bounding toward her, looking unhurt and surrounded by white mist. She was dead! And now so was Lily.

Jasmine found her father. “I couldn’t find anything father,” She cried in dismay. “Where’s your wand Jasmine?” Theodore scolded his youngest. She stared open eyed at him and clapped her hand to her mouth, she had forgotten it! How could she forget her wand? She was so rapped up in her books and what they could to help her; she forgot the one tool that could help her: her wand!

Lilac was sitting on the roof, waiting. Somewhat of a dreamer she was depending on some kind of premonition to assist her next action. “Got ya!” a voice yelled from behind her, before she could catch herself, the owner of the voice had seized her and tossed lilac so hard into the rushing river below. In the meantime, Theodore was attempting to battle the men around him. Some falling but his powers were weakening with every spell. He was getting tired. Where were his daughters and wife and where were his servants? The castle was under attack and he was alone. He was completely alone with no one to turn too for support.

Jasmine was trying to find her sisters Rose and Lilac. She ran every where and almost fell over 3 men counting out gold they had stolen. “You evil, trespassing fools!” She screamed. “Get her!” one man said to the other and they grabbed her around the neck. “Afreezamotin!” A voice yelled and the men froze. Jasmine turned to see her sister Rose standing there. “Quickly!” Rose pulled her sister’s arm and they ran to Jasmine’s room. “

We have to do something,” Rose said with urgency in her voice. “I’ve looked at all the books I can think of but nothing says how to deal with large crowds”. Rose felt a sense of frustration with her sister. She was reading books while they were under attack? “We have to find Lily and Lilac,” Rose stood as the door burst open. “How did they get in here? Only family can come in uninvited,” Jasmine screamed at the men. “The castle’s unprotected,” Rose shook hard. “This shouldn’t be happening. Why is this happening?” The men were pulling their bows and loading them with arrows. “Jasmine quick,” Jasmine was looking through a book. “Jasmine, there’s no time, come on!” Rose was halfway into the secret passage before six more men entered Jasmine’s room. “Jasmine!” she screamed covering the sound of the arrow going through Jasmine’s heart. She had to keep going; the passage way was closing, protecting her. She ended up in Lilac’s room. It was just as she left it. The sound outside was horrific! Yelling, screaming from both the human people and the creatures. Arrows were flying everywhere. She felt someone enter the room. “Rose, you need to hide,” Her mother. She turned and stared. “You need to help father!” Rose cried hard, frustrated with the family and their lack of want to help defend their home. “It’s too late,” Lilac entered. “Not until’’’” rose stared. “Wait…” she trailed off. Lily and Jasmine entered. “Rose,” Her mother knelt. “It is up to you now”. Rose stared. “Your father will explain it all!” Theodore entered the room and smiled at his daughter. “We tried Rose, now it’s up to you,” He stepped forward and placed his hands on her head. “Rose, I now give you all the power I am able to give and proclaim you Enchantress of Los Oceana. From now until the end of time, an enchantress will be chosen at the appropriate time for when the previous cannot continue to protect Los Oceana. Whenever that time occurs, a room, which it will be your job to discover inside this castle, will open and we shall discuss the next enchantress to be appointed. We are not gone my love, just hidden from your observation. You can protect Los Oceana; you have already proved so much!” He kissed her forehead and a warm feeling erupted inside her. She started to spin and lost sight of her family.

She awoke in a room she had never seen before. A soft, calming collection of colours surrounded her, emitting a gentle, glowing light. She rubbed her eyes, thinking she was seeing things but this room was covered in opals. Why hadn’t she been in this room before? Soft pinks, purples, greens, blues, yellows covered the walls. She stood up and the words her father had spoken echoed in her head: ‘“A room, which it will be your job to discover”’. This was it! She’d discovered it. She stood up and her father and several other men entered. “Welcome, Rose, Enchantress of Los Oceana!” the men saluted her and a door opened and she was escorted out of the room. “You have more power than a normal witch now Rose,” Her father informed her. “You have been chosen. The mere presence of you has driven the humans away from this castle and as long as you remain here, the castle is protected at time of war and discord.” Rose understood. “An enchantress is our only hope!” (3 hours later) Rose was walking quietly in the grounds which were now deserted. Her power had apparently given the distraught castle a new protection. She turned the corner Near lily’s tower and gasped in horror, seeing the normally beautiful golden lilies now a deep shade of red. It must be blood’ she thought sadly. She quickened Her pace toward Lilac’s pretty purple flowers and she burst into tears as they too were drenched in sticky, red blood. Rose ran toward Jasmine’s and prayed That the pretty white, tinged with pink flowers were still as beautiful as ever but she was heartbroken to see them a deep, bloody red too. Tears spilled Down her cheeks as she approached her own rose garden. As she turned the corner she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and prepared herself for the red She would see. She opened her eyes and was shocked as she saw the pure white elegant roses. They had survived the battle, just as she had. “White Rose Castle,” She breathed. “A new name, a new life and a new hope!”

10 Reasons to Clutter up Twitter

So Twitter has made its claim and seems to be sticking around. So after a moment a little while ago I got to thinking, what are the ways us individuals clutter up twitter.

1. Promoting our blogs/websites.
2. Spreading news/gossip
3. Enlightening the world with our witty and clever quotes, [either self made or picked up from some other wonderful genius!]
4. Chatting to our friends about our every day dramas or tasks.
5. Letting the world of Twitter know our exact location and what exactly we are doing at each and every precise moment.
6. Taking meaningless quizzes and advertising that we have done so.
7. Informing the world of our lack of means, either money, water, food, or anything else we’d like to focus on.
8. Bitch! O we are good at that! Either about our family, friends who don’t have twitter or general bitching topics.
9. retweeting of sometimes useful, mostly useless crap that the rest of the world of twitter really doesn’t care about.
10. Just to see if anyone is alive and actually cares about us.

Lol. brief, but o so true. feel free to add your own in the comments section below.

Who is the Justice System really Protecting?

If you have been under a rock for the past few years then maybe it has escaped your notice about the trial and conviction of Baby P’s mother, step father and a lodger for the neglection to protect the youngster from his cruel, cruel death. The toddler was found dead with over fifty injuries, including a broken back after being on the Child Protection register in Harring, London for most of his young life. Although the courts did not convict the mother and men in the case of murder, they were convicted of his manslaughter, meaning they did nothing to prevent his death.

Many of us know that it is blindingly obvious that the men involved were guilty of causing the injuries that led to the child’s death and that the child’s mother was guilty of covering up the heinous crimes. She was accused of spreading chocolate spread across the child’s face to cover up bruises when social workers came to call. And with the investigations into the many authorities involved in the lack of protecting this young child, we can conclude that his death should have and could have been avoided if those involved had taken more responsibility.

That aside, I want to address a sickening issue I read this morning on the sky news website.
Baby P’s mother to get an identity package including a fitness Guru

So this woman who allowed her child to be beaten to death, in such a brutal literal sense, is going to get a brand new life at the expense of the British tax payer. It isn’t enough that we were the ones paying for the social workers to attempt to protect her children, now we are supposed to protect a woman who has openly told friends she plans to “party” when she gets out of jail after her three year sentence.

How can we call this justice? A woman who allowed two sick men to beat her toddler over a period of time, continually taking him to the doctors and covering up these horrific crimes is now going to get a life style change and an identity package that should in sense “protect” her from what the justice system fears will be vigil anti groups. But who was protecting Baby Peter while his mother continued to allow men living in her home to abuse him? Where does the protection truly lie? With the victim or the perpetrator? Shouldn’t we just let this woman get what she deserves? Why the hell are we protecting criminals of such heinous crimes, when we couldn’t protect the victim? And what kind of justice is that for a child who did not ask to be born into that hell that he knew as life! How is this fair and just? Are we not living in a society where reasonable justification for crimes should be in practice?

A civilised society should not allow this joke of a proposition play out! after all, she committed more of a moral crime than any of us could ever truly understand. a mother is the one who bears children and instantly, that child looks to their mother and father to protect them. A mother’s arms are meant to be the safest place for a child to settle and rest but sadly Baby Peter could never feel that safety because Tracy Connelly preferred to maintain the sick relationship she and Steven Barker were in along with Jason Owen instead of doing her ultimate moral duty to protect her children! She main not have initiated the blows, none of us will ever know the truth, but she never stopped them from happening or alert the authorities that her child was in danger. She was as the judge described her, “selfish and self-centred” and people like that who allow such horrific acts to be performed on children should never be released back into society let alone be given protection.

The British justice system and the human rights act are a complete and utter joke if all they can do is protect the criminals. If that is what a justice system is these days, then maybe there is no point in having a justice system at all. A justice system is meant to protect the victims but in this case, giving a woman who knowingly allowed people to abuse her child, a fitness instructor, a stylist and a new identity at the cost of the tax payer is completely unreasonable and unfair.

What kind of a message is this sending out to criminals? Commit whatever heinous crime you choose because when you have served your time, don’t worry about it, we as the British justice system shall not protect the memories of your victims but shall concentrate solely on your protection. It is laughable and the British government wonder why the justice system is nothing to be reckoned with in our country? Kill a child, get a free stylist and personal fitness trainer, whatever next? If this is what you call a state with a justice system, then I’d rather pass on it. If victims are being forgotten and the safety of someone who has committed a crime is being made priority, then what should they, the government expect? respect? Credibility? Not from your law abiding citizens.

Should the general public know about her whereabouts and her true identity? Yes! Don’t we know about the identities and whereabouts of sex offenders? Is she in danger? Of course she is. Do we as the general public care? No! Do I believe she should get what she deserves? Yes. I am not an unreasonable person and do believe that people should serve their time and be given a second chance if they have reformed but to hear a woman who is locked up for the manslaughter of her own baby and who is bragging about the lifestyle change she is going to receive, then no, rationality goes out of the window. She got three years for the unprevented death of her baby son and she is now talking about flying around the world and “living one long party”, then no, she deserves every piece of torture people give her. She allowed two grown men to abuse a defenceless child that she bore and women like that need locking up and throwing away the key. Do we really want monsters like that in our society unbeknown to innocent men who may impregnate her and have a similar situation happen again? Would you like your son to have a child with Tracy Connelly? Would you allow a monster to continue to live in this world free and living a life of luxury? If yes, then you’re a real idiot. This is my opinion but factually, she is going to be released and have a life better than most of us because she allowed a child to be tortured to death, if you think that is acceptable then you need to really reassess your priorities.

Touched By Angels

Some people enter our lives,
With nothing but good to bring,
Others are sent from a realm of mystery,
And will change our lives by the smallest things,
They do or say to help us along,
Or protect us from harm when in the eye of the storm,
Take our troubles and kiss them away,
One minute they are there, the next minute they no longer stay.

A hand to hold on to
When adversity strikes you down,
An arm to shield you from all the worries in your life,
And from the ones that may come around.
A guiding light to show us the way,
A friendly shoulder to help us get there,
A protective embrace for when danger is near,
A comforting word to show us they care.

A guardian to fend all off that is bad,
A shield of honour when times get tough,
A cover to keep us safe from wrong,
Especially when life gets rough.

An inspiration when we need it most,
To let us no there is always hope.
A mirror to reflect who we really are,
and that one day too, we can become a star.

[This is dedicated to those who are in my life, have been in my life and will be in my life who made a difference.]

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