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Morality is in the Gutter

The agreements between companies and their outside developers are stringent. Apple for example have often been criticised for the extension of their own secrecy policy to the terms of agreement in their developer programmes. This topic has again been unearthed this week with the announcements at WWDC.

I’m all for people testing. I also get excited when sites like mac Rumours talk about things but I treat them as merely rumours.

I personally know several individuals on the developer scheme and while most of them stick to the non disclosure policy, I’ve seen several who are outright breaking it.

Today it was released that there’s a “backdoor” to get iOs5 through a security leak and my favourite thing I’ve heard is that blind people must get it to ensure it activates.

I seriously roll my eyes at that. There are several blind individuals on the developer programme and if iOS doesn’t activate, they’ll let Apple know the “right way”.

I have to say, this self righteous attitude that we can break rules just to suit ourselves in the blind community is shoddy and needs to stop. You cannot have it all ways. Expect to be treated equally and then put yourself above the rules by flinging the blind card everywhere for the world to see when it suits you; hypocritical, methinks?

I am not saying sighted people or others with different disabilities are not breaching the terms of use and that is also wrong but do not use “the blind card” to justify your piracy.

To the developers who are VI and are testing both Lion and iOS5 while sticking to you’re binding agreement, I applaud you for both. Because you are testing and reporting back to Apple, you are doing the rest of us a service.

Was I tempted? Sure! If we can get something for nothing, most of us are but I will not get either Lion or iOs5 until I can purchase Lion and update my iOS devices in iTunes.

It seems mighty unfair that people who have shed out money to test to give what I I hope is constructive feedback to Apple are being tarnished with a brush by selfish and arrogant individuals determined to get their own way because they can.

I know I’m stepping onto moral high ground but seems the level of morality is in a ditch for most people these days. All I can say to those doing the backdoor way, just know, if it blows up in your face neither Apple nor your phone company will give a damn. I suspect developers and anyone on their account has cover via some reference number and that is fine but just know you are not covered under this unorthodox method.

If I was a developer, I may test and who knows, one day that may happen. With the next version of the Mac OS I might enter into the development programme as I have a spare mac at home now to test on but it wouldn’t be so I could blog about features.


Crime Really Pays!

Human rights are something we as humans are completely aware of. The basic need to eat, drink, sleep have been innate for us for thousands of years. These are what I consider animalistic rights however, because any creature deserves those basic rights. Human rights are on another playing field altogether and what we are entitled to as human beings is seemingly getting more unjust by the day.

Human rights cover such a vast category of things that to mention them all here would be a long article indeed. On the whole, rights such as our legal ones, our right to be treated as equal, [at least in Westernised countries], the right to work, the right to have a basic living allowance if incapable of work, the rights to get medical assistance and the right to vote, amongst many others are some of the basic rights we as human beings, living in a civilised society come to expect. But to what extent should we allow human rights to carry?

It seems the government’s hands are being tied over one of these human rights issues at the moment and the question of rights for humans is coming into fruition again. The human rights commission have now said that prisoners should have the right to vote! Along with they’re seemingly necessary rights to have money, have access to high technology that some in the UK can still not afford, the right to a free, yes free higher education system while future students are likely to pay upward of nine thousand pounds per year and the right to basically have a life of luxury. How is this fair?

Prisoners, the last time I checked were imprisoned because they had committed a crime. They hadn’t just took a chocolate bar from a supermarket or swore at someone in public, they had committed serious crimes that the justice system deemed worthy of imprisonment. Yet today, a prison is more like a holiday camp with their high technology, access to gyms, money for luxuries such as chocolates and links shower gel along with opportunities to get a degree, do training programmes and now the human rights board want to give them the right to vote? Well, why don’t you just give them the reins to the country? After all, that is essentially what is happening.

No wonder the country is crying out in disbelief. We’ve just been hit with a stringent spending cuts report, that is absolutely necessary and yet prisoners are getting the right to vote while munching on their dairy milk bars and smelling of decent body products. And while the future generation of innocent, law abiding working class and even middle class eighteen year olds will possibly be unwilling to enter into a degree programme due to the tuition fees being three times the amount they are at present, prisoners can enjoy this service for free. It seems crime does pay after all.

While young families struggle to get on their feet, provide a future that will benefit their children, yet struggling to pay bills and put food on the table, a drug dealer or rapist can enjoy the freedom to learn, to work out, surf the internet, get three square meals per day and vote. Where is the justice in that? Isn’t it time, seen as the government are trying to make our society a better one, to actually bring back punishment of crimes and stop treating these sad excuses for human beings as though they deserve human rights? Human rights only works for those who have violated others apparently. Those of us abiding the law, trying to better are selves are penalised and treated like the scum of the earth while the true rats remain in luxury. Just? I don’t think so.

And the worst thing, people like the Jamie Bulger killers, killing an innocent three year old child, the mother of Baby Peter who allowed her son to be beaten to death are given new identities. And all at the tax payers expense. Save some money, give these miserable creatures some water and bread, a blanket to sleep on and stop spending millions of tax payers’ money on giving these cockroaches human rights. Start allowing the real human beings to live a life they deserve and bless these pieces of scum with what they have coming to them, animalistic rights. The basic right to life. They forfeited their human rights when they violated the rights of their victims. Dogs, Cats, and most other creatures deserve to live better than most of these wastes of spaces, and those of us capable of humanity deserve to be treated with human rights at last.

Should the Tax Payer pay for Shallow and Irresponsible People?

The national health service was set up to pay for everyone’s health care. Whether you are rich or poor, the health service is there for you to use. So should it continue to be abused by the shallow and irresponsible members of our society? Should the hard working general public be paying for that boob job or a tummy tuck because these women claim “if I don’t have it, it’ll totally ruin my life!” Or at the same time, should we be supporting the alcoholics, drug addicts and smokers by providing an incredible amount of service for free to them yet costing the tax payer billions each year? How is it fair that the healthy, intelligent individuals have to suffer and pay for these people who seemingly think that they can do anything, ask for anything and get whatever they need for free?

The really sick people of our society often have to fight to get life saving drugs because of the post code lottery of our health service while in some areas boob jobs are given to people because they are depressed that they have small boobs. Maybe we should sit those shallow bitches in a room with a double Mastectomy patient and let them have a conversation about breast implants. Women having liposuction and tummy tucks because they either are carrying a lot of fat or they’ve had a lot of weight loss probably surgically and now need to clip away the extra skin makes me angry. How is that fair when that kind of procedure costs so much and yet people are having to fight for drugs that could help their lives due to true medical conditions?

As an allergenic asthma sufferer, when I was living in a different area to my home town for a period, I was refused a drug that I had been prescribed by my own doctor because I couldn’t breathe at night due to the expense. It would be very interesting to see if that part of the country prescribed boob jobs or even liver transplants to alcoholics.

And here’s another issue that bothers me. Why is it OK to feed drug addicts habits, continually treat smokers, alcoholics for the damage they are doing to themselves yet cancer and rare disease sufferers have to fight tooth and nail for vital drugs? Where is the fairness in all of this? Treating depression with cosmetic surgery? Giving a bottle of vodka to an alcoholic? You may as well. Keep treating the idiots with expensive medical treatments and allowing them to continue to mess up will only make the innocent ill people the sufferers. Stop prescribing methadone to drug addicts, quit giving valuable transplants to alcoholics and smokers, and start ploughing that money into the drugs that can help people. And cosmetic surgery should be a life style choice and the NHS is not the place for that. You want a boob job, then get a job and buy one honey.

Soft As Cotton Wool Balls

To think our grandmothers and great-grandmothers washed by hand, got up early to feed livestock, cleaned stone steps, made their own bread daily and most people complain about having to wait for a bus to take them three or so miles in the rain is an astounding feat in my opinion. Most women were working in the cotton mills in the nineteenth and early twentieth century within the lower classes and keeping house for their large families and yet today, people complain if they are asked to work an extra shift. Children attend school for six hours per day with continuous holiday periods while children one-hundred and fifty years ago were working and attending school all within an eighteen hour period. People complain today if they are forced to rise earlier than the birds while most children within farming England would have had to be up milking the cows and delivering milk for their families while collecting eggs all before six AM. What society have we in turn then created? A pathetic bunch of soft, mushy cotton wool balls if you ask me.

It’s all about, “Not pressuring the young” in exam situations, or “allowing everyone to win” within school competitions that have effectively been made de funk in this country because of the pathetic do-gooders who don’t want anyone to lose. Unless someone hasn’t told these bunch of nancies, the world is not fair, competition needs to exist, and pressure is more real than ever before in our high tech, fast moving society.

One of the reasons, in my opinion why there has been so many lunatics on the run, randomly shooting people and being so angry is because a lack to prepare our children for the hard life ahead. Kids don’t have to do chores, they whine and get whatever they want, the value of money is virtually non-existent because if mummy and daddy won’t pay, then good old British tax payers will pay for you to be a lazy bum and never compete to get a job. Because most of our youth and lacking determination and a competitive spirit, they perceive sitting home, feeling sorry for their “hard done by” asses while taking a weekly amount from the government will make everything OK. If you were poor during Victorian times, you went to the poor houses. And you could not keep reproducing if you could not afford a child, that would be sent to a poor house and do all the hard manual labour that our country keeps bitching and moaning about.

Society’s so soft and human rights has gone too far, it’s about time someone made everyone realise that life is hard you have to work to get somewhere in life.

And there are many things that are contributing to this “easy come, easy go” society. The benefits system needs overriding. Those willing to work, willing to train and volunteer should be helped in whatever way to ensure they can lead their lives to full time employment while the scrounging, “Good for nothing” bums should be left to live in squaller and bring back the poor houses. Stop all of these silly little boys and girls pretending to play grown-ups from having babies and unless they can prove they can financially care, take them away and adopt them out to families who can.

I am tired of hearing these sob stories from people who truly don’t know hardship. I am tired of listening to social services failings with children who are being neglected, ill cared for or abused by parents while capable disabled parents are automatically penalised for their disabilities. It’s about time this country takes care of the people putting the effort in and remembers that just because you are abled bodied and a bum it does not give you the right to have everything given to you on a plate.

When will society take responsibility for itself and face up to its own problems? Instead of blaming others, maybe you should take a long hard look in the mirror and question yourself for a few moments. It’s not necessarily the government’s fault you’re a lazy bitch with three or four kids by different daddies, claiming every benefit under the sun, close you’re freaking legs, get a job and pay for your own kids. Stop expecting other people to take care of your brood, while you sit on your ass, pregnant with children starving or wandering off by themselves. You’ll be the first to blubber when that child is abducted.

Society has changed, of course it has, sad to say for the worst. Bring back some of the old punishments and teach people some bloody respect. Putting some people’s needs above others is wrong and if you are throwing guide dog owners off of a bus because Muslim kids are screaming in fear, or you can’t help a wheel chair user onto a bus because you have a bad back, you need to question what is wrong with your life. Young people be respectful to the old man on the bus, stand up and let him sit down, chances are, he fought in at least one war. It angers me how no one communicates, appreciates anything anyone does anymore and there are far too few good deeds being done by others while despicable things are done by the rest.

And why is there no respect? Because there is no consequence. And why are disabled and the old discarded like old newspapers? Because there is no community spirit or respect within our society. And why are children being neglected? Because society is taking care of the wrong people. And why is there so much laziness and complaining? Because people don’t realise how good they have it and need to know the definition of hardships and real work. Until then, our society will continue down its soft and fluffy route unit it disintegrates into chaos and dust.

What A Wonderful World!

The past few weeks has taught me far too much about the social state of our society. several things have happened both directly and non-directly that provoked me to write this blog.

First of all, if anyone read my blog last week about The library then you will know the personal experiences I have had in recent weeks with the youth of society.

By no means do I think that all children behave in such a disrespectful matter or believe that all kids are bad but it seems more and more, with cases like the stabbing last week in the UK, multiple mass murders from school children in the past ten years that society has gone crazy.

I know that there have always been the odd child that gives the rest of them a bad name. Heavens knows we were all capable of being a little “cheeky” or insolent during our youth, its the way we tested boundaries but more and more we read of killings, abuse, and pure anti-social behaviour occurring on a daily basis that surely is not acceptable. Although, it seems it is.

Children cannot be disciplined by adults due to fear of repercussions for the adults involved. It shows how bad this particular situation has become when a UK soap shows a woman in her 70s being arrested by police for smacking her “naughty” grand daughter. This child merely wasn’t just talking back but she was trying to make it look like her grandfather who had suffered a stroke had wet himself by pouring water over his lap. This same character had stolen another little girl’s dress and her grandmother had covered up for the child’s bad behaviour until the water incident upon which she smacked the child. Not battered her, smacked her.

Now, when I was growing up, which is not that long ago in the real state of things, my mother smacked me if I was bad. It hasn’t driven me to be violent or abusive as a person so I’m not buying into that psychological theory. I don’t discount that can happen but a smack from a parent/guardian during childhood seems a norm to me. But now with all the human rights and children’s charities bleating on about children’s rights it seems not only the authority figures such as police officers, teachers etc who cannot have a handle on children’s behaviour but their own parents cannot discipline their child as they see fit either.

I would never condone beating a child but a quick slap on the rear end or back of legs surely, when used appropriately cannot do any harm. Children have no fear of authority figures anymore and this is steadily growing into a problem that before long we will not be able to get a handle on.

If a child does not have disciplinarianism at home, [I do not mean hitting, you can discipline in other ways], but if they are not taught to respect adults and adhere to social as well as legal laws then what hope do we all have for the future? If the parents won’t discipline their out of control children then who can? Teachers and police officers were given this role forty or fifty years ago, with the ability to use corporal punishment within the classroom and the threat of a “clip around the earhole” from the local bobby but now it seems no one can touch the brats of society because of their “human rights?”

It seems to me as if adult’s human rights are slowly shifting from the adults to the children. Only this past week did Apple remove “overtly sexual apps” from their app store. Regardless of the content, why did Apple feel the need to do this? Because of some “do-gooders” sticking their noses in where they’re not wanted? I personally don’t purchase the type of apps that have been removed from the app store but I also think its against the consumer’s right to choose what they buy with their money. All apps that in possession of “adult content” should be labeled so and you agree if you are over the correct age limit if you want to purchase and use the app. So then, Apple are legally obliged to remove those apps, I agree but if an app is rated as adult then why should it be removed at all? If you are an adult then you are old enough to make the choice whether you want to buy an app with bouncing boobs or an app to show you naked men/women. So lets hazard a guess why these “do-gooders” complained.


Yes those little darlings are not only infringing on our adult human rights to respect and common courtesy in every day society, they are now infringing on adults’ decisions to buy whatever they like from Itunes App store. So how long will it be until those brat loving fools make Apple feel obliged to remove rated R movies or explicit music? This is the first step people to complete and utter censorship. Whether you like adult images/apps on your IPhone or IPod, shouldn’t it be your choice, as an adult? No one makes you buy any of the apps, you search and buy your own at your own discretion. So then, how is it fair that our society is again revolving around children who some of us don’t have. And if you as parents are worried about what your little darlings are buying on ITunes, use parental control or simpler still, DON’T BUY THEM A EXPENSIVE DEVICE THAT THEY COULD DOWNLOAD CONTENT ONTO!. Or better still, DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS AND MONITOR WHAT THEY ARE BUYING! You’re the ones who had children, you be responsible for them. Don’t expect society to babysit them and raise them, that’s your job.

I’m getting ultimately tired of my life having to revolve around children and be disrespected by them and have to deal with their abuse when I don’t even have a child. Let society be about individuals and not the offspring of those who do not give a fuck about what their “little darlings” are doing. I have every respect for parents who bring their children up with manners and show them about respect and being a social being but after witnessing recent events and then hearing about Apple’s decision to remove content specific to adults, it just reinforces an anger amongst those of us who are trying to contribute positively toward society whilst others sit on their backsides, claiming benefits for their umpteen kids and not taking responsibility for them. If you can’t be assed to have a child, use something or abort it, but don’t let the rest of us suffer for your irresponsible attitudes. Get a job and stop bitching about adults wanting to be adults. If a guy wants to look at sexy naked women, let him, he’s not doing anyone any harm and if your 11 year-old child is talking to his friends about a show he saw on TV about sex, then that’s your problem for not ensuring he’s watching safe content. There’s a watershed in most countries and if not, then turn your television off and teach your child some respect.

People need to start taking responsibility for their own children and stop blaming companies or developers or television networks for the content they’re producing. You’re a parent, watch your child! Being a parent is about nurturing not just feeding and clothing, educate them, its not only down to their school to do that. Remember one thing, you wanted society to stop disciplining your children, now look at the state it is in, little respect, rude and anti-socialites, wow what a wonderful society we live in! Don’t you think?



Domestic violence in my book is never OK regardless of whom is dishing it out. But when it comes to it, who is to blame? The person hitting or the person receiving? Or a bit of both?

according to the home office, two women a week die as a result of domestic violence. We all know that men suffer as a result of violent women but the statistics are very sketchy as either men don’t report the abuse due to fear or no one in authority takes it seriously. Our views on men in our society effects how we perceive the potential circumstances they may find themselves in. Most police officers would find it difficult to believe a man has been beaten up by a woman but it is always possible and often happens more than we as a society permit ourselves to believe.

So with the figures being relatively high, who do we place the blame on? The abuser or the abused? Many people stay in the situation because they believe it will “get better” or that “he/she didn’t mean it” and the abuser is constantly apologizing, pledging to “never do it again”. And sadly it does continue to happen. The physical abuse however is not the worst part. It’s the mental abuse that goes along with it.

As a former psychology student I can partly predict how this works. The abuser finds someone who is already relatively vulnerable and moves on in, so to speak. Then at the point where the abused feels worthless and like they have no place left to go and as though no one else will ever “love” or “want” them the abuser then begins the physical abuse, maintaining the mental state of the abused. Telling the abused they don’t want them but they won’t find anyone else is a common way of “controlling” the abused and maintaining their control over them. And as soon as the abused attempts to stray from the control they are quickly brought back under with a rampage of physical abuse and mental reinforcement.

So if the abused breaks free from it and then returns, can we truly feel sorry for them? Most people would but I am of the high belief that we are only responsible for our own actions and if you manage to leave that terrible situation and then return, knowing what will happen, even falling under the brain washing, then yes, you are to blame along with the abuser.

Naturally, when a person enters a relationship and they are abused, they are not to blame. Not many of us are gifted with seeing into the future and how could we possibly know that someone we love is going to abuse us so disgustingly. But when you “choose” to return because of your so called “love” for that person and because they’ve fed you a line or two on how it “won’t happen again”, they’re “sorry” and they “love you” then at that point you have chosen to return to a potentially fatal situation. The scariest thing is that these people often produce offspring together and the child is often used as a “binder”

And as much as I believe the abused holds some responsibility after a certain point, abusers are sick, worthless pieces of scum who don’t deserve to share the air with the rest of civilization. No one on this earth deserves to be abused by someone they “love” or “care for”. And no matter how “annoying”, “lazy” a person is, it does not give another human being the right to physically or mentally abuse another. It’s one thing violence has to exist in this world but for it to exist in the home, a supposed place of sanctuary is where the line has to be drawn.

abusers should be sent to an island some place to fend for themselves and be exposed to a lion or some killer beast. You’ll think twice about abusing them. In my opinion, lock the lot of them up and throw away the key, they are more of a menace to society than most people. And you know why? Because they prey on their victims!

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