If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know my various opinions on how society is broken. Ranging from the out of control behaviour of children and young people, to the outright lack of support of society’s disabled and vulnerable. With this week seeing the various party conferences, I have to say, it seems clearer every day that the world in which we live is broken and I see no way out.

The fact that the government now estimate the cost of our intrusion on Libya may now reach the sum of 1.5 billion as opposed to their estimated 250 million back in June while they’re cutting valuable services in their own country to the disabled and elderly truly blows my mind. How can it be justified that you fight, what I consider a losing battle in a foreign country and spend a hell of a lot of money on what is essentially an attack on that country, regardless of their motives, and yet you cut the welfare and support services to blind, physically, mentally and hearing impaired along with children services and day care and rest bite for the elderly? How is that ethical? How can that make sense to anyone?

I am aware what goes on in other countries and if we had the cash to spare, as a country, fine, go and blow Gudafi’s head off, I don’t care about the money then, [my opinion on war intervention aside], but to do it at a financially delicate time when you have already blamed another party for “squandering” tax payer’s money; are you not doing the exact same thing?

VaT was put up to twenty percent this year which was an incredible step from the seventeen point five percent we are used to paying. We already had the highest inflation rate of any country in the Western world, and this increase has only propelled us further. As a consumer, I have seen the effects on food and other daily items. Sure, there is no VAT directly on food but there is on fuel which is used to transport it and everything up until point of purchase which inflates prices.

The government’s stubbornness to not adjust the debt plan will surely rocket us back into a recession and withe the Euro crisis reaching fever point, I fear a full on depression. The capitalist society in which we have all grown up in is about to collapse people, and the bankers, the politicians are all to blame.

It seems nothing they do will change this and when people in the know have suggested ways, they are ignored. Cutting debt is essential, I agree, but if the world economy collapses, as many experts secretly fear, debt will not be our biggest problem.

I can see now how we are going to end up. And in some ways, it’ll be hard at first but in time may be better. We are already moving toward smaller, locally governed areas of society which few wise people say is the best way to live productively, and that will only increase with time. We are already shopping around for lower prices, more so than ever before in my living memory. Going back directly to suppliers is, in my humblest opinion going to become the norm. I’m starting to see that this actually would be a good thing. In some ways, the industrial revolution created nothing but headaches. Bring back the corner shops, the cobblers, the menders, the black smiths. Lets get rid of the consumer driven, superficial, materialistic world that has driven us to this inevitable crash. What is that fame old saying? The higher you climb, the farther you have to fall? In our economy’s case, that will be like us falling at full gravity from Jupiter.

Discipline is another area where we are definitely lacking. Proposals are being rumoured now for bringing back corporal punishment in schools. Good, do it, I say. There is no respect and little discipline. National service definitely needs to be re-introduced. And people need to take responsibility for themselves and their children much more. Human rights have to stop being allowed for every crime as a defence against punishment. I read the most ridiculous article today about inmates in a prison in Wales were suing the government because they only got one Sky sports channel and couldn’t watch all of the premiership Football games and this went against their human rights? Come on! Are you freaking kidding me? I cannot even dignify that with an pro argument and I wouldn’t insult anyone’s intelligence reading this to do an against argument. Anyone who thinks that them receiving any television while serving time for a crime is a human right needs to get a grip on reality. This softly, softly approach that we have in this society regarding children and criminals needs to stop before this country reaches its all time low. While serving a prison sentence, human rights should not come into it. Basic animalistic rights, food, sleep, things you need to prolong a life should be observed but human rights? Forget it! You lost those rights in my opinion the day you committed a crime.

There is so much wrong and broken with this world right now, I cannot possibly write any more without depressing myself greatly. So thank you for reading and please feel free to add your comments.