This week, it has been circulating the media realms about whether childless women are selfish? A poll showed that 30+ women are less likely to start a family or want to start a family because of their looks, careers or life style choices.

Being a woman of 28, and never having a maternal instinct or the want for a child in my life, I am one hundred percent with those women. I want a good solid career, a life style where I run it around myself, not some snot nosed kids, and I am much more of a horse woman and dog lady than a mother.

Do I think this generation of career prowling, cosmetic obsessed and living life ladies are selfish? My answer is, no. It is a life choice that only an individual can make and for their own reasons.

I think women who have no time for children should be considered more selfish. As they want a child but want to do everything else while other people care for their offspring is deemed, in my book, slightly more of a selfish act. Mothers are meant to be all giving and nurturing , if you’re only having a child for a prestige reason, that is more selfish than a woman choosing to go out and have the “pre mother Hood sex in the city” life style.

The population of the UK is overwhelmed with unwanted, ill mannered and deviant children, why should women, if they have no desire to reproduce, do so for the well being, of who exactly? Our resources in this country are already stretched, encouraging women, no guilt tripping them into having kids because they are looked down upon by this screwed up society is just ludicrous!

The government are cutting services, left right and centre, but still teenage mummies are allowed to breed to the extreme and idle, benefit claimants continue to punch out kids so they can get more child benefit. Where is the sense of making high tax paying women leave their jobs to breast feed and mop up sick to potentially stay at home for the duration of their motherhood?

I say, quit making women feel so bad about making a positive life choice. Being a woman is not only about getting married and having children, there is much more to us as a species, on the whole than being a teat, nappy changer and vomit mopper-upper. We have potential, dreams and they do not revolve around baby milk, powder or nappies, necessarily.